February 27, 2009

First games with Vampire Counts

I know I shouldnt have, as I am now keen as to use my Vampires and going to have to work damn hard to keep them on the shelf, but I played two Border Patrol matches last night with my Vampires.

Match 1 was against the new Chaos list, in this case consisting of a Nurgle Sorcerer, 20 Marauders and a unit of 5 Chaos Knights. Against that I had my Vampire, 2 units of 20 Zombies, 1 of 15 Skeletons & a unit of 5 Dire Wolves. The match went pretty well and lasted really until Turn 6 which was nice. Key points were the Skeletons charging the flank of the Chaos Knights who were stuck with a unit of Zombies in front and routing them, and then my General being killed when she charged the Marauders on her lonesome. LESSON 1 - DO NOT CHARGE ANY UNDEAD INTO ANYTHING UNLESS YOU CAN WIN THE COMBAT, and DONT CHARGE YOUR VAMPIRE ALONE. Mind you I only had to get 3 wounds to his 0 and I would have won that combat. Result Vampire died, my army disintegrated and at end of Turn 6 only the Marauders and Sorcerer were left on thef field.

Match 2 was a bit more complicated. Richard had his VC with him so we combined our border patrol lists against the same Chaos army and 500pts of Ogres. Our VC lists were modified slightly and we took:

- Vampire
- 30 x Skeletons
- 20 x Zombies

- Vampire
- Corpse Cart
-20 x Zombies
-10 x Crypt Ghouls
-10 x Skeletons
-5 x Dire Wolves

This game was incredibly enjoyable. With two Vampires we were popping up units of Zombies all over the board and at one point had 5 newly raised units causing havoc and march blocking all over the show. Best cast of the game saw a unit of 15 Zombies appear on the flank of the Chaos Knights. Unfortunately while the Ogres were wiped out the Chaos Knights went untouched and managed to rampage through the VC battle line. End result was my army was virtually destroyed, only my Vampire and two newly raised zombie units left and the enemy winning on VP 800 to 450, as they went for table quarters in the last two turns. LESSONS HERE - set up your raised units of zombies to flank charge not just as screening or march blockers. Also the 125pt limit on your hero for Border Patrol rules really makes it difficult for your Vampires, and why couldnt we keep the old rule whereby Necromancers were allowed to be Generals.

Still VC are fun fun fun, will have to get painting.

Match up next week is 1500pts of my High Elves vs. Calebs Chaos


Darth Weasel said...

sounds like a fun pair of games indeed. One of our new players, Chris, got assigned the VCs by default since all the other armies we had were being used and he has fallen in love with them. They were meant to be a stop-gap measure until we could get him a fun army, just something to give him a feel for the game, but the mass abilities to create/heal units has him amped up and raring to go. So seeing how people use them is great practice for us all. I will point him towards this report so he can get some thoughts, thanks for posting

John said...

Im not surprised by your mates enthusiasm VC are damn enjoyable to play. Its going to be hard not putting my Dwarfs & High Elves permanently onto the shelf

Darth Weasel said...

Though I am currently playing the Wood Elf contingent, the Dwarf army looks fun; not overly flexible is the main problem since they are soooooooooooooooooooooo ssssllllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...but I love the shooty aspect, and am dying to put up a Napoleonic Grand Battery of 8 cannons, a Flame Cannon, and an Organ Gun (all of which, sadly, I have) in a legal battle, just to see the carnage if I guessed right on ranges. Still, since someone else still is playing the Dwarfs for us, you must be my proxy Dwarf general, so don't shelve them, just for me...a random stranger you have never met :-)

John said...

Slow but tough and hard to kill - dont worry they wont be staying on shelf for long especially as I just got another full unit of Hammerers to paint up. 20 strong for $70 *yippee*