January 14, 2009

More completed painting projects [Warmachine]

Protectorate of Menoth

After my Christmas/New Years efforts I only have 3 uncompleted Warmachine models left now an Avatar, a Redeemer and a Heirophant and my Protectorate army is now pretty much complete. Or rather its as complete as my budget allows for as I don't intend to purchase anymore units or solos for it. Anyway I finished most of the following units prior to the Christmas break. The photos should all expand out.

Epic Feora

Epic Feora

Daughters of Flame Captain

Daughters of Flame

Castigator Heavy Warjack

Castigator Heavy Warjack

Castigator Warjack's Flamefists

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Binz said...

I LOVE eFeora. Very nice painting work there!!