January 29, 2009

Warmachine Campaign Report (long post)

Campaign Week 3

Home advantage for this week's campaign rounds so I was hoping for some extra positive dice rolls. Five players at my place for tonights games:
  • Khador (Toshi)
  • Everblight (Raymond)
  • Circle (Richard)
  • Skorne (Stephen)
  • Menoth (Myself)
With my dining room table being smaller than regulation size we would have smaller deployment zones, but get into combat far more quickly which promised some exciting matches to come. The guys had all obviously been doing some painting with Toshi's heavy warjacks all complete, Richards Circle army looking absolutely first rate (he is a very good painter - i'll have to grab some pics to post here), and Raymond getting more of his Shredders done in his unique Orange colour scheme.

Round 6
Again we started with the Campaign special events which it was my turn to roll for and in this case we recieved the 'Good Weather' bonus which allowed us to march an additional 100 pts of troops/units along good roads to join our campaign armies. Initial match ups were going to be interesting:
  • Khador (475 pts) vs. Skorne (500 pts)
  • Menoth (450 pts) vs. Everblight (475 pts)
Khador vs. Skorne
I'll get some input from Toshi and Stephen to post here. But from memory it was a Khador victory via caster kill, Toshi fielding Drago and Beast 09 and going berseck through the middle of the Skorne battle line to kill the caster.

Menoth vs. Everblight
Ah the rematch I was looking forward to after the really enjoyable and hard fought game against Raymond in Week 1. The 100pt bonus meant I could field a slightly different unit mix allowing me to bolster the fire causing army list I had generated especially for this match. Raymond however, had an extra 25 pts due to his territory bonus so had a slight advantage there. Army lists for this match were:

Protectorate of Menoth (449 pts/19 VP)
  • Exemplar Kreoss
  • Hierophant
  • Fire of Salvation
  • Wrack
  • Wrack
  • Holy Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
  • Exemplar Knights (6)
  • Juviah Rhoven & Bodyguard (3)
  • Eiryss Mage Hunter of Ios
  • Lilith
  • Carnivean
  • Blighted Swordsmen (6)
  • Deathstalkers (2)
  • Forsaken
  • Shredders (6) [YES '6' SHREDDERS - AGGHHHHH]
The Battleplan
I had a simple plan for beating Raymond this time round, set everyone on fire (Juviah and FoS caused FIRE, and anyone within 3" on Juviah did as well) and as the song says let them BURN M@#@# BURN... well something like that :) My original 350pt list didnt contain the Zealots so having them this turn was definately a bonus. Their invulnerabe special ability (courtesy of the Monolith Bearer) is fantastic and allows you to use the unit to block an entire section of the gaming board. With a Wrack on either flank (they cause terror and explode) and the Zealots in the middle I could pretty much deny any part of the board to the enemy and force him to come to me. This would allow the Exemplars, Juviah and the FoS to get in and do some damage.

So overall plan was to rush the Zealots forward activate 'Sanctuary' making them invulnerable run them through the Everblight battleline and at Lilith. The Exemplars & co would follow up behind and deal to the Shredders and Swordsmen. Eiryss would ran around the back of the Everblight force to hit Lilith in the rear arc and to deal to her if she decided to retreat from the Zealots. The key though was timing the use of Kreoss's feat which would Knockdown every enemy model/unit within 14" and give me automatic hits against them for one round.

The Battle
Deployment was the same as usual. Zealots in a T formation with leaders at back. Exemplars on right flank also in T formation with Eiryss next to them. I didn't forward deploy her as I wanted to keep her back to see where the Deathstalkers would go. FoS stayed with Kreoss to benefit from the bond and Juviah was eveningly spaced between the Knights and the Zealots to give all models within 3" of him FIRE causing attacks.

However, there was a big problem - Raymond's 6 Shredders. These guys are hard to kill, can be used to channel spells, go rabid (i.e., Frenzied), and can use Fury to boost attacks etc making even 1 Shredder dangerous. Raymond also did something very clever in deploying 3 of them out of range of Lilith meaning without her controlling influence the beasts went rabid (or something) automatically and got additional boosts to their attacks. Other than that his deployment followed our first game, Stalkers on the flanks, Carnivean next to Lilith with the remaining 3 Shredders and the Forsaken joining the Swordsmen opposite my Knights.

Initial Rounds
After rushing the center of the board with the Zealots the first combats started with the Knights charging a Shredder, 1 Shredder charging the Zealots along with the Carnivean and a third Shredder and the Swordsmen accepting the charge of Fire of Salvation. In hindsight I should have kept him back. Frustration set in here as the Shredder charged by the Knights stayed alive for nearly the entire game, only dying in the last turn, as the Knights kept missing. This meant the entire unit was effectively out of the game almost until the end.

