January 30, 2009

How your collection grows 'or' I've spent how much!!?!

Re-read a couple of my first posts on this blog and found the following list of units etc I had in my fledging Dwarf army way back in July 2008. It seemed a lot back then...
  • 4 Lords
  • 1 Master Engineer
  • 1 Runesmith
  • 96 Warriors
  • 3 Longbeards
  • 38 Quarrellers
  • 20 Thunderers
  • 4 Cannons
  • 1 Bolt Thrower
  • 1 Gyrocopter
My collection has 'definately' grown since then and off the top of my head now contains...
  • 1 Lord w. Shield bearers
  • 6 Other Lord figures
  • 2 Master Engineers
  • 3 Runesmiths
  • 18 Hammerers
  • 152 Warriors
  • 10 Long Drong Pirate Slayers
  • 4 BoSP Slayers
  • 3 Longbeards
  • 28 Miners
  • 38 Quarrellers
  • 32 Thunderers
  • 5 Cannons
  • 2 Bolt Throwers
  • 2 Organ Guns
  • 1 Grudge Thrower
  • 1 Gyrocopter
I don't have any Ironbreakers as I simply proxy standard Warriors in friendly games and have no intention of buying them. The collection itself is now largely complete although a Flame Cannon and a proper Anvil of Doom (I use one made out of craft materials) would be nice they are not on the buying agenda. Another Gyrocopter would be cool as well now that I know how to put the things together. All I can say is thank God for TradeMe picking up a full unit of Warriors for $10-12 is a hell of a lot better than paying full price for the things.

January 29, 2009

Unit Spotlight [Warmachine]

Visgoth Rhoven & Exemplar BodyGuards
Protectorate of Menoth Legends Unit

The Official Picture

Key Unit Properties
Point Cost: 71
FA: Unique
VP: 3

MAT: 8
DEF: 16
ARM: 15-21
P+S: 12 (Weapon Master) w. 2" Reach & attacks that cause FIRE / Rhovens causes Critical Stagger

This was the first of the new Legends units I purchased following their release near the end of last year. Classed as a unique unit I have only really used them in my last 3 games but have found them to be first rate and well worth the points.

Unit Overview
While 71 points for 3 models seems a bit much their special and standard abilities more than make up for it. For a start each bodyguard has 8 damage boxes while Rhoven himself has 5. This means in terms of your basic points:damage box ratio they offer you greater value than a unit of 6 Exemplars, or a full unit of Zealots or equivalent infantry. Sure you can get a Devout at 67 points with its Warjack abilities and a higher point:damage box ratio but there are some advantages to fielding these guys.

First up they are powerful in their own right. The Bodyguards are standard Exemplars with MAT 8 meaning they can hit most units on an average roll, and with Weapon Master can dish out good damage. Add in the special ability of Rhoven that sees any attack by a friendly model within 3" of him cause FIRE and theoretically your looking at 4 POW 12 attacks per model (2 with Halberd, and 2 with FIRE). Rhovens critical stagger ability also means you can pound on an enemy unit for a round and prevent him from hitting you back for as long as Rhoven can hit him.

Other bonuses. Rhovens 'Menoths Sight' removes incorporeal, invisibility and stealth from enemy models meaning you can target some of the sneakier critters and merc solos around, i.e., use Menoth Sight then have a unit of Deliverers or a Redeemer blast the affected model. 'Sanctuary' is also a better than average WARD type ability affecting not only spells but animi as well.

However, for the infantry strong Protectorate army the ability 'Creators Mercy' is definately a bonus. Every time Rhoven or his mates kill an enemy model the enemy takes a CMD check, if they fail you get to add one non-leader model to a friendly Zealot, Deliverer or Temple Flameguard unit. Send these guys out to kill the weaker enemy units and have them strengthen your other guys at the same time.

My painting attempt with Rhoven's Bodyguards

My Experiences
I've used these guys in my last 2/3 of my last campaign matches against Khador and Everblight. In relation to Khador they are the equivalent of their Great Bears of Gallowsword, although with (what I think) are a better mix of unit abilities. Going toe-to-toe with the Great Bears Rhoven and his Bodyguard went extremely well and were more than a match. Just some poor tactical decision making on my part stopped me from getting a unit kill in, although the model kills they made did allow me to bolster my Zealots at an opportune time.

Against Everblight the worked even better almost taking down a Carnivean by themselves (the Zealots helped out a little with a couple of POW 14 direct hits). Their shared ARM 21 + large amount of damage boxes meant the survived several rounds of combat and a number of dangerous ranged attacks. In terms of that particular game they were without doubt my MVPs for the match.

Final Thoughts
These guys like Zealots with a Monolith Bearer are, to my mind, a must have unit in any list. However, I would suggest that this is more applicable to lists of 500pts+ as at 350pt you would have to make some trade-offs regarding other key units, e.g., Light Warjacks, Choir in order to take them.

Menoth signature images & funny cartoon

Found these online this morning... they speak for themselves really

Warmachine Campaign Report (long post)

Campaign Week 3

Home advantage for this week's campaign rounds so I was hoping for some extra positive dice rolls. Five players at my place for tonights games:
  • Khador (Toshi)
  • Everblight (Raymond)
  • Circle (Richard)
  • Skorne (Stephen)
  • Menoth (Myself)
With my dining room table being smaller than regulation size we would have smaller deployment zones, but get into combat far more quickly which promised some exciting matches to come. The guys had all obviously been doing some painting with Toshi's heavy warjacks all complete, Richards Circle army looking absolutely first rate (he is a very good painter - i'll have to grab some pics to post here), and Raymond getting more of his Shredders done in his unique Orange colour scheme.

