January 29, 2009

Unit Spotlight [Warmachine]

Visgoth Rhoven & Exemplar BodyGuards
Protectorate of Menoth Legends Unit

The Official Picture

Key Unit Properties
Point Cost: 71
FA: Unique
VP: 3

MAT: 8
DEF: 16
ARM: 15-21
P+S: 12 (Weapon Master) w. 2" Reach & attacks that cause FIRE / Rhovens causes Critical Stagger

This was the first of the new Legends units I purchased following their release near the end of last year. Classed as a unique unit I have only really used them in my last 3 games but have found them to be first rate and well worth the points.

Unit Overview
While 71 points for 3 models seems a bit much their special and standard abilities more than make up for it. For a start each bodyguard has 8 damage boxes while Rhoven himself has 5. This means in terms of your basic points:damage box ratio they offer you greater value than a unit of 6 Exemplars, or a full unit of Zealots or equivalent infantry. Sure you can get a Devout at 67 points with its Warjack abilities and a higher point:damage box ratio but there are some advantages to fielding these guys.

First up they are powerful in their own right. The Bodyguards are standard Exemplars with MAT 8 meaning they can hit most units on an average roll, and with Weapon Master can dish out good damage. Add in the special ability of Rhoven that sees any attack by a friendly model within 3" of him cause FIRE and theoretically your looking at 4 POW 12 attacks per model (2 with Halberd, and 2 with FIRE). Rhovens critical stagger ability also means you can pound on an enemy unit for a round and prevent him from hitting you back for as long as Rhoven can hit him.

Other bonuses. Rhovens 'Menoths Sight' removes incorporeal, invisibility and stealth from enemy models meaning you can target some of the sneakier critters and merc solos around, i.e., use Menoth Sight then have a unit of Deliverers or a Redeemer blast the affected model. 'Sanctuary' is also a better than average WARD type ability affecting not only spells but animi as well.

However, for the infantry strong Protectorate army the ability 'Creators Mercy' is definately a bonus. Every time Rhoven or his mates kill an enemy model the enemy takes a CMD check, if they fail you get to add one non-leader model to a friendly Zealot, Deliverer or Temple Flameguard unit. Send these guys out to kill the weaker enemy units and have them strengthen your other guys at the same time.

My painting attempt with Rhoven's Bodyguards

My Experiences
I've used these guys in my last 2/3 of my last campaign matches against Khador and Everblight. In relation to Khador they are the equivalent of their Great Bears of Gallowsword, although with (what I think) are a better mix of unit abilities. Going toe-to-toe with the Great Bears Rhoven and his Bodyguard went extremely well and were more than a match. Just some poor tactical decision making on my part stopped me from getting a unit kill in, although the model kills they made did allow me to bolster my Zealots at an opportune time.

Against Everblight the worked even better almost taking down a Carnivean by themselves (the Zealots helped out a little with a couple of POW 14 direct hits). Their shared ARM 21 + large amount of damage boxes meant the survived several rounds of combat and a number of dangerous ranged attacks. In terms of that particular game they were without doubt my MVPs for the match.

Final Thoughts
These guys like Zealots with a Monolith Bearer are, to my mind, a must have unit in any list. However, I would suggest that this is more applicable to lists of 500pts+ as at 350pt you would have to make some trade-offs regarding other key units, e.g., Light Warjacks, Choir in order to take them.

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