January 30, 2009

How your collection grows 'or' I've spent how much!!?!

Re-read a couple of my first posts on this blog and found the following list of units etc I had in my fledging Dwarf army way back in July 2008. It seemed a lot back then...
  • 4 Lords
  • 1 Master Engineer
  • 1 Runesmith
  • 96 Warriors
  • 3 Longbeards
  • 38 Quarrellers
  • 20 Thunderers
  • 4 Cannons
  • 1 Bolt Thrower
  • 1 Gyrocopter
My collection has 'definately' grown since then and off the top of my head now contains...
  • 1 Lord w. Shield bearers
  • 6 Other Lord figures
  • 2 Master Engineers
  • 3 Runesmiths
  • 18 Hammerers
  • 152 Warriors
  • 10 Long Drong Pirate Slayers
  • 4 BoSP Slayers
  • 3 Longbeards
  • 28 Miners
  • 38 Quarrellers
  • 32 Thunderers
  • 5 Cannons
  • 2 Bolt Throwers
  • 2 Organ Guns
  • 1 Grudge Thrower
  • 1 Gyrocopter
I don't have any Ironbreakers as I simply proxy standard Warriors in friendly games and have no intention of buying them. The collection itself is now largely complete although a Flame Cannon and a proper Anvil of Doom (I use one made out of craft materials) would be nice they are not on the buying agenda. Another Gyrocopter would be cool as well now that I know how to put the things together. All I can say is thank God for TradeMe picking up a full unit of Warriors for $10-12 is a hell of a lot better than paying full price for the things.


Darth Weasel said...

In practice, how useful are the Rune Lords?

John said...

Pretty good as they allow you to take more runic items, however I only use them in large games say 2000+ points. Below that I just take a couple of Runesmiths.

In fact for games under 1000pts a Runesmith is the first and only Hero character I take. Unless I'm fighting a non-magic race.