January 5, 2009

New Warhammer army - Vampire Counts

Nice little present from my wife over Christmas was the new Vampire Counts army book. Its a huge improvement over the old army list with the reworked Vampire powers giving you some awesome combinations. Every Vampire is now a Lvl 1 Wizard, they can use any of the Vampiric powers now - as the family designations have been removed - and the new Blood Knights Vampire Heavy Cavalry is just brutal.

Already purchased a unit box of Skeletons which I have finished assembling and undercoating, and have the following items on order from Maelstrom Games in the UK, should arrive soon.

  • VC Battalion Box
  • VC Lord x2
  • VC Grave Guard Unit Box
  • VC Dire Wolves Unit Box

Also collected a couple of items of TradeMe as well, old edition copies of a Wight King and a Necromancer along with a High Elf Lord on a Dragon to round out my HE Army.

1 comment:

Sigmar said...

There's also some much variety in the army design now. Especially thanks to the Vampiric powers.

My personal favourites are:-

Master of the Black Arts with Dark Acolyte and Lord of Undead - nice :)

Get used to taking 15 power dice into battle ;)

Vamps are definitely my favourite army. The only drawback... the games can take quite a lot longer to play if you're playing for a decisive victory one way or another rather than for a set number of turns.

Catch you later,