November 12, 2008

Warhammer Battle Reports - 750 to 3000pts

Sigmars Betrayal: The Empire Campaign
Dwarfs (Druegar Stromnisson) vs. Empire

This was a series of games fought between myself and my brother's Empire army (extremely well painted, VERY VERY cavalry heavy, and all magnetically based for easy movement). It consisted of 4 games each larger in scale culiminating in a big 5000 pt battle. Each game was fought over a larger than standard table which was 72" long, giving us 18" deployment zones and a 36" gap between our respective forces (good for me, not good for him).

Battle 1 - Border Skirmish (500 or 750 pts?!?)
Where the evil Empire's plan to extend its borders and betray its ancient oath of friendship with the Dwarves first makes itself known. Simple battle over our out-sized board. Terrain consisted of a few forests, one large hill and an area of impassable terrain that we both agreed completely blocked LOS (even from the hill).

Empire forces consisted entirely of Knights and some outriders. Dwarfs relied on a single Runesmith, 2 core units of Warriors & Quarrellers and as much artillery as it could afford within the points limit. Outcome was better than expected with Dwarven artillery smashing the Empire units to pieces before they got within charge range and the warriors finishing off the remnants once close combat was joined. VICTORY TO THE THORINKIN

Score: Dwarfs 1 Empire 0

Battle 2 - Border Incursion (1500 pts)
Much bigger battle this time. Armies were largely the same as for the 500/750pt game but with the addition of a few more characters. For the Empire this included more Outriders, more Knights and some Ogre Dogs of War. The Dwarfs added some Slayers to hold up one flank, Thunderers to help vs. the Knights and as many additional Warmachines as the rules allowed. This game also included the debut of my Grudge Thrower - which was impressive when it hit people, but my guess work was way off when using it; guesses for Canons were 'as usual' bang on. Result more Dwarven slaughter of the hapless Empire Knights who got themselves bottle necked behind the impassable terrain.

Worst moment of the Battle was the Grudgethrower missing the large block of Knights it was aiming for and landing instead on top of the Slayer Unit engaged in melee combat against the Ogres. End result 2 dead Ogres and 6, yes 6, dead Slayers. Needless to say the remaining Slayers were butchered by the surviving Ogres. End result though was still VICTORY TO THE THORINKIN

Score: Dwarfs 2 Empire 0

Battle 3 - Major Confrontation (3000 pts)
This battle was very different from the first two and very difficult for my side. The extra 1500 points gave me more warmachines and a unit of Hammerers, with accompanying Lord of course, as well as additional units of Longbeards, Quarrellers and Thunderers. The Empire forces were bolstered by even more Knights, with the Ogres sitting out, Warpriests and a couple of Battle Mages. Upon reflection the battle was decided at setup when I deployed the majority of my warmachines on a large hill in the left hand corner of my deployment zone. The other units deployed around them except for a unit of Quarrellers, some Warriors and a Bolt-Thrower out on the extreme right flank. While this gave me some good massed shooting it also meant that once melee combat was joined the Empire Knights rolled right through my entire force with overrun after overrun. With some Empire units containing 15+ Knights it was exceedingly difficult to score enough hits to force panic tests.

End result was a resounding Empire win. Although we only played 4 of 7 turns (all of these games were played with 7 turns due to size of table) the outcome was never in doubt. My artillery failed miserably, although the Organ Gun did extremely well against the Out-riders, and one Bolt-Thrower managed to skewer a BattleMage foolishly riding solo. Consequently, large virtually undamaged empire units charged into my ranks rampaged over everything and effectively wiped out my entire force in a single turn of carnage. Empire magic also decimated several units, including the Hammerers who Jason targeted constantly, and in the end I was grossly outnumbered with two exposed flanks and no where to run. VICTORY TO SIGMAR.

Score: Dwarfs 2 Empire 1

Battle 4 - Battle Royale (5000 pts)
The final battle of the week and the most enjoyable. Full report in next post.

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