November 14, 2008

Retailer Review - Wargames Supply (NZ)

Retailer Review
Wargames Supply

P: Shop 38, Downstairs, BNZ Centre, 1Willis St, Wellington 6001, New Zealand
T: +64 4 473 7350

About the Store
Wargames Supply was established in 2004, to provide the New Zealand war gaming market with the best war gaming products from around the world. They stock and can source items for a wide variety of gaming formats, publishers and manufacturers including:

  • Games Workshop
  • Privateer Press
  • Foundry
  • Osprey
  • Rackham Miniatures

Their collection of source material for alternative games notably ancients formats is particularly good.

Shopping Options
Like most retailers Wargames Supply maintain a website with online ordering capability, they also take orders by phone and via email. The online ordering system is well set up and requires a simple registration to gain access. Registration allows you to track the status of your orders and maintain & update your personal details in much the same way as Amazon and other large retailers. The website is well set up and very easy to navigate. A number of sections are missing images but from talking to them it is because the owner manages the webpage in his spare time and finds it difficult to constantly maintain. Phone orders are easy to make as the staff are very friendly and helpful. I would also recommend visiting the store in person as it is usually busy and they occassionally get in hard to get items that go rather quickly.

My Shopping Experience
I have to be honest here and say that my personal experience with this store was quite poor. I placed two orders online near the end of October 08 and recieved no feedback etc from the store on the status of those orders. Compare this with the Warstore in the US who sent a response almost immediately. A key issue was that the website does not provide details of which items are in stock and which need to be ordered in, or of the time it will take for orders to be filled. Despite the small size of the order I placed it took over a month for the items to arrive as the shop had continual problems with its overseas suppliers. It took several phone-calls to the store to check on the status of my order. The items did arrive though and were extremely well packaged. Shopping in person was a much better experience though.

Final Say
While my personal experience with this store was poor the members of my gaming club have nothing but positive comments to make about them and it seems that I was just unlucky. Overall, I would recommend them to New Zealand based gamers (those in the lower and central North Island anyway) but if you are planning on ordering online call them and check they have the items in stock first.

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