March 31, 2009

Call to Arms 2009 - Another Tournament

The dates and details for Call to Arms 2009 have been announced, and given the usual size of this thing I definately plan on going. Tournament Details are:


Date: Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th August
Venue: St Patricks College, Kilbernie, Wellington

Games offered: FOG (15mm & 25mm), FOW, Spearhead, WHFB, WH 40k

Download players pack here
For information contact Steve Hodgson

March 30, 2009

1st Nautican WHFB Army List

I think ill try out a Nautican army at the Club next week, or during the week with mates if they are keen for me to give it a go. Say 750pts to start with no special or named characters. Start up list for my first Nautican Army will be:

Nautican Prince (103 pts)
- Scalemail, Oceanic Trident, Levi Shield
Fisher Spraks x10 (30 pts)
Fisher Spraks x10 (30 pts)
Wavebreakers x16 (195 pts)
- MU, SB, Spears, Shields, Scalemail
Oceanic Trident Guard x16 (284 pts)
- FC, Protection of Shoal
Lobstrosities x3 (105 pts)

TOTAL: 747 pts

Fisher Spraks are essentially weaker versions of the Lizardman Skinks but without the Skirmisher ability. Wavebreakers are the equivalent of HE Spearmen without ASF. The Trident Guard I would class as the same as GW armed Dwarf Longbeards/Ironbreakers, and the Lobstrosities equivalent I can't think off.

For full details on each unit check out Sigmars Nautican Blog

Nautican Army Project

I have finally gotten around to collecting the models I need to build a trial Nautican Army based on Sigmars fantastic work [read about the Nauticans here]. Going to be starting with the following conversions involving existing WHFB units and lots of green stuff :)

LM Skinks --> Nautican Tide Watchers, Crest Riders & Shallow Swimmers
LM Saurus Warriors --> Oceanic Trident Guard

The eventual aim is to get enough models made up that I can put out a force of around 750-1,000pts on club nights. It will have to be club nights as the army isnt official - YET!!?!? - Hint Hint GW.... if anyone is reading this. First models from Trade Me arrived this morning around 50 Skinks and 10 Saurus Warriors. Also recieved a GW army case from the same source which only cost me $65 including postage.

750pts High Elves for Thursday

Playing 750pt games this Thursday mainly to get a few of the newer club members involved, and also because I am going to sneak away from work and get in a 2250 pt game during the day as well (so won't be missing out too much). Will be sticking with my High Elves and going with:

- Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Shield, Lance, Helm of Fortune
Archers x10
Dragon Princes x5
- Champion
Dragon Princes x5
- Champion
Silver Helms x7
- Shields

TOTAL 749 pts

List should surprise a few people as I tend to be a bit conservative with things, but Ill also pack along the following infantry heavy list depending upon my opponent.

- Armour of Caledor, GW
Archers x10
Swordmasters x6
Swordmasters x6
Swordmasters x6
Phoenix Guard x16
- Champion

TOTAL 750 pts

Have dropped standards in both lists to remove any extra VP, which might or might not be a mistake.

Final High Elf army list for RUNEFANG II

After a couple of play test games and various conversations online I have decided to settle on my army list for RUNEFANG II rather than muck around adjusting it before it has to be submitted. Final list will be

Archmage - Level 4
- Folraiths Robe, Dispel Scroll x2
Dragon Mage - Level 2
- Silver Wand, Guardian Phoenix
- Armour of Caledor, GW, Gem of Courage, BSB
Spears x20
- FC, Lion Banner
Archers x10
Phoenix Guard x19
- FC
Swordmasters x7
Swordmasters x7
Dragon Princes x5
- SB, Banner of Ellyrion
Shadow Warriors x5
Repeater Bolt-Thrower
Repeater Bolt-Thrower

TOTAL: 2,248 pts, 8PD, 5DD

As you can see I have bowed to suggestions and dropped the Banner of Sorcery using the spare points to put another model into each Swordmaster unit and the Phoenix Guard. From forum traffic there might be 2-3 more High Elf players there running similar lists so should be fun - although I expect at least one to have the Prince w. Star Dragon combo thats been cleaning up in European tournaments lately. Pity I glued a mage to my Dragon or I could have done the same.

March 27, 2009

Warhammer Battle Report [HE vs. Empire]

How the Empire won, or you keep rolling what?!?
2250pts HE vs. Empire

[Maps are approximations only]

Second go at play testing my HE tournament list last night, this time vs. Stephens Empire. Did think he was bringing his Ogres but in the end he turned up with a truly nasty Empire army list. Mine was modified slightly from the week before and consisted of:

Archmage Level 4
- Folraiths Robe, Dispel Scroll, Staff of Solidity
Dragon Mage Level 2
- Guardian Phoenix, Silver Wand
- Armour of Caledor, Gem of Courage, Great Weapon, Battle Standard
- FC, Lion Banner
Archers x10
Phoenix Guard x18
- FC, Banner of Sorcery
Dragon Princes x5
- MU, SB, Banner of Ellyrion
Tiranoc Chariot
Swordmasters x6
Swordmasters x6

Facing this was a very impressive Empire list of (approximating only here as I didn't note it all down)

Mage on Pegasus
Warrior Priest x2
Mounted Hero x1
Spearmen x25
- Detachment of Handgunners
Handgunners x10
- Detachment of Handgunners
Giant (YES A GIANT!!!???!!)
Great Cannon
Hellblaster Volley Gun
Flagellants x20
Knights x6
Pistollers x5

Didn't really go my way with Stephen winning the dice roll to choose sides and then electing to go first. His set up basically put his key warmachines and the big unit of Handgunners on my right, the Militia and Handgunners in centre and everything else on my left. With the left-hand side of the board dominated by a number of buildings and the rest of the board by a series of forests it meant my deployment zone was broken up. A key problem was the absence of any decent firing lanes for my Bolt-Throwers that would allow me to hit his units while keeping them out of range of the Volley Gun.
Ended up concentrating on the left with the Bolt-Throwers on either end of the line, and only the Dragon Princes and Chariot out on their own.

