January 22, 2009

Warmachine Campaign Report

Campaign Week 2

Couple of changes to the line up for Rounds 4 & 5 of the campaign this week, with Stephen and Hank unable to make it and Richard stepping in. Once again Hordes dominated the line up. We really need to get some more Warmachine players involved - damn Hordes!!! Line up was:

  • Orboros (Richard)
  • Everblight (Raymond)
  • Menoth (Myself)
  • Khador (Toshi)
Minor change to the game play this week as well as the Warjack bonds from last weeks match ups were now available for use. Toshi had also purchased some good sized pieces of MDF to act as gaming tables so we had a nice solid surface to work on, and we used the Campaign special rules for the first time.

Round 4
The special rules for this round saw everyones warcasters etc undergo spiritual training and gain +1 Focus/Fury for the round with the corresponding increase to their control area. Match up's were:
  • Orboros vs. Khador
  • Everblight vs. Menoth
I can't offer much commentary on the Orboros vs. Khador match but do know that it ended with time up on the clock in a close fought draw. Judging by the amount of noise coming from each side of the table it was an intense match up. Against Raymonds Everblight things were just as tense and hard fought. This particular battle saw the following army lists matched against eachother (hope I spelt the Everblight names correctly).

Protectorate of Menoth
  • Severius
  • Heirophant
  • Devout
  • Wrack
  • Wrack
  • Choir (4)
  • Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
  • Knights Exemplar (6)
  • Rupert Cavalo
  • Lilith
  • Carnevereon
  • Shredders (3)
  • Death Stalker
  • Blighted Swordsmen (6)
  • Forsaken
I won the deployment roll and set up first. Terrain was fairly light with two forests on the edges of the board almost exactly on half way, and a small section of wall in the Everblight deployment zone. With deployment I adopted a couple of tactics I found on the Privateer Press forums with the Zealots in a T formation - Priest and Monolith Bearer at the back. Rupert went with the Zealots to give them 'March' and create a nasty surprise for Raymond, and the Wracks went into the forests to foil any flanking moves.

Initial Deployment - Menoth at bottom of picture

My plan was relatively simple, charge straight up the middle and get within range of Lilith with my Zealots with the Exemplars clearing a path through the Shredders & Swordsmen. Rupert singing March gave the Knights Pathfinder and an extra 2" movement allowing them to run 12" in the first turn straight at the forest on the left. The Zealots also ran 12" right up the middle.

2nd round of the match saw the Carnevereon advance up the middle and the Swordsmen, Shredders and Forsaken head toward Menoths left flank, but no real action. Severius & the Choir kept Ward up on the Devout and the Zealots protecting them from spells, and Severius had Vision going on himself almost the entire game to nullify the first hit against him. With the Zealots in the middle of the board and Everblights units in range it was time to drop the Monolith Bearers special action, make them all invulnerable and charge full tilt.

The battle from there went largely my way with the Zealots and Knights laying waste to the Swordsmen and the Forsaken. The Shredders fared better though taking down most of the Knights (Raymond was using them really well) but giving the remaining Warder +5 Str & +5 ARM through Bond of Brotherhood giving him ARM 21 and P+S 16 weapon striking at MAT 8 - simply awesome. A series of strikes against the Carny beast failed, and it was Everblights turn to chew up the Zealots and advance toward me.

By this stage things were getting tense. Most of the Everblight army was dead with the exception of the Carny beast, 2 weakened shredders, the Death Stalker and Lilith. Severius had leached the 2 focus off the Wracks and had 11 for his next turn and started flinging Immolation spells at the Carny beastie. However, Everblight turned things around with the Carny beastie stomping on the Zealots and the Shredders finishing off the Knights - Raymonds use of Fury etc here was really good giving him good boosted rolls against the Knights. However, it didnt go all Raymonds way as the Devout charged the Carny and while unable to damage him held him up and kept him out of the fight. But this did leave Lilith free to run up the left flank and get ready to take pot shots at Severius protected only by Rupert and the Choir. With Raymond about to unleash the Blight spell (or whatever the really nasty one is called) we ran out of time.

Tallying up the victory points it came to Everblight 5 and Menoth 4 so a very close and very hard fought victory to Raymond. Neither of us was really sure what would have happened if we had had time to play one more turn each. Either way it was an absolutely awesome game, thoroughly enjoyable especially for only 350pts. Raymonds unique and pretty cool Green/Orange colour scheme on his Everblight also made it a good looking battle as well.

Round 5
In this match I was up against Toshi's Khador (again) and not looking forward to it. At the last minute I ditched my original idea for an army list and decided to experiment taking the following:
  • Kreoss
  • Knights Exemplar (6)
  • Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
  • Rhoven + Bodyguards
Basically I ran full tilt straight at Toshi's caster and straight at Beast 09 and his new unit the Greatbears of Gallowsword. End result the Zealots got chewed up by Beast. The Knights and Rhoven etc got bogged down attacking the Greatbears and then died, and eventually Beast charged into Kreoss (freezing him - I freaking hate that special ability) and killed him 2 rounds later.

Final thoughts
Ok I lost both games (again) but the first one was incredibly close and I do believe I would have won that one in the end. The tactics with the Zealots worked really well, and the Knights were just awesome. I have already made up my mind to order another unit of each so I can field two lots and really put the hurt on people. The lose against Toshi was expected my experiment was really only to try out a couple of units. Better luck next week with 6 players coming along.

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Binz said...

Nice write up John, personally in our game i think you did quite well - i was shocked at the effectiveness of Rhoven and his bodyguards, you should use them much more often. They are a hard nut to crack!!

I had my unknockdownable units that game as well, which is a good counter to Kreoss, so that didnt help you much.

But yes, again, critical freeze is very effective and can ruin a warcasters day!