February 3, 2009

High Elf Dragon Part 2 [Work in progress]

Still painting the big beastie!!!

First up cheers for the feedback from those readers who have left comments I really appreciate it. Anyway as I said I would I got stuck into finishing the armour plates, talons and head of the Dragon last night. As its Waitangi weekend this weekend and we're going away it will be my last painting night for at least a week so I tried to make the most of it. What I was really trying to do was make it look striking from the front on and I think I achieved that.

The Armour
Chainmail with Mithril Silver highlights on the raised areas and Burnished Gold for the detailing.

The Talons
Scorched Brown base coat then alternative layers of Bestial Brown, Snakebite Leather, Bleached Bone and finally Skull White. The same process was used on the Horns as well.

The Mouth
The teeth were painted the same way as the Talons. The mouth flesh areas started with a basecoat of Scorched Brown to outline the area, then Rotting Flesh and finally Catachan Green. Once this was dry a watered down layer of Sepia Wash was applied to the entire mouth and all of the Talons to give it a rough look.

The Eyes
Chaos Black base layer then Skull White for the eye. Scorched Brown to get the outlining right, and then thinned layers of Rotting Flesh and Catachan Green. Iris is Goblin Green.

The Overall Work
I finished off the head by cutting down on the amount of yellow so it would look stronger from the front on and retouching those yellow areas still remaining. The saddle and armour straps were given a layer of Scorched Brown, followed by Snakebite Leather and then Sepia Wash.


Itchy said...

That looks incredible! Do you ever write any how-to articles or blogs where painting is concerned? I am always looking to improve my meager painting skills by seeking to emulate those with real skill.

John said...

Thanks for the feedback itchy :)

I've written a few on here, and tend to post a few comments about the colors I've used but not so much on the processes. Ill start doing that though. There are a lot of good sites around for painting tips, I've just been learning as I go.

Stonecleaver said...

That looks awsome John!!!!
You better complete that before your vampires hahahahaha!!!
Have you done much of the high elf lord?