February 18, 2009

Building my own terrain - Hills

Making your own hills

I had a go at these the other night and found the whole process incredibly simple and more importantly very very cheap. Was inspired by the work of Simon one of the guys at our local gaming club whose terrain adorns all of the gaming tables and is just fantastic.

What you will need
- Some polystyrene (i.e., from appliance packing stuff)
- Modelling plaster
- Cardboard
- PVA Glue
- Flock
- Scissors
- Knife

Total cost of all this was $0 for the Polystyrene I just grabbed some from the Recycling area at work, the Plaster is $4, the Cardboard $0 - also from recycling, PVA Glue $5, Flock $6 and the Scissors and Knife were just lying around the house anyway.

The modeling plaster is easy to work by hand and dries really quickly so keep the unused stuff in a container.

Basic process
Cut out some pieces of Polystyrene to the required shape, keep it about 3-4cm high and flat on top. Glue it to a piece of carboard that is also cut to shape and bigger than the polystyrene pieces.
Add the modelling plaster around the edges to give it a nice sloped look, to fill in the gaps and to keep it stuck to the cardboard. Put it into the hot water cupboard to dry overnight.

Spray paint it, PVA glue it and then flock and paint. Finished pictures up once I have got them done, Ill complete my trees at the same time.


LC David said...

Nice post....Thank you
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Mark said...

I've found a polystyrene cutter (hot wire)makes for a fast job on shaping, and if the poly is the compressed type, a work over with sandpaper gives a good natural look.

John said...

How much do they set you back? the hot wire cutters that is

Mark said...

Mine was $110 about 10 years back, with replacement wire at $5.00 for 4 metres.