Turns 1 - 2
Few disagreements here regarding LOS to the Dragon. Stephen argued that as it was a Monster it could be seen over the trees, whereas I interpret the LOS rule as it is in the book - 'base to base' - i.e., you can't see my base you can't see me no matter how large my unit is, especially if I am screened behind 2 buildings and a forest. Anyway, that aside opening turns saw his units all come hell for leather at my left flank - ALL OF THEM - like a great big armoured spear. The Pegasus Mage flew around and put himself in a good spot to hit me with his magic, which he duly did killing half of my Archers.
My own magic was reasonably effective with the Dragon Mage and the Archmage both doing some damage to the opposition. Key cast was the Flames of the Phoenix on the Spear unit which saw 11 models die, this was followed by the Dragon breathing on it killing 4 more and the unit fleeing in panic. The opening turns saw my Archers hide in a building, albeit there were only 2 left by end of Turn 2, the Spears and PG advance forward in line with that building, and the Swordmasters take up position to take any charges from the Giant and Knights (if they overan the Spears). Unfortunately the spears were severly weakened when a well placed shot from Stephen saw a Mortar shell land on top of them killing 9 and reducing the unit to 11 models. It was these 11, minus the Standard Bearer who dropped back to stay with the supporting Swordmasters, who took the charge from the Empire Knights.
Turns 3 -4
Lots of combats from this point on. The Knights massacred the Spears but ran full tilt on the overrun into a building stopping dead and exposing their flank to the Swordmasters. The Giant charged into the 2nd unit of Swordmasters who attacking first scored 5 wounds on it, reducing it to 1. The Giant in turn rolled his Bash attack and killed 5 of the Swordmasters breaking them in combat and overrunning them. Luckily for me Stephens usually superb placement was off again and the Giant overan into his Pistolliers (who had been taking pot shots at my Dragon). On the right the Dragon Princes charged into the flank of the large militia unit and its detachment, the detachment fleeing first. Behind them the Spears had also fled after the Dragon Mage had born down on them. It was at this point, when I had two key units in flanking positions, that Stephen's Empire army started to display its remarkable fortitude.

Smashed by 10 S5 attacks the Militia were torn apart by the Dragon Princes and needed snake eyes to pass their break test. Stephen rolled snake eyes, rolled them that turn and the next and then passed 2 more break tests after that for the same unit. If that first roll had failed the DP's would have overrun and wiped out almost his entire infantry force in one go. But by holding for 4 rounds of combat they kept my DP out of the game and stopped them from getting into his warmachines.

The Swordmasters facing the Knights also fared badly. Over the next 6 rounds, yes 6 rounds of combat, they scored no less than 30 hits on the Knights off which only 1, YES 1?!? resulted in a unsaved wound. As a result the Swordmasters were eventually cut down along with the BSB, who alone managed to hold on for 2 rounds after he followed the Empire example and continually passed his break tests.

Some good news though while my left hand bolt-thrower failed to kill the Giant with 6 shots, the 2 Archers in the building needing 6's to kill did and down he went to my great delight. Mind you my celebration was short lived as the next turn those damn Snake Eyes popped up.

Turns 5 - 6
The Dragon Mage dies!?! The Dragon goes stupid but still does damage rampaging through the Volley Gun and the Handgunners on my right flank. The Archers are killed by a group of Huntsmen charging the building, my two bolt-throwers are cut down but not before one of them kills the Empire General and his Pegasus. Big nasty and extremely clever tactic of Stephens though was against my DP's. After casting his strongest spell at me with all of his remaining PD he scored 16 and I rolled ALL of my DD to get rid of it. Out came a power level 4 bound spell which scored 6 S4 no AS hits on my DP's killing NOT 1 NOT 2 but all 5 of them seeing the Empire infantry saved once again.

By games end the battlefield was littered with corpses unfortunately too many of them were Elven. The end result... High Elves - 1800 VP... Empire - 2200 VP... and a Marginal Victory to Empire.

Another very bloody game. On the positive side my tournament list is working extremely well and I won a TradeMe auction the same night for 16 additional Swordmasters for only $50 - thats an approx $120-130 saving!!! Just need to slot them into my list somehow.

Next week - 750pts of my Vampires against Gobbos I think

March 24, 2009

Vampire Count Skeletons [Work in progress]

Started work on my VC Skeleton unit two nights ago and have been making reasonable progress. Process so far has been...

Skeletal Frame
- Undercoat Chaos Black
- Basecoat Khemri Brown (thinned down, 2 layers)
- Flesh Wash
- Dry brush Fortress Grey
- Dry brush Skull White

- Chaos black undercoat
- Boltgun Metal
- Badab Black wash

Cloaks, coloured areas
- Chaos Black
- Scab Red
- Badab Black wash
- Scab Red

Dry-brushing of Skeletal frames is complete currently retouching red areas, only front rank done so far. After that it will be the leather strapping, finish off the armour, basing, and maybe a wash to the skeletal frames (not sure). Thinking about drybrushing a light coat of rotting flesh onto some areas of the Skeletal frames, the model on the extreme left of the front rank in the 1st picture has had his skull done this way and it gives it an interesting look.

March 23, 2009

Photos from HE vs. Skaven Battle

Some of the better pictures I took that night, damn focus was playing up again so most were fuzzy.

Turns 1-2

Turns 3-4

Turns 5-6
The Graveyard

March 20, 2009

Warhammer Battle Report [High Elves vs. Skaven]

Forces of light vs. the Gutter Runners
Tournament List play testing - Game 1

First opportunity to play test my HE tournament list last night with 2,250 pts of High Elves squaring off against 2,250 pts of Skaven. I wasn't quite sure what I would be facing as my other Skaven encounters have been at 750 pts where a lot of options weren't open to them. However, I wasn't expecting the massive horde of Clan Rats and Slaves that greeted me across the table.

I used v3 of my RUNEFANG II list with some basic changes made to the Special Units and the Magic Items the army used. Final list was

Archmage Level 4 [with Phoenix Guard]
- Folraiths Robe, 2xDispel Scrolls [High Magic]
Dragon Mage Level 2
- Guardian Phoenix, Silver Wand
Noble [with Spears]
- Armour of Caledor, GW, BSB
Spears x20
- FC, Lion Banner
Archers x10
Swordmasters x6 (2 units)
Phoneix Guard x18
- FC, Banner of Sorcery
Shadow Warriors x5
Dragon Princex5
- MU, SB w. Banner of Ellyrion
Bolt-Throwers x2

TOTAL 2,238 pts

Dropping the FC on the Swordmasters allowed me to take the Banner of Sorcery, and I added the Dispel Scrolls as with 4 spells the Seerstaff of Saphery becomes largely redundant. The Guardian Phoenix also gives the Dragon Mage some protection with a 5+ WS.

