February 13, 2009

Warhammer Battle Report - 1500pts

Ancient Allies vs. Demons & Undead
1500pts 2v2 pitched battle

Well I haven't written one of these for a while but damn it was fun to get back into Warhammer again last night. Original plan was for me to take on Caleb & Richard on my lonesome. Richard with his VC army and Caleb with what I thought would be VC but turned out to be the new Chaos. Rich & Caleb were late to the Club so I started a game with Stephens Empire, which we turned into a 2v2. The points per army were a bit unbalanced as the other guys only had small armies with them. I had a 1000pts and used the same list I published in my last post. The opposing armies were:

Dwarfs - 1000pts
Click here for list

Empire - 500pts
Spearmen w. Handgunners attachment Handgunners x2 Volley Gun


Chaos - 800?pts
2 Heroes Knights (5) Warriors (20) Marauders (30)

Vampire Counts - 700pts?
Konrad von Carstein Vampire Hero Crypt Ghouls (10) Skeletons (10) Dire Wolves (10)

We ended losing the dice roll and deploying first but having more units finished last which was a bonus as it meant I could place my Gryocopter opposite the Chaos Knights. The plan here was to stop them marching and hold them up long enough for our other units to decimate the enemy's infantry. Dwarf Cannon & Quarrellers went on the hill with a unit of Handgunners in front. We deliberately kept to one side of the field and angled across it trusting the forest on the left to keep the enemy away from that.

The VC and Chaos deployment was as expected, although the small size of the VC army wasn't so we were expecting it to be bolstered via Invocation of Nehek throughout the battle. Without any real heavy units the Vampire General was also badly exposed in the middle of the Crypt Ghouls while Konrad von Carstein was sticking with the Skeletons. The big unit of Chaos Warriors looked dangerous as well but we were confident our shooting would decimate them before they got too close.

Turn 1
The army of the Demon Undead started first (which wasn't what we wanted) with the entire army marching forward. No magic occured in their first turn as Richard forgot he had spells and there wasn't any shooting either as neither Chaos nor the Vampire Counts possessed missle troops. The nasty march range of the Dire Wolves was a shock though and both units advanced to screening positions ahead of the rest of the VC army.

The Dwarf/Empire alliance responded with a hail of bullets, quarrels and cannon fire. The Gyrocopter flew round to the flank of the Chaos Knights giving us 1 more turn before it could get into charge range. Unfortunately while able to hit all 5 Knights in the unit, no wounds were scored on the Knights. In the Centre line shooting took down 2-3 Marauders, 3 Chaos Warriors and 3 of the Dire Wolves. The only unit movements on our side were the Slayers who moved forward into the small forest in preparation for flanking the VC army.

Turns 2: Carnage under fire
Again the enemy marched forward, declaring only one charge the centre Dire Wolf unit against the Empire Volley Gun. Invocation of Nehek also adds 3 Skeletons to the VC army.

In response the Gyrocopter flies round the rear of the Chaos Warriors and kills one. The Handgunners, Quarrellers and Cannon continue to rip into the Chaos Warriors and Marauders, killing 3 and 2 respectively. The Chaos Warriors unit is now severly weakened having suffered 7 unsaved wounds in 2 rounds of shooting, only 13 warriors left. The Quarrellers on the right flank also take down 3 more Dire Wolves, and the Handgunners take out 3 Skeletons. The turn ends with the Volley Gun crew defeating the Dire Wolves in close combat allowing them to fire the next turn.

Turn 3: The Battlelines meet
The turn started with the Chaos Knights charging the Quarrellers on the hill, the Warriors charging the Hammerers (who in Turn 2 had moved forward to protect the Handgunners from the same fate), the Marauders charged the Empire Spears and were joined by a Frenzied Konrad von Carstein. The 2 remaining Dire Wolves also went at the smaller unit of Handgunners on the right flank.

