November 12, 2008

Retailer Review - The Warstore (US)

Retailer Review
The WarStore

P: 47420 Main RoadSouthold, NY 11971USA
T: 631 765 0047

This reasonably well known supplier is located in New York in the United States a long way from New Zealand but still highly recommended for gamers on this side of the world. The Warstore stocks pretty much everything and what it doesnt stock it can get hold of at usually discounted rates, this includes Games Workshop merchandise. The cater for a wide range of games and stock (or can source) items in the following ranges:
  • Games Workshop (Black Library, Historicals, WHFB & 40k, Citadel)
  • Dice, templates & Game Aids (Army builder software, GF9, Chessex etc)
  • Paints, Tools & Glue (from variety of manufacturers)
  • Terrain, Buildings & Bases (All sizes & wide range of manufacturers)
  • Figure Cases & Card Protection
  • Fantasy Miniatures (Huge range of suppliers & models)
  • Sci-Fi Miniatures
  • Historical Miniatures & Rulebooks (10-54mm & above)
  • Strategy board & card games
  • Collectible cards
  • RPG's

The online shopping option is very easy to use, and so i'm told is the phone ordering system. Email confirmation of your order, reciept of payment and shipment of your goods (including a tracking ID) is extremely quick and contains more than enough detail to follow the status of your order. Key advantage is that the system tells you what items are in stock so you know before you order if you will have to wait any longer for particular items.

My shopping experience
I recently ordered a large amount of Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth items from the Warstore after a recommendation from a club mate. Placed the order online on a Thursday, recieved email confirmation of details a few minutes later and confirmation of dispatch of goods the next day. All up the order cost NZ$270 including postage and arrived well packaged on my doorstep only 7 days later. Compared to Amazon and even a lot of NZ based stores this was absolutely brilliant. The Warstore also refunded that part of the order they couldnt fill, one of the Warjacks I wanted, before I recieved my complete order.

Advice for New Zealand buyers
The key barrier to purchasing from the US is the cost of postage. One reason I think that E-Bay doesnt allow overseas bids on most US auctions, and also why many Amazon suppliers don't ship here. The baseline cost for shipment to NZ is around NZ$50-70 depending on the exchange rate as all international orders are sent via UPS. So I strongly suggest placing large orders, or combining orders with friends, to split postage across more items. Sending 1 item at NZ$50 isnt cost effective ordering 10+ is, particularly as postage costs only increase slowly with item numbers.

Final Say
I would highly recommend this retailer to anybody looking to purchase wargaming items. For NZ based gamers this retailer is also a must for those hard to locate items e.g., certain Warjacks for Warmachine that are simply not stocked in this country. In simple terms it is actually quicker, easier and cheaper to purchase these items from the US than placing orders in NZ stores and waiting for them to source the items.

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