Against this I facing a HUGE Skaven army, units just kept popping out all over the board as we were unpacking and setting up. The Skaven army consisted of:

Warlock Engineer
Warlock Engineer
Master Moulder
Clanrats x25
- SB, MU & Gatling Gun
Clanrats x25
- SB, MU & Warpfire Thrower
Clanrats x25
- SB, MU
Slaves x20 (3 units)
- MU
Nightrunners x7 (3 units)
Poison Wind ?!? x3 (3 units)
Ratpack x3
Rat Swarms x3
Rat Ogres x2
Tunnellers x5
Jezzails x3
Plague Monks x15
Plague Censor Bearers x5
Warp Lightning Cannon

TOTAL 2,249 pts (Cheers to Doug for letting me take his list home with me)
[Maps are approximations only unfortunately]

Deployment & First thoughts
Ok, seeing all of those Skaven units had me worried. While I knew I could cut them down with shooting pretty well and with magic the number of units meant that I would still be facing some serious CR issues in HtH. So I kept my forces together deploying on one side of the board with only the Dragon Mage off on its own on one flank. The number of Skaven units meant that Doug was able to keep a lot of his key units for last and deploy them after I had finished with mine. Result of this was his artillery was deployed well back well away from my Dragon, and his Tunnellers exit point was right in between my 2 Bolt-Throwers. Damn tunnellers, I had forgotten about them. In what turned out to be a mistake I put the Dragon Princes on the left flank and kind of jammed them in against the table edge and blocked their charge with the Shadow Warriors. In hindsight they or the Shadow Warriors would have been better served on the flank with the Dragon Mage.

The Deployment
(missing a few Skaven names and units - just too many to fit)

Opening Turns
I'll have to keep the details to a minimum here as I don't have time to write this up fully now, and the whole battle got very confusing in the end and I wasn't concentrating on remembering stuff. Anyway, Skaven went first and marched straight at me. The first Skaven spell targeted my Archers and I let it through without attempting to dispel it as I was worried about something nastier coming along. Luckily the dice-rolls were low and I only lost 4/10 Archers with the rest holding their ground. The skirmishing units all rushed at my Shadow Warriors with a couple tempting me to charge with my DP's.

Turn 1

My opening turn started well at least as far as movement went, as no-one died *ahem* Then it was time for magic. The Dragon Mage went first casting Fireball and Wall of Fire successfully on one unit of Slaves killing 10 and causing the rest to panic and run away. The Archmage was going to follow with Shield of Saphery and other protective spells on the HE infantry units. Well he was until he mis-cast his first spell and then I threw double 1's causing him to blow himself up taking 2 of the Phoenix Guard with him.

Turn 1 ends with 1 unit of Skaven Slaves running away, 3 Archers & 2 PG dead, and my Archmage General burned to a crisp and floating away on the morning air *sigh*

Middle Turns
Charges started coming think and fast in these middle stages. Skaven magic aimed at the PG again but was either dispelled or the PG were saved by their 4+ WS, although a Bolt-Thrower did lose one of its crewmen. The Shadow Warriors were charged by the Plague Monks and Plague Censors along with the Rat Skirmishers. The Censors gas clouds killed a couple of the Skaven and 2 of the Shadow Warriors. Striking first they managed to cut down 2 more before losing 1 more of their own. CR victory to Skaven but the HE remained steady.

Middle Turns

In the middle the PG and Spearmen charge the central unit of Clan Rats. The majority of Doug's army was hanging back, I think now to draw me out so his superior numbers could get around my flanks. The DP held back from charging for 1 turn, but went at the Skirmishers after the Shadow Warriors were broken. The Skirmishers fled but not far enough, the DP catching them and ending their charge deep in Skaven territory but right in the middle of all of his their shooting units.

In the middle the PG and Spearmen bet the Clan Rats in CR and as they outnumbered them (and caused Fear) forced them to flee. End result of this was widespread panic in the Skaven ranks as no less than 3 other units failed their leadership tests and ran away. The HE units decided to hold their position rather than pursue, principally as any pursuit would expose their flank to the Plague Monks and bring them closer to the Skaven shooting units.

On the right the Dragon Mage proved his worth using Fireball, Wall of Fire and the Dragons Breath to great effect on the Rat Ogres & accompanying Clanrat unit. The resulting kills and panic check (from the breath weapon) saw both units break and flee toward my table edge.

Later Stages
Things started to get very messy now. Skaven shooting decimated the DP leaving only 1 alive after 2 rounds, and he served only to provide a nice looking corpse a turn after that. The PG charged further ahead at the Skaven centre as some of the previously routed units rallied - not all of them did though seeing at least 20+ Skaven flee off the board. To cover their flank the Spears didnt join the charge and instead wheeled to their left toward the Skaven artillery, Plague Monks and the now dead Dragon Princes. The Swordmasters also got in on the act with both units engaged in combat against Skaven Clan Rats, Skirmishers and Plague guys. This saw one unit break and run, and the other wipe out the Plague Censors. The Bolt-throwers also proved their worth dispatching another 15-20 Slaves and Clan Rats and forcing one more panic test. However, as we neared turns 4-5 each of our armies were getting seriously whittled down. The Ogre Rats fled off the table, but their also paniced friends rallied. More Skaven units also fled off the board in the later stages, but those that remained did some serious damage. The Tunnellers emerged under both Bolt-Throwers, the Clan Rats etc charged the archers and finished off one unit of Swordmasters. And the Skaven artillery, especially that Warp Cannon thing, keep blasting away at the Spears and the PG reducing their numbers and taking away that all important rank bonus.