Round 6
Again we started with the Campaign special events which it was my turn to roll for and in this case we recieved the 'Good Weather' bonus which allowed us to march an additional 100 pts of troops/units along good roads to join our campaign armies. Initial match ups were going to be interesting:
  • Khador (475 pts) vs. Skorne (500 pts)
  • Menoth (450 pts) vs. Everblight (475 pts)
Khador vs. Skorne
I'll get some input from Toshi and Stephen to post here. But from memory it was a Khador victory via caster kill, Toshi fielding Drago and Beast 09 and going berseck through the middle of the Skorne battle line to kill the caster.

Menoth vs. Everblight
Ah the rematch I was looking forward to after the really enjoyable and hard fought game against Raymond in Week 1. The 100pt bonus meant I could field a slightly different unit mix allowing me to bolster the fire causing army list I had generated especially for this match. Raymond however, had an extra 25 pts due to his territory bonus so had a slight advantage there. Army lists for this match were:

Protectorate of Menoth (449 pts/19 VP)
  • Exemplar Kreoss
  • Hierophant
  • Fire of Salvation
  • Wrack
  • Wrack
  • Holy Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
  • Exemplar Knights (6)
  • Juviah Rhoven & Bodyguard (3)
  • Eiryss Mage Hunter of Ios
  • Lilith
  • Carnivean
  • Blighted Swordsmen (6)
  • Deathstalkers (2)
  • Forsaken
  • Shredders (6) [YES '6' SHREDDERS - AGGHHHHH]
The Battleplan
I had a simple plan for beating Raymond this time round, set everyone on fire (Juviah and FoS caused FIRE, and anyone within 3" on Juviah did as well) and as the song says let them BURN M@#@# BURN... well something like that :) My original 350pt list didnt contain the Zealots so having them this turn was definately a bonus. Their invulnerabe special ability (courtesy of the Monolith Bearer) is fantastic and allows you to use the unit to block an entire section of the gaming board. With a Wrack on either flank (they cause terror and explode) and the Zealots in the middle I could pretty much deny any part of the board to the enemy and force him to come to me. This would allow the Exemplars, Juviah and the FoS to get in and do some damage.

So overall plan was to rush the Zealots forward activate 'Sanctuary' making them invulnerable run them through the Everblight battleline and at Lilith. The Exemplars & co would follow up behind and deal to the Shredders and Swordsmen. Eiryss would ran around the back of the Everblight force to hit Lilith in the rear arc and to deal to her if she decided to retreat from the Zealots. The key though was timing the use of Kreoss's feat which would Knockdown every enemy model/unit within 14" and give me automatic hits against them for one round.

The Battle
Deployment was the same as usual. Zealots in a T formation with leaders at back. Exemplars on right flank also in T formation with Eiryss next to them. I didn't forward deploy her as I wanted to keep her back to see where the Deathstalkers would go. FoS stayed with Kreoss to benefit from the bond and Juviah was eveningly spaced between the Knights and the Zealots to give all models within 3" of him FIRE causing attacks.

However, there was a big problem - Raymond's 6 Shredders. These guys are hard to kill, can be used to channel spells, go rabid (i.e., Frenzied), and can use Fury to boost attacks etc making even 1 Shredder dangerous. Raymond also did something very clever in deploying 3 of them out of range of Lilith meaning without her controlling influence the beasts went rabid (or something) automatically and got additional boosts to their attacks. Other than that his deployment followed our first game, Stalkers on the flanks, Carnivean next to Lilith with the remaining 3 Shredders and the Forsaken joining the Swordsmen opposite my Knights.

Initial Rounds
After rushing the center of the board with the Zealots the first combats started with the Knights charging a Shredder, 1 Shredder charging the Zealots along with the Carnivean and a third Shredder and the Swordsmen accepting the charge of Fire of Salvation. In hindsight I should have kept him back. Frustration set in here as the Shredder charged by the Knights stayed alive for nearly the entire game, only dying in the last turn, as the Knights kept missing. This meant the entire unit was effectively out of the game almost until the end.

The Shredders and remaining Deathstalker took out a few of the Zealots. This was fine as it boosted their DEF and ARM, and along with Kreoss's spells they now had +6 ARM and +6 DEF almost every round after that. The Zealots managed to kill one Shredder, cause some direct hits on the Carnivean seriously wounding it, and then rushed Lilith wounding her as well.

Middle Rounds
My memories a bit hazy here. Lilith retreated leaving the remaining Zealots to fight it out with the Shredders and Carnivean. With their invulnerability gone they were systematically chomped to pieces until only 2 Zealots and the Monolith Bearer were left. In the centre Raymonds Swordsmen absolutely brutalised Fire of Salvation turning it into a pile of scrap metal. Although Retribution did allow him to squash 3 or 4 of the Swordsmen before he did so.

Eiryss looped around the back of Lilith, but she promptly shot her down in a single hit destroying yet another element in my strategy. At this point things were very eveningly balanced. FoS was dead, the Zealots were nearly wiped out, Juviah had lost 1 Bodyguard and the Knights were still missing that damn Shredder. However, the Carnivean was seriously hurt as were the remaining Shredders and despite Raymonds best efforts my strongest unit, Juviah was still fighting.

Final Rounds
This is where things started to go well for me as I finally remembered that Kreoss had a feat...


So after using his feat the Carnivean got slaughtered by Juviah, the Shredders were reduced to 2 out of the original 6, the Blighted Swordsmen got destroyed by Kreoss's spells and the Forsaken went as well. The Knights were now free to move with the Shredder (who deserved to live really) finally giving in and with the Carnivean out of the way I was free to move my Knights and Juviah forward to engage Lilith given enough time. However, time was not on my, or Raymonds, side and with only a few minutes to go we started aiming for VP instead of the caster kill. Lilith started flinging missles at Juviah but amazingly failed to damage him. His remaining Shredders chewed up a Zealot, but the majority of my forces were still alive and it looked very good for me as I had only lost FoS, a Wrack and Eiryss.

