March 12, 2009

750pt Lists for Warhammer tonight

Taking my Dwarfs and High Elves tonight in one or more of the following 750pt combos, depends upon my opponent and what they have. Possible opponents tonight include:
  • Warriors of Chaos
  • Skaven
  • Empire/Ogres
  • Vampire Counts
750pts High Elves
Mage Level 2 (Silver Wand)
Spears x24 (MU & SB)
Archers x10
Ellyrion Reavers x5 (Proxied by Silver Helms)
Swordmasters x10

750pt Dwarfs List 1
Thane (GW, MR Gromil, Handgun)
Quarrellers x10 (3 units)
Warriors x20 (Shields, MU, SB)
Organ Gun

750pts Dwarfs List 2
Thane (GW, MR Gromil, Handgun)
Warriors x25 (Shield, MU, SB)
Thunderers x10 (2 units)
Organ Gun

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