Final turns
By Turns 5-6 I only had 12 Spearmen, my BSB, 6 Swordmasters and 11 PG left along with the Dragon Mage. I was still up against 2 large units of Clan Rats, the Tunnellers, Rat Swarms, Warp Cannon, Jezials and a couple of other fragments of previously broken units. The Dragon Mage decided to charge into combat rather than use his magic and promptly had his Dragon cut out from underneath him. The Warp cannon had wounded it in a previous turn. The Dragon Mage then ran away only to be cut down a turn later. The final battles saw the Spears charge the last remaining Skaven Skirmisher unit and the Swordmasters take on a big unit of Clan Rats. The PG meanwhile were being eaten alive by the Rat Swarms but managed (somehow) to survive.

Final points tally

High Elves
1806 in killed Skaven
200 in banners
100 for general
TOTAL VP = 2,106

1720 in killed HE
100 for general
100 for table quarter
TOTAL VP = 1,920

RESULT = a very very close and brutal draw

Unit & List Review
So how did the list go?!? I'm not that sure as the Archmage's High Magic was a key part of my overall plan, that and my poor deployment of the Dragon Princes once again saw that key unit wasted. However, overall the list worked quite well especially given my unfamilarity with it. The game itself was a lot of fun and Doug is a great opponent very helpful with tactics and ideas for how best to use my units etc. Nice friendly game in which I learned alot, some of the ways he used his units were new to me and definately worth taking up next time I play.

Performed well and scored some impressive CR based victories over key units, but would struggle against higher T and AS opponents

Phoenix Guard
Excellent as always, 4+ WS is an amazing bonus and keeps them alive for a long time. But their S4 attacks are a bit weak at times and with only 1 attack each (vs. the 2xS6 attacks on the Swordmasters) I am not sure if they are worth their points. But get them in a combat with a smaller unit and you only need to win by 1.

Against low toughness Skaven I only used the multiple shot option and it worked well.

Dragon Princes
Deployed badly, charged at wrong time and at wrong unit, big points sink that could have been used far more effectively.

Shadow Warriors
Quite good especially with Hatred, High Magic making them Stubborn would have helped, but like the DP deployed in the wrong place.

Small units did better than I thought. But need more games to make up my mind. Would really love another 20-30 models so I can field A LOT more of them.

Dragon Mage
Loved him, going to keep him just out of combat for a little longer or forever next time round. He needs some kind of supporting unit though to stop the enemy charging him.

GRRRR - blew himself up in Turn 1 with his 1st spell - GRRRRRRRR

Possible Changes to list for next game?!?
I am not sure if I need the Banner of Sorcery, although it is a nice to have the 50 pts could go elsewhere. The Shadow Warriors are also useful but at 90pts by dropping them and the BoS I could add in another unit of Dragon Princes or a unit of Silver Helms.

March 19, 2009

So bored with painting High Elves

Well my enthusiasm for painting my High Elves disappeared completely last night while finishing off my Dragon Princes to the point where I did a half arsed job with the detailing. I think all of my energy and effort went into completing my Dragon and the Swordmasters and there wasn't anything left over for the rest of the units. Still I have the Archers to finish before May and the RUNEFANG II tournament.

In the interim I have moved onto my Vampire Counts and thrown out my original colour scheme of mixed greens and gone for the basic simple plain boring old red based scheme. Starting with the Skeletons and the winged Vampire Lord. Also going to re-paint the Grave Guard as the Green mix scheme I had been working on looks like crap. The graveyard themed bases I purchased for them are also going to go out the window and Ill revert to the plain old normal bases with flock etc on them.

First play-test of my RUNEFANG II list tonight against Doug's Skaven - ill have to remember to take some photos. I am really starting to miss playing Warmachine though....

March 17, 2009

Warhammer Conversion Project

Tomb Kings into Vampire Count Black Knights

Started assembling and modifying my recently purchased Tomb King Horseman last night. Luckily I had a large number of left over bits from my VC Skeleton units, VC Grave Guard as well as a large assortment of Warriors of Chaos bits as well.

Modifying the Riders
Basic changes to Skeleton soldiers were:
- TK Heads replaced by VC Skeleton, Grave Guard and Warriors of Chaos Heads
- TK Spears replaced by VC Skeleton spears
- VC Skeleton command group pieces used to make banner bearer & musician
- Cloaks from Warriors of Chaos, Dark Elves & Chaos Marauders added to some models
- TK shields replaced by VC Skeleton, Grave Guard & Chaos Maruader shields

Modifiying the Horses
For the horses I wanted to try and hide the kind of bland moulding on the TK models by adding some barding. For this I used:
- TK shields as front plates
- Chaos Marauder shields cut in half as side plates
- Cloaks from Dark Elves & Chaos Marauders as cloaks for some horses

Next Stages
- Green stuff over barding areas to close up gaps and create straps holding them on
- Green stuff saddles or saddle blankets
- Undercoating & flocking bases (going to try and get static grass thing right this time)

Still have one unit of TK Horsemen to open and assemble but ill have to leave them until I get another box set of Skeletons and Grave Guard as I don't have enough spare bits left over to make any more modifications.

March 16, 2009

RUNEFANG II - High Elf Army List

Officially registered for tournament now as well, after getting the all important OK from my wife for having a weekend away in Wellington playing 'Geek Wars' as she calls it. After some great feedback from the users on I have settled on the following High Elf army list for the RUNEFANG II tournament in May. With the final list not having to be submitted until the end of April I am going to have a lot of time to play test it. First match up is this Thursday against Doug's Skaven. I'll also try and arrange some against Stephens Empire, Wood Elves and Ogres for some variety. Anyway, here it is:

2250pts High ElvesTournament List

Archmage Level 4 [With Phoenix Guard]
- Folraiths Robe, Dispel Scroll x2
- Taking High Magic

Dragon Mage Level 2
- Silver Wand, Guardian Phoenix

Noble [With Spears]
- Battle Standard, Armour of Caledor, Great Weapon

Spears x20
- FC & Lion Standard

Archers x10

Swordmasters x6

Swordmasters x6

Phoenix Guard x17
- FC & Banner of Sorcery

Dragon Princes x5
- MU, SB & Banner of Ellyrion


Shadow Warriors x5

Deployment Options
These are going to be tricky and hopefully play testing over the next few weeks will sort out some basic deployment plans. The key is to screen my Swordmasters long enough to allow them to get into combat. For that it might mean keeping my Archmage (with High Magic) exposed behind the main line - although he is immune to all but magical attacks - in order to boost the Swordmasters with the key protective spells. DP will as usual go on one flank, with the Dragon Mage on the other - although keeping him in the middle might also work.

