November 12, 2008

Warhammer Battle Report - 5000pts

Grand Royale (5000 pts)
Battle 4 of Sigmars Betrayal Campaign

King Druegar Stromnisson himself leads the throng of Karak Thorinkin into battle against the full might of the Empire Army. Of the four battles this was by far the most enjoyable and one that saw the balance of power shift both ways in almost every turn. Dwarven artillery decimated the Empire ranks on one flank, while Empire Knights crushed the other and Empire magic competed with Dwarven runes and the Anvil of Doom.

Dwarven Army List
Dwarf Lord
w. MR Kragg the Grimm, RO Fury, RO Snori, RO Stone, RO Resistance & Shieldbearers
Rune Lord
w. Spell Eater Rune, MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking & Anvil of Doom
Dwarf Lord
w. MR Alaric Mad, RO Cleavingx2, MR Gromil, Oath Stone
Daemon Slayer
w. MR Swiftness, RO Fury & RO Striking
Master Engineer
w. RO Stone & BOP
Battle Standard Bearer
w. MR Stromni & RO Sanctuary
w. RO Stone & RO Spellbreakingx2
w. MR Dismay, Spelleater Rune, RO Stone
Master Engineer
w. RO Stone, RO Warding & BOP
Warriors x20
w. Shields, GW & Musician
Warriors x20
w. Shields, GW & Musician
Longbeards x20
w Shields, GW, Musician & SB w. RO Slowness
Longbeards x20
w. Shields, GW, Musician & SB w. RO Stoicism & RO Battle
Quarrellers x10 (3 units)
w. Shields & Musician
Thunderers x15
w. Musician
Thunderers x10
w. Musician
Hammerers x18
w.Shields, Musician, SB w. RO Stoicism
Slayers x10
w. RO Forging, RO Reloading & Engineer
w. Ro Forging, RO Burning & Engineer w. BOP
w. RO Forging, Valiant Rune & Engineer w. BOP
Organ Gun
w. RO Accuracy, RO Reloading & Engineer w. BOP
w. RO Penetratingx2, Engineer w. BOP
w. RO Penetratingx2, RO Burning & Engineer w. BOP

All up this gave me a lot of options for set up and some decent anti-magic ability with 10 dispel dice, 3 RO Spellbreaking and 2 Spelleating Runes. The overall mix was: 4 Lords, 5 Heroes, 9 Core units, 7 Special and 1 Rare. Would have loved another couple of Organ guns and more Slayers but I only fielded what I had (dont like proxying stuff anymore).

Empire army was again very cavalry heavy but this time backed by large units of Empire foot soldiers. Two of Halberdiers and one of Swordsmen each with detachments of Handgunners. A unit of Huntsmen and an Ogre Hero completed the mix. The large complement of Wizards and Priests also gave the army some strong magic abilities boosted further by the inclusion of numerous power stones and bound spell items.

Deployment & Terrain Set Up
Terrain consisted of a number of large forests dominating the centre of the board and the right flank of my deployment zone and a large hill in the centre of the Empire deployment zone. Dwarven left flank was largely free of terrain with exception of small forest right on edge of Empire deployment zone creating a large empty area in middle of board. Empire moved first and advanced along two main axis.

Initial Turns
Shooting was simply outstanding in first few rounds with huge numbers of Empire Knights simply blasted out of the saddle by the Cannons and Bolt-Throwers at long range. Those few Knights that remained were then further decimated by the Organ Gun and core missle units as they moved in closer. The carnage included 15 of 18 Blood Knights (think thats what they're called) who were systematically cut down, first by Cannon and then Organ Gun fire. Unlike Game 3 in this one my dice rolls were spot on with major hits coming from everymissle unit and artillery piece. Empire magic also proved unlucky with the Spelleater runes both coming up 4+ and taking 2 powerful spells out of play - but not as it turned out the worst one (Conflaguration of Doom) which was held back for later.

On the right flank the battle was more in the Empires favour. While one of the 2 units of Knights was wittled down early it was magically unbreakable and soon entered combat against the Dwarven units on that flank. While the left flank reamined solid and unbroken Dwarven units were cut-down and overrun piecemeal on the right as the Empire Knights were joined by the Halberdiers and Swordsmen. The only melee combat that went well was the charge of the Slayers in the centre, who helped by the Anvil of Doom, were able to rout the Huntsmen and charge into the Ogre Unit. This proved a double bonus as it kept this powerful character out of almost the entire battle and prevented the entire centre of the Empire army (inc. its key infantry units) from marching in only Turn 2.

Middle Turns
This is where combat was joined. The surviving Knights on the left flank now cut through the Dwarven missle units although the Thunderers amazingly cut down a couple of Knights in melee. The Thunderers rout allowed this weakened (2/18 Knights were left) but still powerful (as it contained a Warpriest, Captain & Battlemage) to plow into the Dwarven centre toward the embattled right flank and the Anvil of Doom. On the extreme left though the other Empire Knights failed their charge and were themselves charged by a unit of Warriors and another of Longbeards. Their supporting Cannon also routed the Outriders in close combat (after Grapeshot first weakened) them allowing it to fire into the Empire units that could have supported the Knights. While it took 3 turns the Knights were eventually routed, the Outriders destroyed and the entire Dwarven left flank secured from harm.

Disaster on the Right & game end
While the left was going well for the Dwarves the rest of the board wasnt. The Slayers were eventually cut down by the Ogre and Empire infantry and the entire Dwarven force on the right flank was surrounded and destroyed by Empire Knights and Halberdiers. The turning point of the battle though, and one which led to it being a draw was the casting of Conflaguration of Doom on the Hammerers. 18 strong with the accompanying powerful Dwarf Lord this unit was poised to flank charge the Red Knights and their accompanying characters in the centre. If successful this would have allowed the Longbeard units on the left to hit it in the rear surrounding and hopefully destroying it, thus securing the left and centre of the board for the Dwarven army.

Unfortunately some extremely good use of magic by Jason saw the Conflaguration of Doom kill all 18 of the Hammerers leaving King Druegar Stromnisson alone on the battlefield. The game ended with Druegar challenging and killing an Empire Warpriest and the remaining units on both sides consolidating their respective table quarters.

Final result
Overall the Dwarves lost approx 3000 pts worth of units, 1 standard, the Anvil of Doom & the Battle Standard. Also to fall were 3 Dwarven Lords and 2 Heroes. The Empire lost approx 2800 pts, no banners and a few characters but also held one table quarter. End result was a draw with Empire gaining approx 380 pts more than the Dwarven army. With the Hammers @ 241 pts & the RuneLord & Anvil of Doom @ 465 pts, their deaths in the last Empire turn were crucial to that result.

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