December 16, 2008

New additions

Just received my order from Maelstrom Games in the UK. Arrived very quickly considering its Christmas time and mail to and from the UK is usually very slow around this time of year. Order contained:
  • Zealots Unit
  • Monolith Bearer - Zealots UA
  • Rupert Cavalo Piper of Ord
  • Reedemer
  • Wracks (3)
I'll have to put the Wracks onto TradeMe along with the spare Repenters (2) and Kreoss variant (1) that I have and wont use. I forgot I had Wracks in the Maelstrom order and have doubled up of them now and have more than I can field in any given army. Also placed another order with Maelstrom (last order for a long-time) for the following:
  • Zealots (2)
  • Idrians (2)
  • Avatar of Menoth
  • Severius
  • Deliverers (2)
  • Dwarf King Alrik Ranulfsson
The additional Zealots, Idrians and Deliverers are to flesh out my existing units of those to 8-10 models each. The Avatar gives me a nice unique heavy warjack to use and Severius creates some more options.

The Dwarf King is the one on Shield-Bearers which I have been trying to get locally for my Warhammer army for sometime now, have an outstanding order with a local retailer that has been unfilled since July. With him and the additional Organ Gun I purchased a few weeks back my Dwarf army is now complete.

I also managed to sell my 15mm Medieval English army a fortnight ago for just over $400 which was a very good price for a completed, painted and flocked force. Money came just in time for my big Warmachine order from the WarStore in the US. Also vaguely starting to think about a third WHFB army, either Vampire Counts or Orcs & Goblins... not quite sure.

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