Option 1
Dragon Mage on one flank, DP on the other with Shadow Warriors deployed ahead (depending upon terrain) as a screen to allow them to charge. Battleline would essentially swing to left pivoting around Bolt-Thrower on left flank.

Option 2
I keep the Dragon Mage back and wait to see where main enemy concentrations are before using him as a march blocker. Would also prevent him being targetted by enemy warmachines. Advantage is that as a Hero I deploy him last.

March 13, 2009

Warhammer Battle Reports [Dwarfs]

Two battles, two different results, both fun
750pts per side

Two matches tonight, first against Caleb and his Chaos and the second against Doug and his Skaven (only my second against a Skaven force). With only 750pts I decided in the end to take my Dwarfs and opt for a strong shooting force, so used Dwarf List 1 for both games.

  • Thane w. MR Gromil, GW & Handgun
  • Warriors x25 w. SB & MU
  • Quarrellers x10 (3 units)
  • Organ Gun

Game 1 - Dwarfs vs. Chaos
I was fully expecting Caleb to bring his Chaos Knights but in the end he didnt and opted for Chaos Ogres instead. This gave him a quite large force, which in terms of numbers severly outnumbered my own. His list in basic terms consisted of:

  • Nurgle Sorcerer Level 2
  • Maruader Horseman x5 (2 units)
  • Chaos Warhounds (with Chaos armour)
  • Marauders x25
  • Chaos Ogres x4
I deployed first, and after winning the dice roll started first as well. Standard deployment for a small force. Quarrellers strung out in a single line 30 models wide, the Organ Gun hiden in a forest on the left flank to get some protection (but while allowing it to see out), and the Warriors and General also on the left angled across the front of the Quarrellers.
Chaos deployment was basically aimed at my centre, but with the 2 units of Horseman out on the flank which was a worry. We were using a standard sized table 6'x4' so there was a lot of room.

Turn 1
For some reason Caleb deployed all of his units right on the deployment zone. As I was only just behind mine I had all 30 of my Quarrellers in range of his units, the Organ Gun was unfortunately 1 inch short. 30 shots resulted in 3 kills on Warhounds, 3 on one unit of Horseman, and 3 from the Maruaders - not a bad result. Caleb responded by marching forward with everybody, and firing his two Magic Missle spells at me. Both were dispelled.
Turn 2
More shooting on my part, this time the Organ Gun came into play. One unit of Maruader Horsemen is wiped out, the Marauders lose two more models, and the Warhounds manage to save against the other Quarreller unit. The Organ Gun scores big though 8 hits @ S5 on the Ogres, killing 1 and wounding another. Luckily for me the unit of Horsemen killed was the only one in charge range of my Quarrellers on the right flank.
Calebs response is to march his guys further forward, the Marauders coming in to block the Warriors. The Dogs move toward the Organ Gun but don't charge (can't remember why now), and the Chaos Ogres charge the Quarrellers. Luck goes my way again though as the Stand and Shoot from the Quarrellers scores 8 hits and 4 wounds, killing another Ogre and putting a wound of one of the two remaining.

In the resulting combat the Quarrellers lose but manage to pass their leadership test and hold on for one more turn. Magic kills one Quarreller in another unit, and fails to wound the Organ Gun crew.

Turn 3
The Warrior unit moves forward ready to charge across the front of the Quarrellers and into the Marauders. The Quarrellers on the right flank decide to turn and face the oncoming Cavalry hoping that their comrades fighting the Ogres will hold them up. The reform also means any overrun by the Ogres will see them run past them and into their line of fire. Shooting goes well again. The Organ Gun cuts down the Warhounds before they can charge, and the remaining Quarreller unit takes out 2 more Marauders.
In combat the Ogres finally break the Quarrellers and overrun them nearly hitting the edge of the board. They however dont move far enough to come into range of the reformed unit, but are now smack in line to be hit by the Organ Gun.

In Chaos turn the Horsemen charge the other Quarreller unit who are too close to stand and shoot, and the Marauders charge the other Quarrellers. Combat sees both Dwarf units lose but due to some bad positioning both of the overrunning Chaos units hit eachother and become locked face to face in the middle of the field. This leaves the Warriors on the Marauders flank and the Organ Gun free to fire.

Turn 4
The Organ Gun finishes off the Ogres 6 hits this time killing the last two. The Warriors then charge into the Marauders. In the resulting combat the Dwarfs win and the Marauders flee, with the Dwarfs falling 1 inch short on the pursuit.
Chaos turn sees the Marauder Horseman charge the Warriors principally to stop them hitting the retreating Marauders. They lose on combat and flee, the Warriors restraining their pursuit. Meanwhile the Marauders rally to face the Dwarf Warriors

Turn 5
The Organ Gun blasts the Marauder Horseman out off the saddle with 8 hits (my dice rolling was awesome with it in this game), and the Warriors charge the Marauders again. In combat the Dwarf Warriors fail to score any wounds, but luckily the Thane does and in CR I win by 2 (outnumber and ranks) and once again Chaos breaks and runs. Once again I fall 1 inch short in the pursuit. Chaos turn sees the Marauders rally, and turn to face the Dwarfs.
Turn 6
Guess what - I CHARGE... AGAIN - kill 3 or 4 more Marauders and break the unit, and yet again fall short on the pursuit. I had for a brief minute thought about moving the Warriors out of the way and shooting the Marauders with the Organ Gun, but thought better of it.

Chaos ends the game by rallying his final unit and we tally up the points

Result & Final Thoughts


All up I lost 330pts - the 3 units of Quarrellers. Chaos lost approximately 400 + a banner, and another 50-100 for losing half of the Marauder unit. At 750pts this gave me a nice Solid Victory. The game itself was incredibly fast, which was the whole point of playing 750pt games, and took less than an hour (having two guys who know the rules helps here as well). Shooting worked bloody well and the Organ Gun was great, but I think in future I will drop one of the Quarreller units and try to put in some more infantry somewhere just to hold up one flank. The strong shooting force is good but too one dimensional, if Caleb had used his Chaos Knights the outcome could have been very different. However, if he had I would have used 2 units of Thunderers rather than 3 of Quarrellers, this would have at least reduced his Knights AS from 1+ to 3+ meaning I could, with 10 shots, expect to kill at least one with each round of firing.

