November 3, 2008

Warmachine Battle Report - 500 pts

Death to the Heretics
Protectorate of Menoth (Kreoss) vs. Khador (Zevanna Agha the Old Witch)

My first game against Rob the Club President and resident Warmachine expert. He's the guy we all go to whenever we have rules questions, consequently most nights every game being played will be interupted with shouts of "Rob, can we..." or "Rob, is this right..." etc. Originally I was going to be part of a big 3v3 match but swapped out so another Menoth player could have his first go at a larger battle.

Big change for this battle was the addition of my Choir of Menoth unit, albiet with 2 Cleaners proxying for a couple of the Acolytes (still waiting on the models). This would, if I used it right, give me some important bonuses re: my warjacks notably 'Safe Passage' which would negate Khador's advantage in RAT troops. I won the initial set up and split my force with the 2 Crusaders, the Revenger, the Choir, the Vassal and Kreoss on the left flank and the Temple Flameguard + Attachment (12) on the right.

Unit placements after both sides have made initial moves

Rob's Khador contained one large Warjack a Devestator which gave me a slight advantage in numbers only, but his supporting units were somewhat stronger. A Mage-hunter, a group of Widowmakers and a large unit of Iron Fang pikemen. His warcaster was one I hadn't faced before - Zevanna the Old Witch whose accompanying Scrapjack would later cause me a lot of problems. The DEF & ARM bonuses available to the Iron Fang unit, and Zevanna's feat were particularly difficult to deal with.

Crusaders with Iron Fang Pikeman in distance

Flameguard and Kreoss move up the right flank

Initial moves saw Khador go to the right of the board, my left flank, where my Crusaders and Choir were moving. Kreoss and the Vassal, which Rob didnt notice until I first used its special actions (AH HA HA), hid behind the nearby village building. The Revenger and Flameguard rushed the right flank with the aim of circling round behind any units that engaged the advancing Crusaders. First blood though went to the Widowmakers whose shooting caused serious damage on the right hand Crusader. Khador magic also laid down some nasty area affect spells that reduced my movement options somewhat.

Close up of Rob's great paintjob on his Devestator

Turns 2-3 were where it started to get messy. The ranked up Iron Fang unit ran full tilt into the Crusaders and used massed attacks to cause more damage crippling one of them and slightly damaging the other. However, after his initial success Rob threw a series of disastorous dice rolls that saw most of his attacks, across the board, miss by a wide margin or cause no damage. The Choirs use of Safe Passage and the advance of the Crusaders also chases the Widowmakers and the Mage Hunter out of the Forest to the left, as the Devestator advances to meet the Flameguard (if only I had known what it was capable of).

Flameguard (foolishly) take on the Devestator

Things could have gone really well for me in the next couple of turns. With the Pikeman missing their attack rolls my Warjacks were well poised to have a go at Zevanna with one of the Crusaders now moving around the Pikemans flank. However, I failed to use the abilities of the Choir and Vassal effectively and basically screwed up the order in which I activated my various units/solos. Rather than leaving Zevanna open to a charge from a Crusader and my Revenger I was only able to hit her with a magic bolt from the Vassal, although this did do 5 damage. Meanwhile the Flameguard scored 1 point of damage on the Devestator before it rudely bulldozed them out of the way (great ability that) and rampaged forward as though they werent there.

The Scrapjack eyes up the Flameguard!!!

With the Flameguard now out of formation, thanks to the Devestators bulldozing, the Scrapjack now came into play. I had largely ignored it so far but this was to prove a costly mistake. Next thing I now it gets the 'Slaughter' ability (one successful attack allows you to move 1" and attack again and so on) saw it trample through the Flameguard wiping out all but 2 of them. These later went on to kill one of the Widowmakers before being taken out by the ScrapJack in the next turn.

Flameguard for breakfast!!!
I stopped taking photos at this point as the game was getting really intense. Khador's ability to freeze my units, notably my Crusaders, stopped my attacks on Zevanna and ended any hope I had of engaging her in close combat. I did try and clear a path by having one Crusader pick up and throw an Iron Fang trooper. This saw him land on and kill a Widowmaker after first bowling the Manhunter out the way, squishing him flat in the process. With the Choirs Warpriest killed I had lost their ability to chant, although the remaining acolytes did cover themselves in glory by advancing behind the Iron Fang unit and dispatching 2 of them with their holy sticks.
At this point however I made a fateful mistake advancing Kreoss out from behind cover without his supporting Revenger. Zevanna dropped her feat, those Menoth units that could move were now faced with damage rolls if they did and the Devestator and Scrapjack charged into Kreoss. The Devestators Rain of Death attack caused 16 damage to Kreoss in the 1st round of combat leaving him almost dead. Despite the Revenger charging the rear of the Scrapjack and Kreoss finishing it off with only 1 damage point left (after the Scrapjack took a few more) the battle ended with Kreoss being exploded into a pile of goo by another Rain of Death. The end result a solid victory to Khador (we count victory as killing the other warcaster not by adding up VP's) who celebrated by watching little pieces of Kreoss rain down all over the battlefield.

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Binz said...

Hehe nice report :)

Didnt get time to see much of your match as i was busy with the 3v3 (which was a draw, id like to point out) but nice to see what happened to you!!