December 11, 2008

Painting backlog & future orders

After 3 nights of solid effort my painting backlog has finally been cut down. Since Monday I've managed to finish painting, basing and touching up the following models:

- Castigator
- Reckoner
- Devouts x2

I've also rebased and touched up the 2 Devouts I recently purchased from a gamer in Auckland. I can't say enough about the work this guy did on these models the paintjob was great, I just fixed up a few scratches here and there, and he had modified them so the shield on one was on the opposite arm.

Currently finishing off my Exemplars Errant and eFeora, before moving onto the Idrian Skirimishers. The Deliverers & Rhoven and his bodyguard are going to have to wait until I strip them right back and re-undercoat them. Also have 3 Wracks to put together. Also placing another order soon, this time with Vagabond Games in Auckland for:

- Severius
- Reznik
- Aiyana & Holt
- eEiryss

Starting to miss playing Warhammer a bit lately. Definately not missing all the painting I still have to do on my WHFB stuff though.

1 comment:

Binz said...

Hey John - nice work on your painting, i also just finished a few models ive been slacking off on for a while.

How about a classic WH battle sometime soon? Just so you dont miss it too much!! :D