January 23, 2009

Warmachine Battle Report [Campaign Wk 2]

Protectorate of Menoth vs. Everblight (350pts)

Finally completed the maps from my campaign match against Raymonds Everblight. So I thought I would re-do the report for that particular battle in a bit more detail [Click here for Original]

*** The Everblight perspective on the battle is in italics - thanks to Raymond for providing it***

Round 1 - Menoth moves first
Basically this round was about getting close to the enemy. The Wracks in the forest prevented Raymond from outflanking me as he became worried about (a) their ability to cause Terror, and more importantly (b) the fact that they blow up 50% of the time when you leech focus off them. POW 15 damage roll with a 5" AOE is not to be laughed at, especially for only 5 points per Wrack.

Outside of running the Errants and the Zealots the only other moves/orders I made during this activation were: Severius casting Vision on himself and Ward, the Choir chanting Ward, and Rupert singing March to boost the Exemplars movement range and give them pathfinder. Raymond countered by charging the Swordsmen and Carnivean at the Zealots and using his Shredders to take down half of the Knights unit. His death stalker also took some pot shots at the Zealots, and the first round ended with my losing 2 Zealots and 3 Exemplars. However, this didnt bother me a jot as it meant the Exemplars gained +2 STR & +2 POW for rest of game.

[The Everblight Perspective]
I was abit scared of the share number of units on Johns side of the table, this being my first rumble against an infantry based one, not to mention the synergy of buffs Menoth is famous for.

Turn 1 - Menoth
John cut off my initial plan by planting his wracks on both sides of the board, which stopped my plan of holding back turn 1 while he moved up, then charging through the side and flanking him hard in the side. I had seen the zealots against toshi the previous week, so with them boosting up the middle i was concerned about their bombing. The knights running into trees i wasn't concerned with too much as my guys love killing things in forests.

Turn 1 - Everblight
My StriderDS is amazing for popping off units, i adore her for it. She didn't let me down and popped 2 off straight away. Apart from that is was a standard move up and get ready to lay the pain next round, fully buffed the front line w/ tenacity due to extra fury.

Round 2 - Oh look my Zealots are invulnerable
The round of greater destiny!!! This is where I put the hurt on Raymond. The Monolith Bearer chanted greater destiny making the Zealots invulnerable, the Priest chanted Holy Fervour giving them +2 to attack and damage rolls and they went straight at the Swordsmen. The invulnerable ability meant I could move them straight through to the rear of the Everblight unit without worrying about free strikes and past the Carnivean as well. Firebombs from the rear Zealots took care of those Swordsmen in melee range of the front rank who in turn took care of the remaining Swordsmen, although 1 managed to survive.

Rupert sang for the Knights boosting their attack rolls and they charged the Shredders, or at least 2 of them did as they 3rd was too far back in the forest. Severius and the Choir kept up their magical protection of themselves, Ward chanted on the Devout and Vision upkept on Severius. A couple of firebombs were also thrown at the Carnivean causing minor damage. Raymonds' come back was weakened to say the least a single Knight was killed further boosting the Warder who now had +4STR & +4ARM, and the invulnerability of the Zealots meant his remaining units couldnt do anything except sit still.

[The Everblight Perspective]
Turn 2 - Menoth
Oh my god, things that cant be killed I got hit hard, all but 1 swordsman left, all warbeasts taking some points of damage each.

Turn 2 - Raymond
I was a bit thirsty for revenge but I had the problem of an invincible unit in the middle of the field. Again my StriderDS stared by shooting across the front line and picked off 2 knights, buffing Johns others, but weakening his overall offensive front. Not a fun round to be on the receiving end of.

Round 3 - Everblight dishes out the pain
Greater destiny can't last forever but it did its job and this round the Zealots finished off the Swordsman and the Forsaken before charging at Lilith and the her protecting Shredder, or at least those not in melee with the Carnivean did. Fire bombs at Lilith caused minor damage as did the attacks on the Carnivean. On the left the Knights kept hitting away at the Shredders but MISSED sparing one of them from being splattered by their boosted STR 16 attacks, but stomping on the other one. Severius also leeched the focus off his 2 Wracks which promptly blew up and with 11 Focus (8 starting +1 for campaign event bonus +2 for Wracks) proceeded to throw spells around the board, although to little effect as he was agonisely out of range.

With the Zealots now vulnerable the Devout also charged the Carnivean to prevent it getting at Severius and the Round ended with Raymond killing off a couple of Zealots and one more Knight.

[The Everblight Perspective]
Turn 3 - Menoth
The pain got dished again, first my swordsman getting finished off (2VP) then to top it off my forsaken (1VP) got nuked before she could move up into range of Johns leader and pop her 5 fury Blight Cloud.

Turn 3 - Everblight
I think i used my feat this turn, extra dice on all attacks. This was my time to hit things hard. Carny finished off the zealots around him, a shredder minced one, StriderDS again took a couple more down.

Round 4 - Final throw of the dice
This turned out to be the last turn for each of us as our 90 minute campaign time limit expired just as Raymond was activating Lilith (more on that in a bit). The round started badly for me. The Warder missed the remaining Shredder and was subsequently cut-down, the Devout did no damage on the Carnivean and the remaining Zealots only scored a few small hits on Lilith.

Raymond countered by wiping out the remaining Zealots and Monolith Bearer and the Warder leaving Severius all alone with only a Choir, Rupert Cavalo and his Heirophant between him, 2 Shredders and Lilith. Raymond then set himself to use his nasty spell - something 'Spines' (I forget what it is), but time run out before he could get settled and by mutual agreement we ended the game without him completing his activation.

[The Everblight Perspective]
Turn 4 - Menoth
I have no idea how i survived this turn. Everything got hit, but just not enough to go past the point of no return. I was lucky John didn't manage to set my Carny on fire, that would have been very ouchy, or damaged him enough to affect his next turn w/ the Devout.

Turn 4 - Everblight
StriderDS popped the another couple including the last zealot guy (VPs) and the Monolith Bearer (VPs). Shredders finished off the knights(VPs). I was lucky enough to bond Carny last game with Sick Em, so i had fully boosted attacks on the Devout, destroying his poleaxe but not enough damage to get rid of it completely. Then it was time for Lylith to go to work, unfortunately the buzzer sounded before i could try and hurt things.

End Result of the match was a VERY VERY close victory to Everblight 5 VP to 4 with the death of the Knights Exemplar Leader proving the deciding point. If he hadnt missed the Shredder and had killed it that would have flipped the scores around. While a loss on VP neither of us were sure who would have one. Raymonds chosen final tactic would have been brutal and would have most likely destroyed the Choir and Rupert. However, Severius should have been able to take on a weakened Lilith and maybe kill her before the Carnivean overwhelmed the Devout. But we will never know. After reading Raymond's comments the voice of hindsight tells me that I should have taken out the Deathstalker instead of leaving it alone. I thought that because it wasnt moving it wasnt a threat, but it nearly wiped out my Exemplars single handed.

[The Everblight Perspective]
My basic plan was to hit and hopefully not kill Rupert, then dropping an Eruption of spines on him, which hopefully would have hurt everyone in that little group quite hard, depending on damage and because of the extra fury, i may have done it a second time, else i would have left the 3 fury on me to transfer next round.

So all in all a great match, i learnt alot from it. Kinda glad it finished where it did, as I wasn't in a strong position to receive much fury next turn, and only 2 shredders between Johns force and Lylth. My MVP is StriderDS, killed 5 zealots, 2 knights and the monolith bearer, i mean what can i say, not shabby for 30 points.

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