March 30, 2009

1st Nautican WHFB Army List

I think ill try out a Nautican army at the Club next week, or during the week with mates if they are keen for me to give it a go. Say 750pts to start with no special or named characters. Start up list for my first Nautican Army will be:

Nautican Prince (103 pts)
- Scalemail, Oceanic Trident, Levi Shield
Fisher Spraks x10 (30 pts)
Fisher Spraks x10 (30 pts)
Wavebreakers x16 (195 pts)
- MU, SB, Spears, Shields, Scalemail
Oceanic Trident Guard x16 (284 pts)
- FC, Protection of Shoal
Lobstrosities x3 (105 pts)

TOTAL: 747 pts

Fisher Spraks are essentially weaker versions of the Lizardman Skinks but without the Skirmisher ability. Wavebreakers are the equivalent of HE Spearmen without ASF. The Trident Guard I would class as the same as GW armed Dwarf Longbeards/Ironbreakers, and the Lobstrosities equivalent I can't think off.

For full details on each unit check out Sigmars Nautican Blog

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Sigmar said...

Hi John,

Let me know how the games go if they take place.

Note that:-

I've added the pts cost for upgrading Crest Riders / Coral Hunters (formerly Fisher Spraks)

Also, I think I may have messed up with the Wave Breakers' musician. standard, champion upgrade pts so I've adjusted them slightly.

Oceanic Trident Guard are going to be made a couple of points cheaper, be put on 25x25 mm bases because the most likely models that will be used are Saurus/Temple Guard (I think you second guessed me there anyway).

Re: Lobstrosities - they will probably be made resolute (like Dwarfs, ie. can always march move). Otherwise I think they will be too easily countered in the game and may never get into combat.

Let me know how it all goes. I'm about to start my collection of models too. Crabs first for me ! :D

Take it easy,