Game 2 - Dwarfs vs. Skaven
My first game against Doug and only my 2nd against a Skaven army my first was also at 750pts. I used the same list as Game 1 and this time was definately outnumbered with the Skaven army mustering a huge array of different units. These included:

  • Slaves x20 (2 Units)
  • Clanrats x25 (2 Units)
  • Skirimishing rat things x7 (2 units)
  • Skaven artillery (2 units)
  • Skaven Mage
  • Skaven Hero
  • Rats and dudes with whips ??
I have no idea what they were all called and didnt write it down unfortunately, there were just a hell of a lot of them. This meant my deployment was slightly different with one unit of Quarrellers going on the left flank and only 2 strung out in a line on the exposed right.

Turns 1 -3
I went first and got some really good shooting in causing both units of Slaves enough wounds to have them take panic tests, which they failed seeing one unit run off the board and the other come close. Skaven artillery couldnt really hit me but the Skirmishers and Rats with Whip guys marched at my left flank, with everything else - bar 1 big unit of Clan Rats coming straight at my Quarrellers. The 2nd unit of slaves managed to rally, and marched toward me as well.

Shooting continued but unfortunately my Organ Gun was badly out of position and could only hit the centre left and left flank of the Skaven army. However, it and the Quarrellers took out several of the advancing Clan Rats as did the Organ Gun. But on my left the Skaven Skirimisher units charged my unit of Quarrellers along with the Whip guys and their little rat things. Somehow I survived one round of combat only to have the Dwarfs break the next turn and flee. The pursuing Skaven overran them and went straight into the Organ Gun taking it out of commission.

Turns 4-6
Things got messy here with the Clan Rats on my right cleaving through the Quarrellers who managed to score some wounds before going down. The resulting overruns saw them march past my Warriors and expose their flanks. Unfortunately I had repositioned my Warriors to deal with the Skaven attacking the Organ Gun and was in no position to flank charge. The Organ Gun crew managed (being Stubborn) to survive two rounds of combat, including one in which they were rear charged by Skaven Skirmishers before going down. The victorious Skaven were then hit in the rear by the Warriors who wiped them out and routed the Whip boys and their little slaves. The pursuit however dropped 1 inch short (common theme tonight).

On my right the overrunning Skaven Clan Rats had reformed and were now in position to hit my Dwarf Warriors who had turned around and moved back into the forest for cover. This was principally to stop the Skaven artillery hitting them. The final turn saw a full unit of Clan Rats and the Whip Boys charge the Warriors and the accompanying Thane. I lost the resulting combat by 2 after my Warriors all missed, and then failed - YES FAILED - my leadership test rolling an 11 when I only needed a 7 to pass. Result my final unit fled was caught and cut-down and the Skaven earned a massive victory.

Once again the Dwarfs of Karak Thorinkin are defeated by the vile Skaven

Final Thoughts
Against Skaven the gun line army list was definately too weak. Given the low toughness of their units another infantry unit could have easily turned the tide of battle. Even giving the Quarrellers shields and GW (which I didnt do in order to have 3 units) would have turned the battle my way. A slightly different deployment would have served me better as well. The right hand side of the board was dominated by a small village that would have broken up the Skaven charge and prevented them from getting massed charge attacks on my units. It would have also given my units Hard Cover against his artillery.

NEXT WEEK - Time to play test my 2,250pt High Elf list for RUNEFANG II

March 12, 2009

750pt Lists for Warhammer tonight

Taking my Dwarfs and High Elves tonight in one or more of the following 750pt combos, depends upon my opponent and what they have. Possible opponents tonight include:
  • Warriors of Chaos
  • Skaven
  • Empire/Ogres
  • Vampire Counts
750pts High Elves
Mage Level 2 (Silver Wand)
Spears x24 (MU & SB)
Archers x10
Ellyrion Reavers x5 (Proxied by Silver Helms)
Swordmasters x10

750pt Dwarfs List 1
Thane (GW, MR Gromil, Handgun)
Quarrellers x10 (3 units)
Warriors x20 (Shields, MU, SB)
Organ Gun

750pts Dwarfs List 2
Thane (GW, MR Gromil, Handgun)
Warriors x25 (Shield, MU, SB)
Thunderers x10 (2 units)
Organ Gun

Updated list for RUNEFANG II

Well after working on some draft army lists over the last day or so I have settled on my High Elves for the tournament. The forum community at have been extremely helpful in narrowing the list down and after taking in their suggestions, and other info I have gathered, I modified my first list to the following:

High Elf Tournament List (Version 2)

Archmage Level 4
- Folraiths Robe, Seerstaff of Saphery
Dragon Mage Level 2
- Silver Wand
- Battle Standard, Armour of Caledor, Great Weapon

Spears x21
- MU, SB & Lion Standard
Archers x10
Swordmasters x7
- FC
Swordmasters x6
- FC
Phoenix Guard x18
- MU & SB
Dragon Princes x6
- MU, SB & Banner of Ellyrion
Shadow Warriors x5

TOTAL: 2,245 points

March 11, 2009

RUNEFANG II Tournament Army Lists ?!?

I want to take my Dragon, but as I have a mage glued to it I can't use it as anything other than an Archmage mount or as a Dragon Mage, when a Prince on a Star Dragon would be far better. If only the RUNEFANG II tournament allowed you to proxy stuff - or I could rip the mage apart and rebuild him as a Lord?!?

High Elf Tournament Army List - 2250 (Draft 1)

Archmage Level 4 [General w. Phoenix Guard]
w. Folraiths Robe & Seerstaff of Saphery
Dragon Mage Level 2
w. Silver Wand & Guardian Phoenix
Noble [With Spears]
w. HA, GW, Helm of Fortune & BSB
Spears x23
w. Musician, SB & Lion Banner
Archers x10
w. LA & Musician
Swordmasters x12
w. Musician & SB
Phoenix Guard x18
w. Musician, SB & Banner of Sorcery
Dragon Princes x7
w. Musician, SB & Banner of Ellyrion
Shadow Warriors x5
Bolt Thrower

TOTAL 2,247 pts

Still not sure what to take - so many options. However, with my Dwarfs I am far more certain about what to take.