Tallying up the Victory Points though it got very close, particularly as FoS was worth 4VP on his own. Final tally Menoth 11 VP vs. Everblight 8 VP and a hard fought win to Menoth and my first win of the campaign. Yet again we had another tense, down to the wire, toe-to-toe and extremly enjoyable match. Raymond is most definately a good opponent.

Round 7
Ok my memory is definately empty here as I only remember a couple of things from this round, it finished at 11.30 pm very very late. Match-ups for this round were:
  • Menoth vs. Orboros
  • Khador vs. Everblight
The Campaign Special event saw a dense fog of war descend on the battlefield reducing line of sight for everybody to 8" which made things very difficult, especially for Everblight who were facing a Khador force consisting of Karchev the Terrible and 3 Heavy Warjacks. This resulted in another solid win to Khador - someone really needs to beat him....

Against Orboros I tried something different and went with a new list made up of:
  • Feora
  • Hierophant
  • Blessing of Vengence
  • Castigator
  • Wrack
  • Wrack
  • Choir (4)
  • Eiryss
  • Vassal
This cut down my combat power substantially as I was abandoning the Zealots and Knights in favour of an additional warjack. The match like the first one was tense and hard fought. Richards Orboros had some nasty special abilities that hampered my spell casting and torn apart my Warjacks. Feora's feat set nearly all of his army on fire causing some major damage, but throughout the battle I failed to finish off his units and from memory didn't kill any of them.... WITH ONE EXCEPTION....

With only minutes or seconds to go we got into a Caster vs. Caster punch up with Feora throwing spells and using her Flamethrowers on Baldur. End result, Baldur was destroyed, squashed, burnt to a crisp, reduced to a pile of ash and in the final second (and I do mean the final second of the game) Feora reduced him below zero wounds. However, he was saved by his ability to transfer his damage to his Warbeasts allowing him to survive this last attack and live... its in the rules but I STILL CLAIM THE MORAL VICTORY.... but regardless his burnt and chared body somehow kept on breathing and the game ended with my army wiped out and Baldurs Orboros horde still entact.

Final Score Menoth 3VP vs. Orboros 8 VP and a big win to Orboros....

I STILL CLAIM THE MORAL VICTORY THOUGH --- not that i'm hurting or anything :(

Week 4 next week at Raymonds, and also the first night of our local gaming club for 2009 (unfortunately Ill be in Auckland so can't attend) so Warhammer is back on the agenda now as well...

January 28, 2009

Blogs I follow & why I do

Well, despite the approach of the new semester and my next batch of *cough* eager students I've still managed to find time to trawl the net and find more blogs belonging to fellow gamers. So many in fact that I've just had to separate them into two separate lists - one for Warmachine Blogs and one for Warhammer Blogs. Anyway, I've found quite a few blogs online but only a few that I follow for various reasons, so for the benefit of their owners (who may or may not care) and for everyone else I thought I'd briefly review them all.

Warmachine Blogs [Not listed in any particular order]

Getting Small
Found this one a few days ago. Belongs to a guy who has just started playing Menoth - ah a fellow true believer - and who like me appears to have gone nuts with his credit card and purchased every model under the sun. I follow it because its helpful to read about the gaming experiences of another new Menoth player (like myself) and because I really enjoy the way he reflects on his unit choices etc. Well worth a look.

Kiwi Thralls
Home blog of a group of Auckland (thats in New Zealand) based Warmachine players. There are 3 of them who contribute to this site and its a great read for anyone who plays Warmachine.

To Scratch an Itch
Only linked to this today as the guy who writes it has added himself as a follower on this blog, its also only just started but it looks promising. Another fellow Menite who is returning to the game going to be interesting reading how he progresses.

Cutters Canyon
This is an odd one. Guy who writes it brought some Menoth models off me on TradeMe and it turns out with both also play AstroEmpires [check out my AE profile here] and he is in a guild that mine is currently fighting a war with. But i forgive him as he is another fellow Menite.

The Red Machine
The blog of a Khador player. Have only looked through it briefly but its quite good. My primary interest is in getting insights into how Khador players use their units, so I can beat Toshi.

Lightning Strikes

Blog of a Cygnar player with some really good images of his paint work and some interesting insights into his gaming and painting efforts. I really enjoy his writing style and will be following this blog for a while. Cygnar is the only other faction I considered playing, sometimes I wish I had started them instead of Menoth *sigh*

Skorne Supremacy
Hordes blog for the Skorne faction again I'm reading this as it gives me an insight into the army of one of my regular opponents.

Karchev the Terrible
The blog of my Warmachine and WHFB nemesis Toshi the guy whose Khador and Chaos armies keep stomping all over my Menoth and Dwarven forces - you just have to read all of my battle reports to see the results. But despite is brutal treatment of my poor Menites and brave Stumpies this is a really good blog, good write ups of his battles and nice indepth articles on his units and models with good discussions of tactics etc.

Warhammer Fantasy Blogs [again in no particular order]

Warhammer Battle Reports
OK, this one is definately and I mean definately a MUST SEE BLOG. One of three belonging to a guy called Sigmar (the other 2 are next on this list). It collates WHFB battle reports from all over the web, including several from my blog allowing you to review battles from a huge number of people and armies. Simply fantastic site with some outstanding stories etc. The latest Vampire Counts one is really good.

Warhammer Battle Reporter

Sigmar's principle site and what should be your first port of call if you are new to Warhammer (as well as other gaming systems). It has articles on everything, links to E-Bay, product reviews, tactical discussions and a host of other really useful stuff. I also strongly recommend that everyone who plays WHFB joins the forum linked to this site (links on my blog) as its a great place to talk about WHFB.

