January 15, 2009

Warmachine Campaign Report

Campaign Week 1

We played the first round of our campaign tonight which saw five armies pitted against each other with everyone playing at least 2 games. Armies were:
  • Everblight (Raymond)
  • Everblight (Henk)
  • Khador (Toshi)
  • Skorn (Stephen)
  • Menoth (Me)
Round 1
To start we used the campaign rules to allocate territories and see if anyone got an army point bonus which everyone but Toshi did, giving us all 375pts for our first games. Initial match ups were between:
  • Menoth vs. Skorn
  • Everblight vs. Everblight
The initial Everblight contest was fairly brutal but in the end one-sided as Hank has been using his army for a while now, and Raymond has only just started. Even so both sides came close to losing in the initial stages particularly as the 10 minute Steamroller turn time limits made things difficult (for Hank especially). Result solid victory to Hank who stomped on Raymond's Warcaster.

Menoth vs. Skorn
I was pretty confident going into this game as I had played Stephen before and swept him aside quite easily and as I knew what units he would have. I fielded a slightly different mix of units this time round fielding:
  • Kreoss
  • Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
  • Eiryss
  • Wracks (3)
  • Choir (5)
  • Devout
  • Redeemer
  • Rupert Cavalo
Initial plan was to use sneak Eiryss round the back of the Skorn army and snipe away at his warcaster and solo units, particularly Darton Vilmoth. The Wracks would give me a useful Focus bonus at critical times and the Zealots and Redeemer would go straight for the caster kill. Things didn't start well when Eiryss was chopped down in Turn 2, and while I got the Skorn caster into combat surrounded by Zealots and with the Redeemer in range I made some bad, and ultimately fatal mistakes. First up, I used the Monolith Bearers special ability (it makes Zealots invulnerable) to early - it would have been better in combat after the Skorn caster was knocked down. But the kicker was dropping Kreoss's feat and then forgetting to activate the Zealots while the Skorn caster was down and helpless.

However, the game could have still gone my way with only Kreoss and the Choir left it came down to a 1v1 caster fight with only a single missed melee attack stopping Kreoss from crushing his Skorn opponent. End result a close and well fought victory to Skorn.

Round 2
This round saw me sit out but take an additional 25 point army bonus into the next round giving me 400pts for my second game, in hindsight I should have taken another territory. The match ups for this round were:
  • Everblight (Raymond) vs. Khador
  • Everblight (Henk) vs. Skorn

Everblight vs. Khador
I have to admit I thought this was going to be very one-sided. Toshi uses his armies extremely well in both WHFB and Warmachine, is to my mind the best tactician in our group (I am sadly way down the list, as my results tend to prove), and nows how to get the best combos out of his army lists. Raymond on the other hand was playing his 6th ever game with a somewhat limited force.

Turn 1 went to Raymond who advanced quickly taking position on large hill that dominated the centre of the battlefield is primary Warbeast at the front. Toshi countered was advancing forward using his defensive spells to great effect to protect himself in the next round when combat was sure to start.

Turn 2 this is where it got really 'interesting'. Raymond directs all of his Everblight attacks at the Khador warcaster who is (strangely) out in the open. The first attack a breath weapon from his Warbeast needs a double 6 to hit - Raymond rolled a double 6 - then with boosted damage seriously hurt Khadors caster. After that it just got worse for Khador. Several more attacks followed and in the space of 18 minutes (from match start) the Everblight force managed to literally blast apart Khadors caster. It was the fastest victory I have ever seen, and the first time I have ever seen Toshi gone down that badly. Great victory to Raymond.

Everblight vs. Skorn
Slightly different list for Everblight in this one with a large unit of Swordsmen taking part. Unfortunately I didn't follow this one as closely so can't really comment on what happened. However, it was in the end a close victory to Everblight.

[From Raymond] Last turn, Henk's Strider Death Stalker had a powerful hit to Stevens 'Caster, which got transferred, leaving him with zero fury. Then Henk sent in Rhyss (Ii think it was Rhyss), and ripped him a new one so to speak.

Round 3
Only time for 1 more match for the night, and that only because of Raymonds impressively quick victory against Toshi's Khador. This time it was me facing him down. My list for this match was slightly different from my first game with the following units:
  • Kreoss
  • Rupert Cavalo
  • Eiryss
  • Choir (4)
  • Castigator
  • Redeemer
  • Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
I don't remember having a plan for this, and unfortunately for me Toshi did. It involved charging straight at Kreoss freezing him and everyone around him with his casters Feat and then smashing me into little pieces. While my Zealots were again reasonably effective I was unable to use any of Kreoss's abilities after my first turn. Why? Well because he and the majority of my army remained frozen for almost the entire match by the Khador casters feat and a series of critical hits which kept Kreoss frozen, unable to allocate focus, fight or cast spells. My only chance to save the game was with Eiryss but I failed to take it and instead of shooting a Disruptor Bolt at the Khador caster ending her ability to use focus (and keep Kreoss frozen) I used her to kill Alana and Holt instead. An incredibly frustrating game which showed just how important it is to know your armies abilities.

Final thoughts
I have to admit I was very dispirited after last night. My record speaks for itself with a huge number of loses in WHFB and Warmachine just showing up problems with my tactics and army composition. Once again I mis-managed Kreoss's feat although my use of the Choir and other units was better. I also kept him to far back instead of charging in full tilt. As a predominantly melee army Menoth has to get stuck in quickly. Still I have a week to get some research done on tactics to use against Hordes armies and Khador to get the results turned around.

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Binz said...

Personally, i thought you did relatively well. Although you werent able to secure a victory, i think a couple of things going differently with you vs stephen would have ended up with a win for yourself.

Against me, i was being a bit harsh by abusing Sorcha's freezing attacks, but like i said i was angry at myself for losing against raymond the previous round :D

Sorcha was on Def 22 - i had figured she was nigh invulnerable at that point so wasnt worried at all :)

Nice write up of the matches - ill post something similar from what i remember on mine.