November 26, 2008

Painting Backlog

Spent last two nights assembling and undercoating various models and realised that I have a substantial backlog of figures to paint. Used the pinning system for first time as well which worked an absolute treat, especially when putting Epic Feora together with all of the little fiddly bits that go on her armour. Her and the arms on the Daughters of Flame.

Also begun work on a new colour scheme for my Protectorate of Menoth units going with a combination of blue/grey/white highlighting different areas. First units to get the new scheme are a Devout and the Legends unit Rhoven & his 2 Bodyguards. Not quite sure how it will work out yet, but advantage of metal models is you can always dip them in paint stripper and start over. Painting backlog for Warmachine is without a doubt the longest although I still have more than a few WHFB figures to complete as well.

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