January 28, 2009

Blogs I follow & why I do

Well, despite the approach of the new semester and my next batch of *cough* eager students I've still managed to find time to trawl the net and find more blogs belonging to fellow gamers. So many in fact that I've just had to separate them into two separate lists - one for Warmachine Blogs and one for Warhammer Blogs. Anyway, I've found quite a few blogs online but only a few that I follow for various reasons, so for the benefit of their owners (who may or may not care) and for everyone else I thought I'd briefly review them all.

Warmachine Blogs [Not listed in any particular order]

Getting Small
Found this one a few days ago. Belongs to a guy who has just started playing Menoth - ah a fellow true believer - and who like me appears to have gone nuts with his credit card and purchased every model under the sun. I follow it because its helpful to read about the gaming experiences of another new Menoth player (like myself) and because I really enjoy the way he reflects on his unit choices etc. Well worth a look.

Kiwi Thralls
Home blog of a group of Auckland (thats in New Zealand) based Warmachine players. There are 3 of them who contribute to this site and its a great read for anyone who plays Warmachine.

To Scratch an Itch
Only linked to this today as the guy who writes it has added himself as a follower on this blog, its also only just started but it looks promising. Another fellow Menite who is returning to the game going to be interesting reading how he progresses.

Cutters Canyon
This is an odd one. Guy who writes it brought some Menoth models off me on TradeMe and it turns out with both also play AstroEmpires [check out my AE profile here] and he is in a guild that mine is currently fighting a war with. But i forgive him as he is another fellow Menite.

The Red Machine
The blog of a Khador player. Have only looked through it briefly but its quite good. My primary interest is in getting insights into how Khador players use their units, so I can beat Toshi.

Lightning Strikes

Blog of a Cygnar player with some really good images of his paint work and some interesting insights into his gaming and painting efforts. I really enjoy his writing style and will be following this blog for a while. Cygnar is the only other faction I considered playing, sometimes I wish I had started them instead of Menoth *sigh*

Skorne Supremacy
Hordes blog for the Skorne faction again I'm reading this as it gives me an insight into the army of one of my regular opponents.

Karchev the Terrible
The blog of my Warmachine and WHFB nemesis Toshi the guy whose Khador and Chaos armies keep stomping all over my Menoth and Dwarven forces - you just have to read all of my battle reports to see the results. But despite is brutal treatment of my poor Menites and brave Stumpies this is a really good blog, good write ups of his battles and nice indepth articles on his units and models with good discussions of tactics etc.

Warhammer Fantasy Blogs [again in no particular order]

Warhammer Battle Reports
OK, this one is definately and I mean definately a MUST SEE BLOG. One of three belonging to a guy called Sigmar (the other 2 are next on this list). It collates WHFB battle reports from all over the web, including several from my blog allowing you to review battles from a huge number of people and armies. Simply fantastic site with some outstanding stories etc. The latest Vampire Counts one is really good.

Warhammer Battle Reporter

Sigmar's principle site and what should be your first port of call if you are new to Warhammer (as well as other gaming systems). It has articles on everything, links to E-Bay, product reviews, tactical discussions and a host of other really useful stuff. I also strongly recommend that everyone who plays WHFB joins the forum linked to this site (links on my blog) as its a great place to talk about WHFB.

Nautican Army Project
Have you ever wanted to create your own WHFB race? Well Sigmar has, the Nauticans. I've already collated and printed out the army book he has put together, and am vaguely working on building up a Nautican army. This site and the work he has put into this project is out of this world. Now if only GW would find it and turn it into an official army book.

Plastic Legions
A mega-gaming blog which covers everything. I follow it because of the depth and breadth of articles provided and the way it invites comments from across the gaming community. Its a really good first stop for people new (and not so new) to gaming as it links to a wide range of sources.

Milambers Painting Blog
Great pictures of various WHFB models this guy works on, including some excellent modified figures and models. Solid read.

Starving Crazed Weasels
Found this one a few days ago and really enjoyed reading through it. Its a collaborative effort by a group of gamers who seem to really enjoy what they do - which is the whole point isn't it. Some good battle reports with images etc and nice insights into how each guy uses their particular army.

Bell of Lost Souls
This site is dedicated to Warhammer 40K which I don't play but has some absolutely outstanding discussions about tactics, modelling and painting that are useful to anyone no matter what gaming system they play. There are some discussions regarding WHFB but it is mainly 40k. However, I do recommend it as it goes way beyond what most blogs do in terms of the depth of its content.

Harbringer of Chaos
The WHFB site of my current local nemesis Toshi, reviews his Chaos army and again offers some good insights into how he plays, his tactics and the units he uses.

Other Blogs

Lonely Gamers
Not a Warmachine or WHFB blog but one dedicated to general miniature wargaming notably Napoleonic and Ancients stuff (which I used to play). Lots of good articles on a variety of subjects.

I think thats all of them.... if i missed any leave a comment for me :)

Oh and finally, to those of you who follow my little Blog I would like to offer a big thank you hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to leave your comments I always keen on feedback


Pressganger Quixotic said...

I follow your Blog and have it linked off of my own WARMACHINE Blog. Thanks for offering a few other good Blog links!

John said...

Cheers mate much appreciated :)

Darth Weasel said...

Appreciate the kind words. And fun is the key. I had to laugh. Rick (Space Monkey) and Ken were arguing (I use the word loosely...very friendly) a bit in the last game...Rick arguing his cannon did NOT hit the Dark Elves and Ken arguing it DID. So they kept rolling d6 to see if it hit or not.

In other words, each guy was so intent on making sure the opponent enjoyed the game that he argued for his own disadvantage. I am very fortunate to have guys like that to game with!