February 18, 2009

High Elf Dragon complete & Vampire Counts underway

Bugger the New Years Resolutions I want to paint some Vampires

Finally finished my High Elf Dragon the other night, although the riders seat could have some more work on it I have decided its good enough and that I am fine with it. Here the pictures, enjoy.... [I have to point out that I didn't paint the rider, I brought the Dragon unpainted with the painted rider as is off TradeMe]

As for ideas etc for re-painting my entire High Elf army I have ABANDONED THESE completely. Why? Because I can't be bothered repainting the army all over again, I really want to start my Vampire Counts, I kind of like having them around as a reminder of my first attempts at painting, I really want to start my Vampire Counts, they look good enough, and I really want to start my Vampire Counts.

Did I mention I really want to start my Vampire Counts

So, my Painting/Assembly backlog has now been cut right down with the majority of the Elves disappearing and I am now firmly started on my Vampire Counts. Currently assembled are: 2 units of Dire Wolves, my Grave Guard (10), some Crypt Ghouls (10), and the beginnings of a 30 strong unit of Skeletons. No painting as yet though. Some pre-completion pics of those units for you.... [I'll get the completed pics up in stages as I work on them]

I've also partially assembled the 2nd unit of High Elf Dragon Princes, flocked all of the High Elf movement trays, finished the Shadow Warriors (pics tomorrow), and made up magnetic movement trays for my Vampire Counts.

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