The Shredders and remaining Deathstalker took out a few of the Zealots. This was fine as it boosted their DEF and ARM, and along with Kreoss's spells they now had +6 ARM and +6 DEF almost every round after that. The Zealots managed to kill one Shredder, cause some direct hits on the Carnivean seriously wounding it, and then rushed Lilith wounding her as well.

Middle Rounds
My memories a bit hazy here. Lilith retreated leaving the remaining Zealots to fight it out with the Shredders and Carnivean. With their invulnerability gone they were systematically chomped to pieces until only 2 Zealots and the Monolith Bearer were left. In the centre Raymonds Swordsmen absolutely brutalised Fire of Salvation turning it into a pile of scrap metal. Although Retribution did allow him to squash 3 or 4 of the Swordsmen before he did so.

Eiryss looped around the back of Lilith, but she promptly shot her down in a single hit destroying yet another element in my strategy. At this point things were very eveningly balanced. FoS was dead, the Zealots were nearly wiped out, Juviah had lost 1 Bodyguard and the Knights were still missing that damn Shredder. However, the Carnivean was seriously hurt as were the remaining Shredders and despite Raymonds best efforts my strongest unit, Juviah was still fighting.

Final Rounds
This is where things started to go well for me as I finally remembered that Kreoss had a feat...


So after using his feat the Carnivean got slaughtered by Juviah, the Shredders were reduced to 2 out of the original 6, the Blighted Swordsmen got destroyed by Kreoss's spells and the Forsaken went as well. The Knights were now free to move with the Shredder (who deserved to live really) finally giving in and with the Carnivean out of the way I was free to move my Knights and Juviah forward to engage Lilith given enough time. However, time was not on my, or Raymonds, side and with only a few minutes to go we started aiming for VP instead of the caster kill. Lilith started flinging missles at Juviah but amazingly failed to damage him. His remaining Shredders chewed up a Zealot, but the majority of my forces were still alive and it looked very good for me as I had only lost FoS, a Wrack and Eiryss.

Tallying up the Victory Points though it got very close, particularly as FoS was worth 4VP on his own. Final tally Menoth 11 VP vs. Everblight 8 VP and a hard fought win to Menoth and my first win of the campaign. Yet again we had another tense, down to the wire, toe-to-toe and extremly enjoyable match. Raymond is most definately a good opponent.

Round 7
Ok my memory is definately empty here as I only remember a couple of things from this round, it finished at 11.30 pm very very late. Match-ups for this round were:
  • Menoth vs. Orboros
  • Khador vs. Everblight
The Campaign Special event saw a dense fog of war descend on the battlefield reducing line of sight for everybody to 8" which made things very difficult, especially for Everblight who were facing a Khador force consisting of Karchev the Terrible and 3 Heavy Warjacks. This resulted in another solid win to Khador - someone really needs to beat him....

Against Orboros I tried something different and went with a new list made up of:
  • Feora
  • Hierophant
  • Blessing of Vengence
  • Castigator
  • Wrack
  • Wrack
  • Choir (4)
  • Eiryss
  • Vassal
This cut down my combat power substantially as I was abandoning the Zealots and Knights in favour of an additional warjack. The match like the first one was tense and hard fought. Richards Orboros had some nasty special abilities that hampered my spell casting and torn apart my Warjacks. Feora's feat set nearly all of his army on fire causing some major damage, but throughout the battle I failed to finish off his units and from memory didn't kill any of them.... WITH ONE EXCEPTION....

With only minutes or seconds to go we got into a Caster vs. Caster punch up with Feora throwing spells and using her Flamethrowers on Baldur. End result, Baldur was destroyed, squashed, burnt to a crisp, reduced to a pile of ash and in the final second (and I do mean the final second of the game) Feora reduced him below zero wounds. However, he was saved by his ability to transfer his damage to his Warbeasts allowing him to survive this last attack and live... its in the rules but I STILL CLAIM THE MORAL VICTORY.... but regardless his burnt and chared body somehow kept on breathing and the game ended with my army wiped out and Baldurs Orboros horde still entact.

Final Score Menoth 3VP vs. Orboros 8 VP and a big win to Orboros....

I STILL CLAIM THE MORAL VICTORY THOUGH --- not that i'm hurting or anything :(

Week 4 next week at Raymonds, and also the first night of our local gaming club for 2009 (unfortunately Ill be in Auckland so can't attend) so Warhammer is back on the agenda now as well...


Binz said...

Hahahaha that was so funny at the end of that last game.

Nice report as always John!

Ive been thinking of a solution to our late nights problem, cutting the time limit for the game from 90mins to 60mins.

But I will discuss this with you at a later date.

Binz said...

Oh and,


on your win. That was a good match. Raymond is now only 1 Territory ahead of you!