February 4, 2009

Dwarf Hammerers Complete

Royal Bodyguard of Karak Thorinkin

Nice surprise for me my wife did some baking last night so I was able to do some painting - she was busy, I was busy - and rather than do more on the Dragon I finally finished off my favourite Dwarf unit my Hammerers. Along with the Lord w. Shieldbearers they will now form the centre piece of the army of Karak Thorinkin with King Druegar Stromnisson at its head... go the mighty Stumpies.

Little note on the Banner which isnt the normal Hammerers one. I purchased about 10 of these style banners from BitzBox and will be giving them to every one of my Dwarven units to create some uniformity. They will all also be getting the same hand painted symbols on them as well.


Darth Weasel said...

wow, nice work. I like the trim. Are you outlining or just shading?

John said...

Drybrushing for shading effect, banner is outlined though