January 14, 2009

Current painting Projects [Warhammer]

Work in Progress

As you can see from the right hand column of my blog I have a HUGE painting & assembly backlog, not helped by my decision to completely repaint ALL of my High Elves in order to get a better looking themed tournament ready army. With the addition of the Dragon Lord that army is also now complete with only painting to be done and 1 unit of Dragon Princes to be assembled.

Anyway the following are pictures of my High Elf army as it currently looks and my current project a unit of Swordmasters which I aim to finish this week. I have to thank my wife for her help with the Swordmaster's she suggested the yellow trim and the black for the helmet plumes which is far better than what I had originally (pink trim/yellow plumes)

High Elf Army

Swordmasters [only the 3 front left are complete]

Swordmasters [This colour scheme will be adopted by entire High Elf army]


Also assembled a test unit of Vampire Count Skeletons and have to say they are simply fantastic. A little tricky to put together but the new look is great and far more realistic, and the kits give you a lot of variability. This is the ONLY unit for my Vampire Counts that I will be assembling until my current backlog is finished. No painting either :)

Vampire Count Skeletons Unit Box

Bases for all of these units are magnetized for easy transport and storage. With the new plastic Vampire Counts stuff that makes them incredibly easy to move around. Stick on magnets are cheap as well, can get a sheet of 100 off Trade Me for $7.50

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