February 2, 2009

High Elf Dragon [Work in Progress]

Painting a big beastie!!

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OK, I broke my resolution and moved onto the Dragon before I finished my Hammerers unit. But that said all I have left to do on the Hammerers is a few details on the beards and some minor touch ups on the equipment and they're complete. But the Dragon was just too tempting and so I started it a couple of nights ago, and last night really started to get into the basic colour scheme.

The plan is for the Dragon to match the Swordmasters I completed a week or so back using mixtures of Liche & Warlock Purple with Sunburst Yellow highlighting. Key differences though will be use of Reds to give the scales etc a deeper look. For the undersides and wings I plan to use an example in an old copy of White Dwarf for painting rotting flesh, gives it a really nice offish white grey-green kind of colour, light and dull and not to bright.

Dragon before I started

The process I used to get the colours above was: (1) Base coat Liche Purple (2) Purple Ink (3) Warlock Purple over upper areas (4) Sunburst Yellow over raised scales (5) Scab red between scales and on upper areas leaving Warlock Purple on outer edges (6) Red Ink over upper scales. The armour plates have only had a layer of Boltgun metal and a single thin wash of Badab Black.

Next stages I'll concentrate on, hopefully tonight will be: (1) Completing the armor using Chainmail and Mithril silver to finish the highlighting, and Scorched Brown w. Snakebite Leather to complete the strapping, (2) The raised scales which need some additional highlighting thinking about a mix of Sunburst Yellow and Blazing Orange but don't want it to bright, and if time permits (3) the eyes. Would have got more done last night but I was too busy watching New Zealand beat Aussie in the cricket :)


Sigmar said...

It's looking superb so far John, nice work.


John said...

Cheers mate much appreciated :)reposted the pics new images should be clearer

Darth Weasel said...

That is some nice work. I am jealous. I am trying to learn the highlighting and shading, just don't have the knack. I may have to break down soon and switch to water colors. Thanks for showing your work!