February 4, 2009

So much for New Years Resolutions & more thoughts on painting

Final thought of the day, before I get back to work, I am going to break my New Years resolution and start some of my Vampire Counts. Been thinking about my Zombies and how to get creative with them - High Elf and Dwarf Zombie regiments sound like fun - that and those resin graveyard bases are just sitting there waiting to be painted and have the Grave Guard put onto them....

*sigh* will I ever get through my Dwarf & High Elf painting backlog....

one final addition to my post yesterday about painting...

Painting White
Ok there are some models/armies that call for White, White cloaks, white shirts, and sometimes White Armour. Well that is they call for it IF YOU FOLLOW THE STANDARD PAINT SCHEME - my advice is don't unless you really want to, figure out your own schemes.

Now, going my own way is something I have done particularly with my Protectorate of Menoth guys who are supposed to be White and Red. The early models I did were White and Red, as were my first High Elves but I have since switched to Red/Grey and Purple/Red. Why??? Three reasons
  1. White areas are a pain in the butt to paint and get looking good
  2. I can't paint white areas to save myself.
  3. Off white or grey is SOOOOO much easier
I have found a couple of techniques for painting white, but no matter what I have tried the results never look good. The white is either thick and lifeless or streaky with a poor finish. So I go with an alternate off white grey style instead. So here are the basic techniques:

Painting White Method 1
1. Base coat of Codex Grey (the dark one)
2. Second layer of Fortress Grey leaving darker grey in recesses
3. Highlight raised edges with White
4. OR you can just do what I first did and use only white paint (this gives you the look below, nice but on reflection freaking horrible and boring!!!)

Painting White Method 2
1. Base coat of Bleached Bone
2. Wash with Sepia Wash
3. Highlight with Bleached Bone, but not in recesses
4. Paint raised areas with White

I used this technique on the Menoth Priest below, also adding in Green and Mud Washes to the base of the cloak to give it a worn effect like it had been dragged through the fields sort of thing...

Painting off-white or grey
1. Base coat of Codex Grey
2. Second layer of Fortress grey
3. Layer of Badab Black wash to get it nice and dark and shaded
4. Highlight layer of Space Wolves Grey
5. Final highlights of White (optional - I don't always do it, as with the Zealot Priest below)

Some people get fantastic results with White, I haven't managed it yet which is why I have stuck to alternate paint schemes for my Protectorate of Menoth and High Elf units.

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