February 11, 2009

Black Library Books - a good read

For you Warhammer and 40k fans out there, if you haven't already, I would like to recommend the Black Library's collection of fiction novels set in the Warhammer Fantasy World and 40k Universe. I picked up my first one 'Grudge Bearer' a few months back for $5 and it was a good read.

More recently to fit in with my newly acquired Vampire Counts obsession I purchased the single volume edition of the Von Carstein Trilogy. Started reading it last night, and its pretty good as well.

The Dwarf book gave me a few ideas for my other blog and if I can get hold of the other Dwarf ones hopefully that will reignite my enthusiasm for my Dwarf history project. That and a few more games of WHFB instead of Warmachine now that the Club has started up again.

Anyway check out the Black Library collection here

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Mark said...

I haven't read many of the fantasy novels from Black Library, but I do have a number of the 40K books. Gaunt's Ghosts are good, but they make me want to build a Blood Pact Chaos guard legion