November 20, 2008

Product Review - Citadel Washes

Product Review
Citadel Washes

"If you havent already purchased and used these, THEN DO IT NOW!!!"

I cannot say enough about this product. The box set contains the entire citadel wash range thats 8x12ml pots in the following colours: Asurmen Blue, Baal Red, Badab Black, Devlan Mud, Leviathan Purple, Ogryn Flesh, Gryphonne Sepia and Thraka Green. They act in the exactly the same way as inks and other washes, e.g., Flesh Wash but are far superior. In short if you want to add some amazing detail to your models then you HAVE to HAVE these as they allow you to do all sorts of things both subtle and quite bold. The colour range is great and so far I have used them all, except for Asurmen Blue (nothing blue to paint at moment), to great effect.

Badab Black
I initially thought this was a weaker version of black ink, which it is, but it seems to perform better offering a more consistent coat. Best use found for it so far was applying it to armour over top of a layer of Boltgun Metal the effect is to create a dull 3D weathered effect on the armour that really heightens the realism. I still use Black Ink for chainmail areas though. I also applied it over the Scab Red armour of my Daughters of Flame which resulted in some nice detailing.

Gryphonne Sepia
Without a doubt MY FAVOURITE WASH in the pack. After a tip from Keith at the Club I have been using this to great effect on the white areas of my Protectorate of Menoth units. The process is quite simple and much easier than the methods I have used previously all you need to do is: (1) apply a layer of Bleached Bone, (2) apply a layer or two of Sepia Wash, and (3) highlight the raised areas with Skull White. The overall effect is quite good. My Choir of Menoth is a good example - although with the first one (in the photo) I applied the Sepia after the Skull White.

Devlan Mud & Thraka Green
Also really good for adding detail to cloaks particularly near the bottom where you can add very subtle (especially if your brush work is better than mine) wear and tear effects from fabric being worn through dirt and grass.

The Other Colours
Haven't found any specific uses for the other colours yet other than to highlight colour sets of the same type, e.g., using Leviathan Purple on Purple Cloaks. The Ogyrn Flesh is good it is kind of in between Elf Flesh and Dwarf Flesh in tone but with a more dull pinkish shade to it.



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zealot said...

you like sepia over devlan mud as your fav?


I mean its an awesome wash, as they all are.. but devlan mud does everything but the dishes.