Nautican Army Project
Have you ever wanted to create your own WHFB race? Well Sigmar has, the Nauticans. I've already collated and printed out the army book he has put together, and am vaguely working on building up a Nautican army. This site and the work he has put into this project is out of this world. Now if only GW would find it and turn it into an official army book.

Plastic Legions
A mega-gaming blog which covers everything. I follow it because of the depth and breadth of articles provided and the way it invites comments from across the gaming community. Its a really good first stop for people new (and not so new) to gaming as it links to a wide range of sources.

Milambers Painting Blog
Great pictures of various WHFB models this guy works on, including some excellent modified figures and models. Solid read.

Starving Crazed Weasels
Found this one a few days ago and really enjoyed reading through it. Its a collaborative effort by a group of gamers who seem to really enjoy what they do - which is the whole point isn't it. Some good battle reports with images etc and nice insights into how each guy uses their particular army.

Bell of Lost Souls
This site is dedicated to Warhammer 40K which I don't play but has some absolutely outstanding discussions about tactics, modelling and painting that are useful to anyone no matter what gaming system they play. There are some discussions regarding WHFB but it is mainly 40k. However, I do recommend it as it goes way beyond what most blogs do in terms of the depth of its content.

Harbringer of Chaos
The WHFB site of my current local nemesis Toshi, reviews his Chaos army and again offers some good insights into how he plays, his tactics and the units he uses.

Other Blogs

Lonely Gamers
Not a Warmachine or WHFB blog but one dedicated to general miniature wargaming notably Napoleonic and Ancients stuff (which I used to play). Lots of good articles on a variety of subjects.

I think thats all of them.... if i missed any leave a comment for me :)

Oh and finally, to those of you who follow my little Blog I would like to offer a big thank you hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to leave your comments I always keen on feedback

Warmachine Campaign News

Week 3 of our campaign starts tonight (at my place) and I really really need a couple of good wins to get my campaign points up. Being doing some intense reading of the special rules that apply to several of my units and have come up with a couple of interesting ideas. Another added bonus is that I've used the online card builder to do up some cards for 'Fire of Salvation', 'Blessing of Vengeance' and 'Feora' so I can proxy in some existing figures for them.

Once interesting rule I forgot about completely last week applies to Jhoven Rhoven and his Bodyguard, essentially every time they or any friendly Protectorate unit within 3" of them hits any enemy target, with 'any' melee OR ranged attack that attack causes FIRE. Absolutely perfect for fighting Everblight. So my anti-hordes list for tonight is (wish it was more than 350pts):

  • Kreoss
  • Heirophant
  • Fire of Salvation
  • Jhoven Rhoven & Bodyguard
  • Knights Exemplar (6)
No Zealots in this list but given that ALL of these guys attacks now cause FIRE and that Jhoven etc have more wounds than an entire unit of Zealots makes it very workable. If we get any points bonuses from the campaign special rules Ill be adding in one or more of the following:
  • Eiryss
  • Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
  • Rupert Cavalo
  • Blessing of Vengence
As for my anti-Khador or anti-Toshi list I have a good one worked out that should nullify his magic etc, but I won't post it here because he reads this blog (AH HA you'll just have to wait).

January 23, 2009

Vampire Counts are finally here!!!

My big Vampire Count order from Maelstrom arrived today. Now I just have to stick to my new years gaming resolution and not touch or even look at it until I have finished my 'entire' painting & assembly backlog. Going to be difficult, and with work picking up soon its probably going to be at least 2-3 months before I can even think about starting them.

Warmachine Battle Report [Campaign Wk 2]

Protectorate of Menoth vs. Everblight (350pts)

Finally completed the maps from my campaign match against Raymonds Everblight. So I thought I would re-do the report for that particular battle in a bit more detail [Click here for Original]

*** The Everblight perspective on the battle is in italics - thanks to Raymond for providing it***

Round 1 - Menoth moves first
Basically this round was about getting close to the enemy. The Wracks in the forest prevented Raymond from outflanking me as he became worried about (a) their ability to cause Terror, and more importantly (b) the fact that they blow up 50% of the time when you leech focus off them. POW 15 damage roll with a 5" AOE is not to be laughed at, especially for only 5 points per Wrack.

Outside of running the Errants and the Zealots the only other moves/orders I made during this activation were: Severius casting Vision on himself and Ward, the Choir chanting Ward, and Rupert singing March to boost the Exemplars movement range and give them pathfinder. Raymond countered by charging the Swordsmen and Carnivean at the Zealots and using his Shredders to take down half of the Knights unit. His death stalker also took some pot shots at the Zealots, and the first round ended with my losing 2 Zealots and 3 Exemplars. However, this didnt bother me a jot as it meant the Exemplars gained +2 STR & +2 POW for rest of game.

[The Everblight Perspective]
I was abit scared of the share number of units on Johns side of the table, this being my first rumble against an infantry based one, not to mention the synergy of buffs Menoth is famous for.

Turn 1 - Menoth
John cut off my initial plan by planting his wracks on both sides of the board, which stopped my plan of holding back turn 1 while he moved up, then charging through the side and flanking him hard in the side. I had seen the zealots against toshi the previous week, so with them boosting up the middle i was concerned about their bombing. The knights running into trees i wasn't concerned with too much as my guys love killing things in forests.

Turn 1 - Everblight
My StriderDS is amazing for popping off units, i adore her for it. She didn't let me down and popped 2 off straight away. Apart from that is was a standard move up and get ready to lay the pain next round, fully buffed the front line w/ tenacity due to extra fury.

