January 14, 2009

New Years Gaming Resolutions

Never kept a New Years resolution in my life, but ill see if these stick (Click here for resolutions from other gamers)

  • No more new games
  • Do not assemble or even unpack my Vampire Counts until my Dwarf and High Elf painting & assembly backlog is complete
  • Finish my Dwarf & High Elf painting & assembly backlog
  • Enter at least one WHFB tournament this year
  • Get the shelves up in my gaming room so I can store my stuff properly and my wife wont get so annoyed with the mess
  • Crush Toshi's WHFB Chaos's army beneath the boots of my Dwarfs
  • Do some more work on my WHFB Dwarven army history project blog, Karak Thorinkin


Binz said...

Hahaha nice!

Good luck with number 6, youll need it :)

(Although those last two games were a bit scary :S)

John said...

We'll see mate i have entries in Karak Thorinkins Book of Grudges that need seeing too