December 1, 2008

Tournament Report - Warmachine

Played a 5-man mini-tournament at my place over the weekend which will hopefully be the first of many to come over the summer period, although we are planning a big battle royale with 1000-2000+ pts each next time round. Armies etc involved were:

  • Me w. Protectorate
  • Toshi w. Khador
  • Richard w. Orboros
  • Hank w. Everblight
  • Stephen w. Skorne

Games were played assaination style, e.g., kill the enemy caster you win, rather than tallying up victory points with each side taking 350pts. I varied my list from game to game, benefits of playing at my place with my entire collection close by, and Toshi had worked out some complicated draw for the day.

Game 1 vs. Everblight
Hank's Everblight have caused me a few problems in the past mainly with their ability to move through terrain and his big guys tailstrike ability. Key change for his army this time was the absence of any archers, although he still had those annoying shredders and a new unit whose name I forget. List for my army for this battle was:

  • Kreoss
  • Devout
  • Revenger
  • Idrian Skirmishers (6)
  • Choir (5)
  • Deliverers (6)

I went straight up the middle first, aiming for his caster who was well shielded. Basic plan was to get my Revenger in close and cast Lamentation through its arc-node disabling most of the Everblight magic, and then getting Kreoss into range for his feat. Deliverers were there to provide some indirect fire onto the knocked down Everblight stuff after Kreoss's feat went in. Game progressed quickly enough, the Idrians killed one trooper from an Everblight unit then got slaughtered by a shredder and some ugly spell. Main units advanced into combat quickly and I had a good run at his caster and scored some good hits on all of his units. Big problem though, I left Kreoss open to a charge (again) and he was killed after Turn 3-4.


Game 2 vs. Orboros
My first game against Richards stuff. Modified my list slightly here and dropped out the Idrians and Deliverers and took a unit of Exemplars Errant (to try them out). Also dropped the Revenger in favour of another Devout, and included a small unit of Flameguard just to hold up one flank and divert some of Richards resources. Main plan was to get Devouts into combat asap and use Kreoss to boost their attacks against his caster. The small number of troops/units he had meant that I had a better than even chance of getting to his caster quickly. Game went pretty well for me. The Flameguard took a hammering but survived long enough to tie down the Orboros right flank. The Errants got destroyed by the Orboros caster who had advanced right at me, but one survived to keep the caster locked into melee. This allowed me to move both of my Devouts up into combat range. Their defensive abilities helped protect Kreoss from getting hit by some nasty ranged attacks, and their defensive strikes brutallised a couple of Orboros solos. Final act of the game was a series of boosted attacks on the Orboros caster by both of the Devouts resulting in him being squished into a very small pile of goo.


Game 3 vs. Skorne
First game against Stephen as well, at least with Warmachine/Hordes. Wasn't really sure what he had as I've never seen a Skorne army before but after swapping cards it looked rather nasty. I changed my list again for this battle and dropped all of my infantry in favour of the following:

  • Kreoss
  • Devout
  • Devout
  • Castigator
  • Choir
  • Vassal

He had some pretty strong infantry units and some strong beasts and solos so it was reasonably matched. Game went pretty quickly, I basically charged my guys straight ahead with the Castigator in the middle of a V with the Devouts on the flanks and the other units behind. The Choirs Safe Passage & Kreoss' Retribution and Protection of Menoth enabled me to close quickly suffering no damage until we hit melee range. Initial rounds of combat saw the Devouts absolutely slaughter the Skorne infantry units, and then the large beast thing that Stephen had. Moment of the match though was the Castigator's Slam attack on a medium based solo unit which threw him back through an entire unit of Skorne infantry. Result all of the infantry died and the Solo was killed off next turn. Along came Kreoss' feat and even with the Devouts disabled the Castigator had the Skorne warcaster all alone and eventually smashed them to pieces.


Things went pretty well overall. The units I was familar with did a great job especially the Devouts who are just fantastic. The infantry units took a hammering however, notably the Errants and the Idrians but then I hadnt used them before and deployed them to far ahead. The Flameguard did their job Ok, and the Deliverers were surprisingly effective even though they are guarenteed to miss every time with their -4 penalty.

Read Khador's perspective here

Nasty Trick
Cast Kreoss's Retribution on a Devout with Infuse from the Choir. Any unit that attacks them, must first take a Defensive strike at +4 (+2 for attack, +2 for infuse) with a boosted damage roll at +2, suffer -2 MAT when they attack back and a Retribution damage roll if they hit me. If the rolls are good its actually possible to kill or seriously disable another jack in your opponents turn of combat.

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