February 18, 2009

Epic Warmachine Battle Report (Part 1)

Menoth (1500pts) vs. Khador & Orboros (750 pts each)
Man on Man what a game!!!

Inside this post
- Menoth army list
- Menoth army pictures
- Khador army pictures
- Orboros army pictures

Had a truly massive and extremely enjoyable game on Sunday 15th against Toshi's Khador and Richards Circle of Orboros. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten round to writing about it till now so my memory is very hazy. Luckily Toshi has done a great write up on his blog Karchev the Terrible, so I'll content myself with adding the photos and a few missing details from my perspective.

Army List & First thoughts
Awesome stuff, I get 1500pts to play the possibility of taking 2 Epic casters and up to 3 casters in total with enough points to put out all of my key units. First choice I had to make were the caster choices. I quickly discounted Amon Ad-Raza principally as I still haven't figured him out yet. The High Reclaimer was considered as I was planning a big infantry force and his resurrection feat would be helpful. However, I dropped him in favour of adding some of my new solos. Severius with 8 Focus would also have been great but I decided to go with eKreoss and Feora instead. eKreoss would add +1 MAT, RAT & CMD to all of my Exemplar Units including the Seneschals and Rhoven's Bodyguard, and his feat was also damn good. Feora was also a solid choice, eFeora was considered but I dropped her in favour of her normal cousin as I like her feat better. In hindsight adding that third caster would have been a match winner as I could have hung them back as a reserve - at 54 pts the High Reclaimer would have been perfect. From memory my army list for the battle was:

- Heirophant
- Revenger
- Redeemer
- Fire of Salvation (proxied by a normal Crusader)

- Devout
- Castigator
- Reckoner

Avatar of Menoth
Choir (6)
Choir (6)
Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
Paladin Order of the Wall
Exemplar Seneschals (2)
Rhoven & Bodyguard
Knights Exemplar (6)
Daughters of Flame (6)
Temple Flameguard (10) + Unit attachment
Eiryss Mage Hunter of Io
Rupert Cavalo Piper of Ord
Wracks (3)

My deployed battleline

The Right Flank

The Left Flank

Basic thoughts/tactics were to concentrate of Khador and have a few minor units - Flameguard and Daughters of Flame (who I took only because I couldnt fit any Idrians in points wise) hold up the Orboros army. The Avatar of Menoth would also be helpful here supporting those units, with the Vassal giving it some bonuses. 2 of the Wracks were placed opposite the Oboros line as well to further offset its advance, the other on the right flank to cover a gap between a forest and the table edge. However, the limited deployment zone (we used my smal kitchen table) meant I had to spread my battleline out quite a bit which saw eKreoss and his battlegroup move to far out to the left.

The Khador Battleline

Against Khador my priority targets were the Old Witch and her Scrapjack. I wasn't planning on going for anything else. My Jacks would be used either to get in her face or to hold of the rest of the Khador army so the Zealots and Exemplars could get in there and finish her off. Other than the Old Witch (who scared me) the one unit I was VERY worried about was the Iron Fang Pikeman. I had played against the Old Witch IFP combo before and gotten severly mauled. I was hoping here that as this was Toshi's first run with them he might make a few mistakes (it wasnt to be). Timing my feats would also be crucial. Feora's would be great once she was in close but would entail risking here, the aim was to get as much of the Khador army as possible affected. Once they were all on fire eKreoss would pop his and give everyone free hits and extra melee attacks.

The Iron Fang Pikeman

MoW Drakhun & Woldwarden (I think)
Just love the paintjobs Toshi & Richard did on these

Against Orboros I have to be honest and say I didnt have a clue. I have a good set of tactics worked out against Everblight and Skorne, but Orboros are damn difficult to kill which is why I went for the hold them off until I kill Khador idea. Anyway here are the first lot of pictures, ill add some more details of the match in Part 2.

More of Richards Orboros


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Nice pics as always John!

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Anonymous said...

These are great paint jobs! I love your paint scheme for Menoth.

John said...

Thanks Cereal :)