Round 2 - Oh look my Zealots are invulnerable
The round of greater destiny!!! This is where I put the hurt on Raymond. The Monolith Bearer chanted greater destiny making the Zealots invulnerable, the Priest chanted Holy Fervour giving them +2 to attack and damage rolls and they went straight at the Swordsmen. The invulnerable ability meant I could move them straight through to the rear of the Everblight unit without worrying about free strikes and past the Carnivean as well. Firebombs from the rear Zealots took care of those Swordsmen in melee range of the front rank who in turn took care of the remaining Swordsmen, although 1 managed to survive.

Rupert sang for the Knights boosting their attack rolls and they charged the Shredders, or at least 2 of them did as they 3rd was too far back in the forest. Severius and the Choir kept up their magical protection of themselves, Ward chanted on the Devout and Vision upkept on Severius. A couple of firebombs were also thrown at the Carnivean causing minor damage. Raymonds' come back was weakened to say the least a single Knight was killed further boosting the Warder who now had +4STR & +4ARM, and the invulnerability of the Zealots meant his remaining units couldnt do anything except sit still.

[The Everblight Perspective]
Turn 2 - Menoth
Oh my god, things that cant be killed I got hit hard, all but 1 swordsman left, all warbeasts taking some points of damage each.

Turn 2 - Raymond
I was a bit thirsty for revenge but I had the problem of an invincible unit in the middle of the field. Again my StriderDS stared by shooting across the front line and picked off 2 knights, buffing Johns others, but weakening his overall offensive front. Not a fun round to be on the receiving end of.

Round 3 - Everblight dishes out the pain
Greater destiny can't last forever but it did its job and this round the Zealots finished off the Swordsman and the Forsaken before charging at Lilith and the her protecting Shredder, or at least those not in melee with the Carnivean did. Fire bombs at Lilith caused minor damage as did the attacks on the Carnivean. On the left the Knights kept hitting away at the Shredders but MISSED sparing one of them from being splattered by their boosted STR 16 attacks, but stomping on the other one. Severius also leeched the focus off his 2 Wracks which promptly blew up and with 11 Focus (8 starting +1 for campaign event bonus +2 for Wracks) proceeded to throw spells around the board, although to little effect as he was agonisely out of range.

With the Zealots now vulnerable the Devout also charged the Carnivean to prevent it getting at Severius and the Round ended with Raymond killing off a couple of Zealots and one more Knight.

[The Everblight Perspective]
Turn 3 - Menoth
The pain got dished again, first my swordsman getting finished off (2VP) then to top it off my forsaken (1VP) got nuked before she could move up into range of Johns leader and pop her 5 fury Blight Cloud.

Turn 3 - Everblight
I think i used my feat this turn, extra dice on all attacks. This was my time to hit things hard. Carny finished off the zealots around him, a shredder minced one, StriderDS again took a couple more down.

Round 4 - Final throw of the dice
This turned out to be the last turn for each of us as our 90 minute campaign time limit expired just as Raymond was activating Lilith (more on that in a bit). The round started badly for me. The Warder missed the remaining Shredder and was subsequently cut-down, the Devout did no damage on the Carnivean and the remaining Zealots only scored a few small hits on Lilith.

Raymond countered by wiping out the remaining Zealots and Monolith Bearer and the Warder leaving Severius all alone with only a Choir, Rupert Cavalo and his Heirophant between him, 2 Shredders and Lilith. Raymond then set himself to use his nasty spell - something 'Spines' (I forget what it is), but time run out before he could get settled and by mutual agreement we ended the game without him completing his activation.

[The Everblight Perspective]
Turn 4 - Menoth
I have no idea how i survived this turn. Everything got hit, but just not enough to go past the point of no return. I was lucky John didn't manage to set my Carny on fire, that would have been very ouchy, or damaged him enough to affect his next turn w/ the Devout.

Turn 4 - Everblight
StriderDS popped the another couple including the last zealot guy (VPs) and the Monolith Bearer (VPs). Shredders finished off the knights(VPs). I was lucky enough to bond Carny last game with Sick Em, so i had fully boosted attacks on the Devout, destroying his poleaxe but not enough damage to get rid of it completely. Then it was time for Lylith to go to work, unfortunately the buzzer sounded before i could try and hurt things.

End Result of the match was a VERY VERY close victory to Everblight 5 VP to 4 with the death of the Knights Exemplar Leader proving the deciding point. If he hadnt missed the Shredder and had killed it that would have flipped the scores around. While a loss on VP neither of us were sure who would have one. Raymonds chosen final tactic would have been brutal and would have most likely destroyed the Choir and Rupert. However, Severius should have been able to take on a weakened Lilith and maybe kill her before the Carnivean overwhelmed the Devout. But we will never know. After reading Raymond's comments the voice of hindsight tells me that I should have taken out the Deathstalker instead of leaving it alone. I thought that because it wasnt moving it wasnt a threat, but it nearly wiped out my Exemplars single handed.

[The Everblight Perspective]
My basic plan was to hit and hopefully not kill Rupert, then dropping an Eruption of spines on him, which hopefully would have hurt everyone in that little group quite hard, depending on damage and because of the extra fury, i may have done it a second time, else i would have left the 3 fury on me to transfer next round.

So all in all a great match, i learnt alot from it. Kinda glad it finished where it did, as I wasn't in a strong position to receive much fury next turn, and only 2 shredders between Johns force and Lylth. My MVP is StriderDS, killed 5 zealots, 2 knights and the monolith bearer, i mean what can i say, not shabby for 30 points.

Guide to making your own trees

Been doing some random searching online and found the following entry on how to make simple trees out of brillo pads - going to try it this weekend, seems a lot simpler than my method.

