February 12, 2009

Inspiration & my project list

Found these great pictures online this afternoon, speak for themselves really some absolutely fantastic work here that has given me some great ideas. Worked out a painting/assembly TO DO list to clear my backlog as well:

  1. High Elf Dragon - minor touches needed inc: reins, riders chair & glazing.
  2. High Elf Shadow Warriors - final highlights
  3. Heirophant Warcaster attachment - has base coats need detailing
  4. Monolith Bearer - right arm needs to be painted
  5. Severius - right arm needs to be pinned and painted
  6. High Elf Swordmasters Command - to be painted & added to unit
  7. Exemplar Seneschals - to be assembled and painted
  8. Paladin Order of the Wall - to be assembled and painted
  9. High Elf Spearmen Unit 1 - full repaint
  10. High Elf Spearmen Unit 2 - full repaint
  11. High Elf Phoenix Guard - cloaks repainted and shading/highlighting to be added
This is the kind of look I am going for with my Spearmen, although with Purple rather than Blue to match my Swordmasters. My original repaint scheme was too complicated and I really like the clean style adopted here.

The Shadow Warriors in these pictures below are just great. Most only use a limited palette of 3 colours but do so in a really effective way that shows off the detailing very well. Mine have a basic colour template of grey/green/brown but after viewing these I am going to adjust the placement of the grey and pick out some of the detailing I missed.

You really have to admire this last pic (from Coolminiornot) the subtle colours are just superb, and the detailing on the unit leaders Sword is just outstanding, note in particular the little glimmer of light near the top of the blade.

One thing you pick up from viewing other peoples work is their different interpretations of what various mouldings on models are, e.g., something I take as the shoulder of a robe others see as an armoured shoulder pad etc, and I never noticed the ropes each Shadow Warrior had at their belt.

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