January 14, 2009

Completed Painting [Warhammer]

WHFB Dwarfs

The Christmas break also allowed me to finish off my Dwarf Gyrocopter which had been sitting around for months unassembled. The GF9 pinning kit I purchased for Warmachine allowed me to pin all of the pieces together and finally put it into one piece. The arrival of my Dwarf Lord w. Shieldbearers from Maelstrom Games also allowed me to complete the one piece I needed to finish my Dwarf army - I now officially do NOT need anymore Dwarf figures. For some reason I couldn't lighten the images of the Dwarf Lord, but they are still kind of OK. Again pictures should all expand when clicked on, but you'll need to zoom in for a better view.

Gyrocopter (base is modelling plaster, still some touch ups needed)

Dwarf Lord [will flock the base tonight]

Dwarf Lord [bases held together by single magnetic strip]


Binz said...

Hahahah awesome!!!

Dwarf lord SOOOOOOO looks like Vitalstatistix off Asterix :)

John said...