January 22, 2009

Miniature bases

Received the first of these in the mail last week from Imperial Games in Auckland. I also located an alternative supplier in Australia - Back2Base - who offers similar products for approximately half the price. But unfortunately they don't have the Graveyard theme I'm looking for. Anyway the following bases are going to be used for my Vampire Counts Grave Guard

While these ones will go with the my Dire Wolves and Black Knights when I get those.

Not quite sure what Ill use for my Blood Knights if I ever get some (they cost too much in my opinion) but I quite like the idea of the all skull base...

Warmachine Campaign Report

Campaign Week 2

Couple of changes to the line up for Rounds 4 & 5 of the campaign this week, with Stephen and Hank unable to make it and Richard stepping in. Once again Hordes dominated the line up. We really need to get some more Warmachine players involved - damn Hordes!!! Line up was:

  • Orboros (Richard)
  • Everblight (Raymond)
  • Menoth (Myself)
  • Khador (Toshi)
Minor change to the game play this week as well as the Warjack bonds from last weeks match ups were now available for use. Toshi had also purchased some good sized pieces of MDF to act as gaming tables so we had a nice solid surface to work on, and we used the Campaign special rules for the first time.

Round 4
The special rules for this round saw everyones warcasters etc undergo spiritual training and gain +1 Focus/Fury for the round with the corresponding increase to their control area. Match up's were:
  • Orboros vs. Khador
  • Everblight vs. Menoth
I can't offer much commentary on the Orboros vs. Khador match but do know that it ended with time up on the clock in a close fought draw. Judging by the amount of noise coming from each side of the table it was an intense match up. Against Raymonds Everblight things were just as tense and hard fought. This particular battle saw the following army lists matched against eachother (hope I spelt the Everblight names correctly).

Protectorate of Menoth
  • Severius
  • Heirophant
  • Devout
  • Wrack
  • Wrack
  • Choir (4)
  • Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
  • Knights Exemplar (6)
  • Rupert Cavalo
  • Lilith
  • Carnevereon
  • Shredders (3)
  • Death Stalker
  • Blighted Swordsmen (6)
  • Forsaken
I won the deployment roll and set up first. Terrain was fairly light with two forests on the edges of the board almost exactly on half way, and a small section of wall in the Everblight deployment zone. With deployment I adopted a couple of tactics I found on the Privateer Press forums with the Zealots in a T formation - Priest and Monolith Bearer at the back. Rupert went with the Zealots to give them 'March' and create a nasty surprise for Raymond, and the Wracks went into the forests to foil any flanking moves.

Initial Deployment - Menoth at bottom of picture

My plan was relatively simple, charge straight up the middle and get within range of Lilith with my Zealots with the Exemplars clearing a path through the Shredders & Swordsmen. Rupert singing March gave the Knights Pathfinder and an extra 2" movement allowing them to run 12" in the first turn straight at the forest on the left. The Zealots also ran 12" right up the middle.

2nd round of the match saw the Carnevereon advance up the middle and the Swordsmen, Shredders and Forsaken head toward Menoths left flank, but no real action. Severius & the Choir kept Ward up on the Devout and the Zealots protecting them from spells, and Severius had Vision going on himself almost the entire game to nullify the first hit against him. With the Zealots in the middle of the board and Everblights units in range it was time to drop the Monolith Bearers special action, make them all invulnerable and charge full tilt.

The battle from there went largely my way with the Zealots and Knights laying waste to the Swordsmen and the Forsaken. The Shredders fared better though taking down most of the Knights (Raymond was using them really well) but giving the remaining Warder +5 Str & +5 ARM through Bond of Brotherhood giving him ARM 21 and P+S 16 weapon striking at MAT 8 - simply awesome. A series of strikes against the Carny beast failed, and it was Everblights turn to chew up the Zealots and advance toward me.

By this stage things were getting tense. Most of the Everblight army was dead with the exception of the Carny beast, 2 weakened shredders, the Death Stalker and Lilith. Severius had leached the 2 focus off the Wracks and had 11 for his next turn and started flinging Immolation spells at the Carny beastie. However, Everblight turned things around with the Carny beastie stomping on the Zealots and the Shredders finishing off the Knights - Raymonds use of Fury etc here was really good giving him good boosted rolls against the Knights. However, it didnt go all Raymonds way as the Devout charged the Carny and while unable to damage him held him up and kept him out of the fight. But this did leave Lilith free to run up the left flank and get ready to take pot shots at Severius protected only by Rupert and the Choir. With Raymond about to unleash the Blight spell (or whatever the really nasty one is called) we ran out of time.

Tallying up the victory points it came to Everblight 5 and Menoth 4 so a very close and very hard fought victory to Raymond. Neither of us was really sure what would have happened if we had had time to play one more turn each. Either way it was an absolutely awesome game, thoroughly enjoyable especially for only 350pts. Raymonds unique and pretty cool Green/Orange colour scheme on his Everblight also made it a good looking battle as well.

Round 5
In this match I was up against Toshi's Khador (again) and not looking forward to it. At the last minute I ditched my original idea for an army list and decided to experiment taking the following:
  • Kreoss
  • Knights Exemplar (6)
  • Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
  • Rhoven + Bodyguards
Basically I ran full tilt straight at Toshi's caster and straight at Beast 09 and his new unit the Greatbears of Gallowsword. End result the Zealots got chewed up by Beast. The Knights and Rhoven etc got bogged down attacking the Greatbears and then died, and eventually Beast charged into Kreoss (freezing him - I freaking hate that special ability) and killed him 2 rounds later.

Final thoughts
Ok I lost both games (again) but the first one was incredibly close and I do believe I would have won that one in the end. The tactics with the Zealots worked really well, and the Knights were just awesome. I have already made up my mind to order another unit of each so I can field two lots and really put the hurt on people. The lose against Toshi was expected my experiment was really only to try out a couple of units. Better luck next week with 6 players coming along.