Dwarf Tournament Army List (Draft 1)

Dwarf Lord [General]
w. Shield, Shieldbearers, RO Stone, RO Preservation, RO Smiting
w. RO Stone, RO Spellbreakingx2
w. RO Stone, BSB
Hammerers x18
w. Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer w. RO Stoicism
Hammerers x19
w. Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer w. RO Battle
Warriors x20
w. Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer
Thunderers x10
w. Shields, Musician
Quarrellers x10
w. Shields, Musician
Quarrellers x10
w. Shields, Musician
w. Engineer, RO Forging
Organ Gun
w. Engineer, RO Penetrating
w. Engineer, RO Penetrating, RO Burning

TOTAL 2,225 pts

March 10, 2009

Latest acquisition & conversion project

Brought two units of Tomb King cavalry off Richard yesterday for $60 which I am going to convert into Vampire Count Black Knights. $60 for 16 models is a hell of a lot better than paying $10 for a single model Black Knight blister. Models are slightly different, but I have enough spare shields from my Skeletons and other models to modify them enough to make them look quite nasty.

Anyway the general idea is to turn this...

into this...

Also completed two more units of Zombies the other night - the first was the standard Zombie unit that comes with the Battalion box, the second is a collection of Empire/Beastmen Zombies from leftover parts Caleb gave me last week (bloody nice of him). Thats 3 full units of them all ready for painting now and I have enough bases & parts left over to make at least 1 more unit.

Grave Guard are also nearing completion paint wise, but I have given up on my 2nd unit of Dragon Princes. Spent a bit of time searching looking for inspiration and have picked up on a couple of ideas. My original scheme (see post a few days back) was just TOO PURPLE and looked pretty crap in the end. Need another unit of Spears as well so I can field two blocks of 24 *sigh* so much more to do...

Upcoming Warhammer Tournament - Awesome!!!

Khandallah, Wellington, May 16th-17th

Just recieved an email informing me about an upcoming Warhammer Fantasy tournament in Wellington in May which I am DEFINATELY going to be attending. First tournament to be hold close enough to home for me to be able to make it without spending a fortune on travel costs - most are in Auckland (and I hate Auckland).

Only have limited details so far, but it looks like a really friendly tournament with the following format:

  • 2,250 points
  • Five rounds (3 Sat, 2 Sun)
  • Scoring - 40% gameplay, 30% list composition, 30% sportsmanship
  • Painting competition
  • Entry fee - $30/40 depending on when you do it

Have already emailed off asking for a player pack, and looks like Toshi is keen on going as well so should make for a fun weekend. Just have to figure out what army I am going to take!?!?

Dwarves I have more off (7,000pts+), they are all painted and I have far more options when it comes to picking out a decent army. High Elves I have fewer available units (only 32 Spears & 10 Archers), and the painting isn't that flash on some of them. Vampire Counts I could probably at a stretch put out 2,250 pts but there is no way I could paint them all in time. But as much as I love my Dwarfs it is going to have to be High Elves as I really want to take my Dragon, and with 2250 pts I can use him as a Level 4 Archmage!!!

Woohoo Exemplar Bastions are here!!!

Latest Protectorate of Menoth Unit

Privateer Press have finally released pictures of the Exemplar Bastions the latest Legends unit for the Protectorate faction. Not only are the outstanding looking miniatures but they are plastic, come in unit boxes of 5 and are reasonably priced at approximately NZ$80 per box. I am going to put an advanced order in LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

March 6, 2009

Warhammer Battle Reports - High Elves vs. Chaos

Two battles, two close results, two poor decisions cost me
Game 1 - 1500pts / Game 2 - 1000pts

Two matches against Caleb's Chaos army last night at the Club. First was our scheduled 1500pt match for which I have been struggling to settle on an army list for, just too many damn choices. The 2nd game was played off the cuff with a 1000pts as we finished the first game reasonably quickly.

Game 1 - Army Lists
In the end I went for a magic heavy list. Lore of Metal would help against the high AS Chaos units, and the High Magic would help bolster why low Toughness Elves in combat.

Mage Lvl 2 w. Silver Wand & High Magic
Mage Lvl 2 w. Jewel of Dusk & Lore of Metal
Noble w. Armour of Caledor, GW & BSB
Spears x30 w. FC & Lion Banner
Dragon Princes x5 w. FC & Banner of Sorcery
Silver Helms x8 w. Banner & Musician
Shadow Warriors x5
Bolt Thrower
Archers x10

Facing up against these guys was a large Chaos forces of

Nurgle Sorcerer
Chaos Knights x5
Maruader Horsemen x5
Warhounds x5
Warhounds x5
Marauders x20
Chaos Ogres x5
Chaos Chariot

Game 1 - Deployment
Terrain set up was good with a forests and rocks scattered around the edges and a nice clear space in the middle as you would expect. Rocks hampered deployment of cavalry but did allow me some options with my Shadow Warriors. Chaos deployed first and also moved first.

Game 1 - Turn 1
Well things didn't start well for me when the Nurgle Sorcerer got off his only spell - Fireball - right into the middle of my Archers & Mage General. He rolled a 10 on 3 dice and I rolled an 8 on 4 which pretty much summed up my dice rolls for the rest of the night, 1's and 2's all round. Result 6 Archers die and the unit and my General rout off the board. Not only have I lost a lot of points but also 10xS3 shots (useful against the Marauders & Hounds) and my ability to use High Magic to bolster my Elves. On the bright side though the Lore of Metal makes short work of one unit of Warhounds, but just misses the big unit of Maruaders with the key spell (forget it at moment) when after rolling an irresitable force it falls 5mm short - 5mm SHORT - AGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! Bolt-thrower does well killing one Ogre and wounding another 5/6 shots hitting and wounding.

