December 9, 2008

Latest painting efforts

The alternate blue/grey paint scheme for Menoth is out, and I've started work on the following units using my original Red/White scheme.
  • Deliverers
  • Castigator
  • Reckonner
  • Exemplars Errant
  • Epic Feora

The similarity with Khador's red scheme is a minor irritation but highlighting and details give you enough differences. Ill get some photos up soon to show the actual results, but I thought of one way to make the Heavy Warjacks stand out.

With the Reckonner I've treated the main head plate in a similar fashion to the Choir's scrolls and inscribed some Menoth crosses and some appropriate spiritual verse, in this case something from the Prime Remix book. Kept the words in English, but future models Ill put into Menoth script.

1 comment:

Binz said...

Cool :D I put much less effort into my colour scheme -> red, with more red, and maybe some red highlights... :D