January 21, 2009

New painting project - Dwarf Hammerers [Warhammer]

As part of my plan to move through my painting backlog one (and only one) unit at a time, next on my list is my unit of Hammerers to go with my recently completed Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers. I already had 8 including a Command Group painted but with the addition of 10 more figures I've decided to re-touch those first 8 and get the whole unit looking fresher.

The banner isn't the normal Hammerers one but one from the Warriors unit box. I ordered a bunch of them from the Bitz Box as part of a mini-project to kit out everyone of my Dwarf units with the same type of banner with appropriate images for my Dwarf Hold (Karak Thorinkin) on them.

Swordmasters of Hoeth Completed

Another unit scratched off my painting backlog last night with the completion of my Swordmaster's of Hoeth. While they still need a couple of light glazes and a layer of purity seal the painting is complete and I am actually pretty happy with the new colour scheme. Now I just have to figure out how to apply it to my Spearmen. One new method I have used on these models is the use of Chaos Black on various areas (under the shoulder pads etc) to aid with highlighting & shading. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves... [Images should expand when clicked on]

January 16, 2009

Another small update

Menoth army panoramic picture now posted :) Its not until you put everything on the table that you realise how much you have. Damn Dwarfs are going to fill it up completely.

January 15, 2009

Minor Blog Update

Small update for my blog. In the right hand column under the army history for each of my collections (Dwarfs, High Elves, Menoth) I am starting to put links to large panoramic pictures so you can see all of the models in each collection.

First image link posted is for the High Elves. Menoth will be up tomorrow, and Dwarfs in a few days.

Warmachine Campaign Report

Campaign Week 1

We played the first round of our campaign tonight which saw five armies pitted against each other with everyone playing at least 2 games. Armies were:
  • Everblight (Raymond)
  • Everblight (Henk)
  • Khador (Toshi)
  • Skorn (Stephen)
  • Menoth (Me)
Round 1
To start we used the campaign rules to allocate territories and see if anyone got an army point bonus which everyone but Toshi did, giving us all 375pts for our first games. Initial match ups were between:
  • Menoth vs. Skorn
  • Everblight vs. Everblight
The initial Everblight contest was fairly brutal but in the end one-sided as Hank has been using his army for a while now, and Raymond has only just started. Even so both sides came close to losing in the initial stages particularly as the 10 minute Steamroller turn time limits made things difficult (for Hank especially). Result solid victory to Hank who stomped on Raymond's Warcaster.

Menoth vs. Skorn
I was pretty confident going into this game as I had played Stephen before and swept him aside quite easily and as I knew what units he would have. I fielded a slightly different mix of units this time round fielding:
  • Kreoss
  • Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
  • Eiryss
  • Wracks (3)
  • Choir (5)
  • Devout
  • Redeemer
  • Rupert Cavalo
Initial plan was to use sneak Eiryss round the back of the Skorn army and snipe away at his warcaster and solo units, particularly Darton Vilmoth. The Wracks would give me a useful Focus bonus at critical times and the Zealots and Redeemer would go straight for the caster kill. Things didn't start well when Eiryss was chopped down in Turn 2, and while I got the Skorn caster into combat surrounded by Zealots and with the Redeemer in range I made some bad, and ultimately fatal mistakes. First up, I used the Monolith Bearers special ability (it makes Zealots invulnerable) to early - it would have been better in combat after the Skorn caster was knocked down. But the kicker was dropping Kreoss's feat and then forgetting to activate the Zealots while the Skorn caster was down and helpless.

However, the game could have still gone my way with only Kreoss and the Choir left it came down to a 1v1 caster fight with only a single missed melee attack stopping Kreoss from crushing his Skorn opponent. End result a close and well fought victory to Skorn.

Round 2
This round saw me sit out but take an additional 25 point army bonus into the next round giving me 400pts for my second game, in hindsight I should have taken another territory. The match ups for this round were:
  • Everblight (Raymond) vs. Khador
  • Everblight (Henk) vs. Skorn

Everblight vs. Khador
I have to admit I thought this was going to be very one-sided. Toshi uses his armies extremely well in both WHFB and Warmachine, is to my mind the best tactician in our group (I am sadly way down the list, as my results tend to prove), and nows how to get the best combos out of his army lists. Raymond on the other hand was playing his 6th ever game with a somewhat limited force.

Turn 1 went to Raymond who advanced quickly taking position on large hill that dominated the centre of the battlefield is primary Warbeast at the front. Toshi countered was advancing forward using his defensive spells to great effect to protect himself in the next round when combat was sure to start.

Turn 2 this is where it got really 'interesting'. Raymond directs all of his Everblight attacks at the Khador warcaster who is (strangely) out in the open. The first attack a breath weapon from his Warbeast needs a double 6 to hit - Raymond rolled a double 6 - then with boosted damage seriously hurt Khadors caster. After that it just got worse for Khador. Several more attacks followed and in the space of 18 minutes (from match start) the Everblight force managed to literally blast apart Khadors caster. It was the fastest victory I have ever seen, and the first time I have ever seen Toshi gone down that badly. Great victory to Raymond.

Everblight vs. Skorn
Slightly different list for Everblight in this one with a large unit of Swordsmen taking part. Unfortunately I didn't follow this one as closely so can't really comment on what happened. However, it was in the end a close victory to Everblight.

[From Raymond] Last turn, Henk's Strider Death Stalker had a powerful hit to Stevens 'Caster, which got transferred, leaving him with zero fury. Then Henk sent in Rhyss (Ii think it was Rhyss), and ripped him a new one so to speak.

