February 25, 2009

500pt Border Patrol list [Warhammer]

What the *beep* do I take?

Ok in order to maximise the number of games we play and to make things interesting we are going with 500pt Border Patrol lists at the Club tomorrow night. Border patrol rules are fairly tight but do allow you to depart from the set armybook minimums on core units:

  • 500pts maximum
  • 1 non-character hero costing no more than 125pts
  • At least 1 core unit
  • Only 1 special or rare choice
  • Only 1 warmachine including free choices, e.g., Dwarfs can only take 1 Bolt-thrower
  • No unit to have more than 25 models
  • No more than 4 units
This creates a bit of a dilemma for me as I am committed to playing my High Elves rather than my Dwarfs at the moment. Principally as the High Elves rely upon their Special and Rare choices to do the work. As I will be up against the new Chaos army, Vampire Counts & possibly Empire or Ogres having to go with a single Core or Special choice rely limits me. The 125pt limit on your hero slot also rules out a decent Mage as the base cost for a Lvl 1 is 100pts. So I have worked out a couple of basic alternatives for each of my 3 WHFB armies and will take all 3 with me on the night.

High Elves
Spears x25
Swordmasters x10
TOTAL 498pts

Vampire Counts
TOTAL 478pts

Organ Gun
TOTAL 498pts

In other news I finished my Silver Helms last night, and contrary to what I said in my last post now only have my Dragon Princes AND my Swordmasters Command Group to go with my High Elves. I do need to buy another couple of heros though at least 2 mages and 1 more noble.

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