February 23, 2009

Weekend progress & the joys of Trade Me

Or what to do when the weather cancels the cricket?!?

For the 4th weekend in a row all cricket was cancelled due to the weather and I found myself with a lot of spare time over the weekend. While missing out on cricket quite frankly sucks it is nice to get an extra day with my wife and daughter (I usually don't see them at all on a Saturday), that and I got some more time to paint etc - extra time with family during day means less guilt when I spend the evening painting stuff :)

Anyway made some significant progress through my backlog over the weekend at least in terms of getting the fiddly little things out of the way. Completed over the Saturday/Sunday were:
  • My terrain hills - all completely painted and ready to go
  • My terrain trees - also completely painted and ready to go
  • VC Lords & Corpse Cart - undercoated and waiting paint. Made up an awesome (if I do say so myself) base for the Corpse Cart (pictures up once its painted).
I am also only 2 maybe 3 nights away from completing my Silver Helms (8) and should get my Dragon Princes done by the end of the week as well. Once they are complete the only High Elf units I will have left are a unit of 10 Archers. No more High Elves means I can START PAINTING MY VAMPIRE COUNTS..... HOORAY!!!!!!

In other news I have to say it again - I LOVE TRADE ME - picked up two absolute bargains last week. First was a completed and very well painted HE Lion Chariot for $30 and second a full unit of 20 - YES 20 - Dwarf Hammerers complete with Command Group undercoated and ready to go for only (WAIT FOR IT) $70. Thats a total of 4 Hammerer blister packs and 1 hammerers command group blister packs with a normal retail price of $275-300 for $70!!!! Now I can field two units of these guys in most games, going to be freaking outstanding.

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