February 11, 2009

A campaign ends, some new additions and bits get finished

First post in a week as I've been away on holiday. Needed a break before I had to start teaching again, new semester began this morning and wouldn't you know it I was scheduled for an 8am class. I just love those, I'm asleep, my students are asleep. They're not paying attention and all I can think about is having a cup of coffee.... well sort of. For the first class of 2009 it went pretty well, small group (as most had dropped out or been held back the previous semester) so it was more informal...

... anyway onto the gaming side of things. Was nice to get online again and see that my hit counter has ticked over a 1000!!! Hooray, so nice to have people visit and the number of hits appears to have gone up quite a lot in the last month or so which has been great. So some news to report....

Latest Protectorate of Menoth figures
Despite promising (or should I say telling) my wife that I had enough stuff and didn't need to buy anymore, I in fact don't and have or rather think I don't have enough and brought some anyway. Latest additions are:

The High Reclaimer

The High Reclaimer. An additional, and somewhat cheaper @ 54 points, Warcaster I used him in one match last week and found in was OK but wasn't overly impressed. However, for times I run an infantry heavy army his feat will come in handy and I was definitely overlooking a couple of tricks to using him properly.

Exemplar Seneschal

Ordered two of these guys after reading about them on Getting Small one of the blogs I follow. Its a unit I had overlooked and I wish now I hadn't as after reading their stat cards they are some seriously scary solos. They will be my next painting project along with my Heirophant (the Avatar and Redeemer will have to wait for a while longer).

Paladin Order of the Wall

Ordered this guy along with the Seneschals also after reading about him on Getting Small although I wasn't reading properly as Cereal John talks about Darton Vilmoth who is a different and highly dangerous kettle of fish. Nevertheless this guy looks fairly good and although he lacks the stats and abilities of the Seneschals will fit quite nicely into a unit of Exemplars. He would also make a decent warcaster bodyguard in conjunction with a Devout. Darton Vilmoth is a must have though, with him and the Seneschals I would be very tempted to fun an all Exemplar army (at 500pts+) along with Kreoss (or Epic Kreoss) and Fire of Salvation.

Final Night of our Warmachine Campaign
We had the fourth and final week of our trial Campaign last Wednesday. I had two matches one against Toshi's Khador which was a 2v1 one, him against me and Raymonds Everblight. Needless to say we beat him but only just 5VP to 4VP (although to be fair Toshi had good reason to be off his game) with my Zealots just chewing through everything. I have some pics but won't load them up or do a battle report as I can't remember any details. I will post some pics of my opponents models though. Last game for me was against Henks Everblight, first match against him for the Campaign. It was going well and I had Feora in a good spot to take out his caster but lack of familiarity with her saw me use her badly rushing her into melee where she was promptly squashed by a Carnivean. End result was a Campaign that was thoroughly enjoyable and that we wil be kicking off again this or next week?!?

Oops I brought some Warhammer stuff as well
I really do suck at keeping New Years Resolutions!!! Added a couple of additional items to my Vampire Counts collection a unit of Spirit Hosts and another Banshee. I nearly relented and started assembling and undercoating Manfred Von Carstein last week but managed to restrain myself. Next purchases for the Vampires will have to be a Varghulf and some more Spirit Hosts.

Finishing off my painting...
I waited until my 2nd night back at home from holiday before getting into painting again, helped ease the pain of NZ losing to Australia in the cricket :( Finished attaching the shields to my Hammerers. Did try to hand paint symbols on the shields but gave up and will put some pre-made GW ones from a Warriors unit box on them instead. Models look a lot better with the shields on. Also did some more work on my High Elf Dragon, which as of now only really needs the basing to be done and the riders seat and its complete (pics up when it is).

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Toshi David said...

Nice as always :)

I will be keen to play against Reclaimer again, was pretty fun pity you didnt get to use your feat!

Yeah was a rough game lol narrow defeat though, on hindsight i should have not brought along that mortar, cost me the game in the end :)