February 18, 2009

Epic Warmachine Battle Report (Part 2)

Menoth (1500pts) vs. Khador & Orboros (750 pts each)
Oh yes, oh bugger, damn I nearly had him, look pretty flames & oh @#&! I died

Inside this post
- Awesome Khador & Orboros Pics
- More Menoth pics
- Stuff on what happened
- Final thoughts

Ok, again I apologise for my hazy memory, Ill let the pictures do the talking and ill add some thoughts in after each one.

First Encounters
Initial match ups were on the centre where some annoying guy called Gudrun the Wanderer who you have to kill TWICE, and he held up my entire battleline (damn reach weapons). On the extreme right my Exemplars marched through the forest with Ruperts help straight into the Manhunters and the Zealots also raced up the middle.

Feora's group advances

Feora's Battlegroup runs into Gudrun

Very little damage was done by Menoth here as Khador and Orboros pounded away at me successfully. I also (not sure why now) advanced Rhoven & my Seneschals to far forward instead of hanging them back and letting the other units take the brunt of the initial attacks.

Daughters of Flame dance around an Orboros Warbeast

On the left the Daughters of Flame bounced their way around the various Orboros Warbeasts hoping to get in close to some of the interesting solos Richard had out that way. The Acrobatic ignore free strikes ability is just too cool not to use. Pity the Daughters are so weak.

Toshi's Khador Scrapjack and Drago

The carnage in the middle
Oh crap here come the Iron Fang Pikeman. Straight up the middle boosted combination attacks on my Warjacks cause around 35-40 points of damage across all of them and more importantly knock them down. Consequently, for the next 2 turns this single unit of Khador infantry effectively took Feoras Battlegroup out of the Battle.

Damn Iron Fang brutalise my Warjacks

Other happenings, where the minor scraps with Orboros and eKreoss's slow and confused wanderings from the left toward Khador. What follows after this is brutal and all lit by the holy fires of Menoth. Unable to do any damage with my now badly hurt Warjacks I rush Feora forward and pop her feat. RESULT - the entire Khador army goes up in flames with the exception of the Old Witch who is just out of range.
Feora pops her feat - result fire tokens everywhere and no more Pikeman

With the Exemplars finally taking out the Khador solos on the right, Eiryss is also free to loop around the back and hit the Witch. But it is the Holy Fire of Menoth that proves the winner here killing over the next two rounds almost every Khador unit it touches - Aliana & Holt go down, the Iron Fang Pikeman are burnt to a crisp (aided here by Feoras casting Blazing Effigy on the Reckoner) and the remaining Khador units are badly hurt.

Close up of Toshis' MoW and the Old Witch

While this is all good for me, it is also quite bad because it has come at a severe cost. In getting to this stage Khador have almost wiped out Feora's Warjacks and forced her to come in range of the Old Witch and on the left Orboros have just done stomping all over (or should I say devouring) the Flameguard, Daughters and the Avatar leaving them free to outflank me.

The Khador/Orboros perspective - about a turn after Feora pops her feat

Orboros begin their rampage

So what happens next?!? Well despite a friendly reminder from Toshi I once again FORGET KREOSS'S FEAT!!!!!!!! AGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!! End result, Feora gets stomped although it takes the Old Witch several boosted attacks and 8 Focus to do it and even then she only just finishes her off. eKreoss who pretty much did nothing the entire game also gets eaten by the Orboros army who undamaged are free to rampage through the Menoth battleline. While the Exemplars and Zealots are still alive without my casters or Warjacks the battle is over with a solid but very close victory to Khador & Orboros.

Final Thoughts
After nearly 5 hours, yes 5 hours, of game play this once again came down to the very last turn with both of my casters going down. In the end it was some poor tactical choices on my end, and seemingly forgetting all about Kreoss that cost me the game. The Seneschals and Paladin never got to do anything as I deployed them badly and advanced them to far alone. Rhoven & his bodyguard were also put out on a limb. On reflection I should have placed my infantry behind my Warjacks done all I could to boost their DEF & ARM and protected my flanks with the smaller units like the Daughters and Temple Flameguard. The Zealots + Exemplars would have then been free to pop out from behind the jack screen and hit my key targets. The small deployment area also hurt me as did the sheer number of units as I had to spread out a long way. Mind in even on a normal sized table I doubt that the result would have gone any differently. A number of dice rolls went my way, Feora's feat was just outstanding and the Jacks performed well when they could. It was the combination of unit abilities and tactics from Khador & Orboros that finished me off and my inability to get the best out of some of my key units that cost me victory.


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Binz said...

I so think if you had taken 3 'casters you would have had a much better chance of winning. In fact, probably smoked us.

Good game though, im looking forward to the rematch!