Round 3
Only time for 1 more match for the night, and that only because of Raymonds impressively quick victory against Toshi's Khador. This time it was me facing him down. My list for this match was slightly different from my first game with the following units:
  • Kreoss
  • Rupert Cavalo
  • Eiryss
  • Choir (4)
  • Castigator
  • Redeemer
  • Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
I don't remember having a plan for this, and unfortunately for me Toshi did. It involved charging straight at Kreoss freezing him and everyone around him with his casters Feat and then smashing me into little pieces. While my Zealots were again reasonably effective I was unable to use any of Kreoss's abilities after my first turn. Why? Well because he and the majority of my army remained frozen for almost the entire match by the Khador casters feat and a series of critical hits which kept Kreoss frozen, unable to allocate focus, fight or cast spells. My only chance to save the game was with Eiryss but I failed to take it and instead of shooting a Disruptor Bolt at the Khador caster ending her ability to use focus (and keep Kreoss frozen) I used her to kill Alana and Holt instead. An incredibly frustrating game which showed just how important it is to know your armies abilities.

Final thoughts
I have to admit I was very dispirited after last night. My record speaks for itself with a huge number of loses in WHFB and Warmachine just showing up problems with my tactics and army composition. Once again I mis-managed Kreoss's feat although my use of the Choir and other units was better. I also kept him to far back instead of charging in full tilt. As a predominantly melee army Menoth has to get stuck in quickly. Still I have a week to get some research done on tactics to use against Hordes armies and Khador to get the results turned around.

January 14, 2009

Warmachine Campaign

We start the first round of our Warmachine/Hordes Campaign tonight. Initially it will be a 6-week long event between a number of members at the club. Toshi has worked out some excellent rules for managing the campaign which throw up some really intriguing possibilities and points of difference.

For full details visit his blog here

And in honor of the occasion I offer the following motivational poster to my upcoming opponents....

New Years Gaming Resolutions

Never kept a New Years resolution in my life, but ill see if these stick (Click here for resolutions from other gamers)

  • No more new games
  • Do not assemble or even unpack my Vampire Counts until my Dwarf and High Elf painting & assembly backlog is complete
  • Finish my Dwarf & High Elf painting & assembly backlog
  • Enter at least one WHFB tournament this year
  • Get the shelves up in my gaming room so I can store my stuff properly and my wife wont get so annoyed with the mess
  • Crush Toshi's WHFB Chaos's army beneath the boots of my Dwarfs
  • Do some more work on my WHFB Dwarven army history project blog, Karak Thorinkin

Current painting Projects [Warhammer]

Work in Progress

As you can see from the right hand column of my blog I have a HUGE painting & assembly backlog, not helped by my decision to completely repaint ALL of my High Elves in order to get a better looking themed tournament ready army. With the addition of the Dragon Lord that army is also now complete with only painting to be done and 1 unit of Dragon Princes to be assembled.

Anyway the following are pictures of my High Elf army as it currently looks and my current project a unit of Swordmasters which I aim to finish this week. I have to thank my wife for her help with the Swordmaster's she suggested the yellow trim and the black for the helmet plumes which is far better than what I had originally (pink trim/yellow plumes)

High Elf Army

Swordmasters [only the 3 front left are complete]

Swordmasters [This colour scheme will be adopted by entire High Elf army]


Also assembled a test unit of Vampire Count Skeletons and have to say they are simply fantastic. A little tricky to put together but the new look is great and far more realistic, and the kits give you a lot of variability. This is the ONLY unit for my Vampire Counts that I will be assembling until my current backlog is finished. No painting either :)

Vampire Count Skeletons Unit Box

Bases for all of these units are magnetized for easy transport and storage. With the new plastic Vampire Counts stuff that makes them incredibly easy to move around. Stick on magnets are cheap as well, can get a sheet of 100 off Trade Me for $7.50

Completed Painting [Warhammer]

WHFB Dwarfs

The Christmas break also allowed me to finish off my Dwarf Gyrocopter which had been sitting around for months unassembled. The GF9 pinning kit I purchased for Warmachine allowed me to pin all of the pieces together and finally put it into one piece. The arrival of my Dwarf Lord w. Shieldbearers from Maelstrom Games also allowed me to complete the one piece I needed to finish my Dwarf army - I now officially do NOT need anymore Dwarf figures. For some reason I couldn't lighten the images of the Dwarf Lord, but they are still kind of OK. Again pictures should all expand when clicked on, but you'll need to zoom in for a better view.

Gyrocopter (base is modelling plaster, still some touch ups needed)

Dwarf Lord [will flock the base tonight]

Dwarf Lord [bases held together by single magnetic strip]

More completed painting projects [Warmachine]

Protectorate of Menoth

After my Christmas/New Years efforts I only have 3 uncompleted Warmachine models left now an Avatar, a Redeemer and a Heirophant and my Protectorate army is now pretty much complete. Or rather its as complete as my budget allows for as I don't intend to purchase anymore units or solos for it. Anyway I finished most of the following units prior to the Christmas break. The photos should all expand out.

Epic Feora

Epic Feora

Daughters of Flame Captain

Daughters of Flame

Castigator Heavy Warjack

Castigator Heavy Warjack

Castigator Warjack's Flamefists

January 13, 2009

Completed Painting Projects

Protectorate of Menoth

The pictures say it all, this is just a collection of the models I managed to finish over the Christmas break. Photos have turned out better as well, as I have discovered a new setting on Microsoft Picture Manager :) The pictures should all expand out when clicked on although you might need to zoom out on the expanded pictures to get a better view

Holy Zealots Unit + Monolith Bearer

Monolith Bearer (right arm is unpainted)

Monolith Bearer (right arm unpainted)

Holy Zealots Officer

Holy Zealots Trooper




Severius Protectorate Warcaster (Right arm is unpainted)

Severius Protectorate Warcaster

Rupert Cavalo Piper of Ord

Rupert Cavalo Piper of Ord