Combat results
The Hammerers defeat the Chaos Warriors killing their leader in a challenge and routing the unit, but are unable to chase them down. The Dire Wolves rout the Handgunners but not before losing 1 of their number. In the centre the Marauders and Konrad tear the Empire Spearmen and their detachment to shreds routing and overrunning them. This could have turned out far differently if Stephen and I hadnt been sniggering about Konrads requirement to challenge someone. Rather than take on the Empire Hero as we wanted him to (his magic would have seen their respective abilities and stats swap) he challenged the unit champion instead. BOO poor form... However, what is nice is the Marauders overruning and exposing their flank to the Volley Gun. The Chaos Knights also (not surprisingly) tear through the Quarrellers and overrun into the Cannon.

In response the Gyrocopter charges the fleeing Chaos Warriors routing and destroying them. The Quarrellers take care of the remaining Dire Wolf and the remaining Dwarven and Empire units reform to face the enemy units who have now penetrated their battle line. Big moment though was the Volley Gun now free of its combat with the Dire Wolves unleashing 26, yes 26!!!!, shots at the Marauders. While it only killed 8 of them it was enough to see the unit break and run off the board.

Turns 4-6: Victory for the Stumpies and their Empire Allies
I had stopped taking notes by this turn as the game descended into a mass of combats, that and the number of spectators was making it too enjoyable to stop and write stuff down. Basic sequence of events in the final turns were:
- Chaos Knights destroy the Cannon
- The Hammerers smash into the rear of the Chaos Knights who flee off the table
- The Slayers and Crypt Ghouls charge each other
- Konrad attacks the Hammerers and his KILLED (AH HA HA HA)
- The Warshrine charges the Handgunners

Some key events in these turns were (without a doubt) the Slayers killing the VC General in Turn 4 seeing his army slowly crumble to dust over the next 1-2 turns. The Hammerers destruction of the Chaos Knights gave them their second enemy banner of the game, but left their flank open to the Marauders. Their charge in Turn 6 comes within a dice roll of routing the Hammerers and changing the outcome of the battle.

End Results
The Empire army was decimated by the battle with only a single unit of Handgunners left (the Volley Gun was destroyed by Konrad before his demise at the hands of the Hammerers). The Dwarf army feared much better losing only 3 Hammerers, the Cannon and a unit of 10 Quarrellers.

On the Chaos/VC side things were far worse. The entire VC army was wiped out with not a single undead feind left on the battlefield. The Chaos Knights and Warriors all perished along with their respective champions and only a very depleted unit of Marauders and the Warshrine were left.

Re-match next week (I'll take some photos).


Binz said...

Cool battle, looks like you had a lot of fun! Good work on the win as well.

I only have one comment... Chaos Warriors made it into combat, and DIDNT win? What the hell?

Darth Weasel said...

sounds like a fun battle.
Was surprised by the challenge thing, though...don't you choose who answers the challenge?

John said...

we challenged him, can't quite remember how that worked out order wise?!?

Evn said...

First, kudos on the report. I've been reading through all the old ones as they're quite fun to read :)

I know this is a *VERY* old battle report, but I wanted to respond to the question of the challenge, just in case anyone else comes across this report. It wasn't handled correctly, and this could make a big difference. Here's how it's done:

Start with the player whose turn it is. They may nominate a character to issue a challenge. If they do, the other player may choose to meet the challenge, and nominate a character to fight the challenge, or they may refuse. If they refuse the challenge, their opponent chooses a character that could have accepted the challenge, and that character is moved to the rear of the unit.

If the player whose turn it is decides not to declare a challenge, the opposing player may declare a challenge in the same way, nominating one of their characters, and the player whose turn it is can accept with any character, or refuse. If he refuses, the character removed from the battle is chosen by his opponent. But if he accepts, he decides which of his characters will be fighting the challenge (he knows which of his opponents will be fighting, because that must be chosen upon declaration of the challenge.)

Only if you refuse the challenge does your opponent get any say in your character choice. If you accept, you choose who to accept with. I know that was a bit wordy, but I hope it made sense.

John said...

Cheers for the clarification on the challenge thing Evn much appreciated. Its an error I picked up a little later on and I play the challenge thing properly now if not well (as in I dont make them at the right times).

Glad your enjoying the blog :)