January 8, 2009

Latest Addition & some thoughts on painting

My High Elf Dragon arrived in the post yesterday along with the accompanying Archmage. Going to modify a couple of bits I have so I can put a Noble/Prince figure on it as well. With the addition of the Dragon my High Elf and Dwarf Warhammer armies are now complete and I can get onto finishing up all of the movement trays and bases to get the overall army themes looking right.

First up is a new colour scheme for the Elves which will be very similar, identical in fact, to the one I used for my Menoth Exemplars Errant. Going to require me to repaint all of my Spearmen, Phoenix Guard etc but shouldnt be that big a problem.

One thing I have noticed is the HUGE difference between the quality of my painting since I first started wargaming about this time last year and what I produce now, ABSOLUTELY NO where near close to 'Evy Metal team standard but its getting better :)

This is the first batch of Spearmen I did (out of 2) basic single colour shields, chain mail armour and helmets, flat white surcoats, plain elf flesh skin colouring, and bleached bone spear shafts. Nothing outstanding at all, but still presentable.

Later I went a wee bit further with my Phoenix Guard, using Chestnut Ink on the Helmets and parts of the armour to highlight the gold areas. The cloaks also got a flame pattern on the base in scab red, blood red, blazing orange and sunburst yellow. But again no real shading on the cloaks. Comparing these white cloaks to those of my Protectorate of Menoth stuff just shows the difference a few months experience and experimentation can make.

Kreoss was my first go at shading a white area, as well as metallics. I used a combination of Boltgun Metal, Chainmail and Mithril Silver on the armour, and Bleached bone and Skull White on the robe.

Amon Ad-Raza was a bit more detailed, notably the skin which was really well defined on the model and gave me a chance to put a lot of detail into it.

This Choir Acolyte was my first real attempt to get into shading and highlighting, particularly around the base of the robe where I wanted to give it a muddy and stained look. I was also particularly pleased with the colouring on the scroll, just a pity I didnt note down what I did because I havent been able to duplicate it on my other acolyte figures.

My original unit of High Elf Spearmen was the first unit I ever painted and it shows, particularly when you compare it to the other figures discussed above. Repainting them to complete my High Elf army will hopefully rectify that.

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