January 5, 2009

Holiday painting efforts

As I said I completed a whole range of models etc over the break, ill start posting pictures here over next few days. Ill be updating the posts as well as I get better pictures of each model.

First up we have an Idrian Skirmisher, one of my early test models for this unit, and my first completed home built terrain forest piece.

The Captain for the Exemplars Errant is next. I struggled with the paint scheme for these guys and finally settled on Liche Purple highlighted with Warlock Purple armour and metallic edging. All up I think it worked well particularly the highlighting of the armour.

Lastly we have Jhuven's bodyguard, again in the purple colour scheme I have decided to adopt for the majority of the 'elite' Protectorate units. The remaining infantry units are all getting a colouring of red/grey rather than red/white, with the Deliverers and Zealots the first to benefit. Photos of them to follow soon.
Completing the Forests
As you can see from the pictures I also finished the forest pieces I posted about a few weeks back in my terrain making tutorial. Finishing them off was relatively easy and involved the following steps.
I removed each tree from the base it was originally built on, clipping the excess wire, and leaving only the plaster stump. This was then glued using standard PVA to a piece of cardboard cut out to a nice shape.
The foliage made from standard foam was soaked overnight in Green food colouring, make sure you wear rubber gloves as it is a bugger to get off your hands (and clothes). This soaked the green right the way through. After that I just painted each wedge of foam using Dark Angels Green. A nice big rough brush is best. The paint just goes on easy and dries really quick.
Just the normal flocking process here, although I used two different types of green grass type floak one a little fluffier than the other to get a better look to it.
Tree Trunks
Undercoated in Scorched Brown - Ill highlight them with other browns over the next few weeks. Found a great article in White Dwarf on how to paint tree trunks which Im using as a guide, it was from an article of LoTR about a year back.

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