Game 1 - Turns 2 & 3
Strange things happened this turn. The Marauders wheel and pivot everywhere - damn fast cavalry - and Caleb begins positioning his mobile forces well enough to cut down my options. With the Chaos Knights being held back I am thinking too much about them and not enough about my own troops. In one surprise move though his Ogres end up NOT charging my Spears - still not sure why?!? So I charge them instead with the Silver Helms also charging the Warhounds who flee in response, but I roll a really poor pursuit distance of 4", thats right 4 on 3D6!?!?!. More magic this turn sees the Chaos Chariot take some hits but the big spell launced at the Nurgle Sorcerer and the Marauders is dispelled. The Bolt-Thrower ignores the Chariot and goes for the Marauder Horseman.

Big battle though is on the my right with the Spears charging the Ogres. The Chaos Champion with the unit has to challenge and my Champion responds and is cut down with 4 wounds adding to Chaos CR. However, the Elves are able to hit in 3 ranks - so with the Champion out and the BSB in the front rank I have 13 attacks with my Spears, and 3 from the BSB with his GW. While only 2 Ogres die (one was already wounded in previous turn) the Ogre unit loses on CR (Ogres - 4 wounds + 1 Banner = 5/ Elves - 4 wounds, Banner, BSB, 3 ranks, outnumber = 8) and flees through the Marauders. The Elves pursue but come up 1 yes 1 inch short of the Marauders who were behind the Ogres.

In the middle the Dragon Princes have moved up too close to the Chaos horseman and are charged by the Chariot in the flank and the Maruaders in front. The Chaos Knights with the Marauders out of the way hit the Silver Helms. Results here are brutal while I normally strike first the Chariots impact hits top that rule. A roll of D6+1 gets 7, thats right, the maximum 7 S5 hits onto the Dragon Princes who are all hit. Of the 5 in the unit only 2 survive to hit in combat, they miss and are then cut down. The Chariot overruns a short way and serves only to block the Marauder horsemen. The Silver Helms manage to kill a single Chaos Knight but are then cut down and forced to flee. As they flee into impassable terrain they are killed instantly, and the Chaos Knights overrun into the Shadow Warriors.

Game 1 - Turns 4-5
Ok things look really bad for me now. The turn starts with the Shadow Warriors dying and the Chaos Chariot thundering toward the Bolt-Thrower. With the Silver Helms, Shadow Warriors, my Mage General, Archers & Dragon Princes dead my entire army is virtually wiped out (wish I had a Necromancer handy). Only my 30 strong unit of Spears, my BSB, Mage & Bolt-Thrower are left. With a massive Chaos victory on the cards what happens next is simple awesome - for me anyway.

The Spears charge the Marauders, kill 8 of them including the Nurgle Sorcerer who is cut down by the BSB, overrun them and hit the Ogres who are also wiped out. Result I kill two units, the Chaos General, capture 2 unit banners and the Chaos Battle Standard with a massive points shift to me. The Bolt-Thrower and the Mage chop down the Maruaders leaving only a single model left, who decides to run away and hide for the rest of the game.

At the end of Turn 5 - Chaos has his Knights and his Chariot (with 1 wound left) on the board, and I have my Spears (who have only lost 3 models so far), my BSB, Bolt-Thrower and Mage. Current points put the battle at a draw with a slight 75pt advantage to Chaos.

Rather than protect this advantage by having the Spears run as far away from the Chaos Knights as possible, I leave them in place hoping they can last out one turn thinking that a frontal charge is better than getting hit in the rear.

Game 1 - Turn 6
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory (or a draw)
This turn sees the Chaos Knights who reformed in Turn 4 and moved in Turn 5 charge the Spears. The Bolt-Thrower kills the Chariot (FINALLY IT TOOK 18 SHOTS TO DO IT). The Spears lose on CR flee, the Chaos guys fail to catch them but recover the 3 banners the Spears had captured, and capture the Spears banner in reply. My BSB in one smart turn of events had departed the unit to hide in a forest so isnt captured.

Chaos wins a Solid Victory by 435 pts - the capturing of the Spears banner and the reclaiming of the 3 Chaos banners that Spear unit had itself captured seeing a massive point turnaround in the scores.

Game 1 - Final Thoughts
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it told me quite simply to trust my instincts and protect my points advantage. It sucks in some ways playing for VP instead of going for the kill and I personally think its kind of negative in a way, but hey a win is a win and a loss is a loss. Given the carnage in Turns 1-3 to get it that close to a draw and then lose was heartbreaking. The Spears were simply awesome, but a unit of 30 is too large 25 would be better, and Ill need to buy some more so I can field two units of that strength.

Key was the loss in Turn 1 of my Mage with his High Magic and the Archers. Those 10 xS3 shots would have done some damage at least to the Marauder horsemen, and the Mages use of High Magic would have definately bolstered the High Elf units enough to see them survive a little longer. Once again the Dragon Princes show their split personality. So lethal in the charge, they are sitting ducks when charged themselves. Deploying them in the centre was a mistake, but one dictated by the terrain. Caleb's use of his fast cavalry also showed how badly I need some Ellyrian Reavers, his tactics in using them to block my moves and set up favourable combat options for himself was really good. You need to think 1-2 turns ahead at all times, something I dont always do as I still tend to play too quickly. By this I mean, think ahead with combats - If i charge and win what happens, where would I end up, who would I break into that sort of thing.

Game 2
This was pretty similar with me adding some Swordmasters to the mix this time round. Again the battle see-sawed beginning with Chaos getting an early advantage before I started to crawl it back. However, a massive melee involving the Chaos Knights, Maruader Horsemen, Marauders, Silver Helms and Spears saw my units break and flee and Chaos gain a massive victory.

750pt battles next week - looks like ill get a game against a new club member with his Skaven, should be fun. Might bring my Dwarves though as 750pts of High Elves is too damn tricky to figure out.

Final Note
My record against Chaos is appalling bad P14 W1 L11 D2 !!!!!!!!!!! need help!!!

March 5, 2009

WIP - High Elves and Vampire Counts

I haven't posted any WIP pics for a little while so thought I'd post some of the units I'm currently working on my HE Dragon Princes, VC Grave Guard, and in the completed section my recently finished Silver Helms - who have just had their shields completed.

Looking at these and all my other units though I really can't flock bases to save myself - the whole static grass look just completing eludes me. Going to have to work on it somehow :(

Silver Helm Champion with completed shield & runes

Chamions runes up close

Silver Helms Banner
Grave Guard in various stages of completion

Dragon Princes also in various stages of completion