February 25, 2009

Greetings to my international readers

Just checked out the visitors map gadget I installed the other day and noticed just how varied the readership of this blog is with visitors from Sweeden, the US and even Israel to name just a few countrys on there. So to all of my readers out there especially those of you outside New Zealand I would like to say thank you for dropping by and for following what I do here it is most appreciated...

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tatou katoa Ka kite anō
Greetings and welcome to you all please come again :)


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Just wait until you get linked up from a forum/blog in a language that you can't read. All you can do is hope they are saying nice things about your blog :)

John said...

Oh nice I hadnt thought of that - but it wont stop me from enjoying what im doing :) Love your site by the way