January 5, 2009

Holiday News

Well i'm back from a very nice 2-week break from work, going to be extremely busy over next few months so I got as much painting etc done as I possibly could over the Christmas/New Year period despite all the family trips etc.

First up my painting/assembly backlog has been cut down considerably at least for Warmachine, but my backlog for Warhammer has increased *sigh*. Over the holidays I managed to finish a lot of my Protectorate of Menoth stuff including a whole range of new models that arrived on Christmas Eve would you believe. Anyway, over Christmas I managed to complete the following:

  • Epic Feora
  • Exemplars Errant (8)
  • Juvian Rhoven & Honor Guard
  • Zealots (8)
  • Monolith Bearer
  • Wracks (3)
  • Rupert Cavalo
  • Severius
  • Avatar of Menoth - assembled
  • Redeemer - assembled
Also made a start on assembling and painting a number of my Warhammer pieces that have been sitting around for a long time now, and a couple more that arrived in the mail:
  • Dwarf Warriors (32) - assembled & undercoated
  • Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers - completed
  • Dwarf Gyrocopter - completed
  • HE Silver Helms - assembled
  • VC Skeletons (10) - assembled and undercoated

Still have a huge backlog to get through, particularly as I have decided to start collecting a new WHFB army (more on that later). However, my Protectorate of Menoth collection is now complete and I dont plan on adding to it anymore, at least not for a while.

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