March 30, 2009

Final High Elf army list for RUNEFANG II

After a couple of play test games and various conversations online I have decided to settle on my army list for RUNEFANG II rather than muck around adjusting it before it has to be submitted. Final list will be

Archmage - Level 4
- Folraiths Robe, Dispel Scroll x2
Dragon Mage - Level 2
- Silver Wand, Guardian Phoenix
- Armour of Caledor, GW, Gem of Courage, BSB
Spears x20
- FC, Lion Banner
Archers x10
Phoenix Guard x19
- FC
Swordmasters x7
Swordmasters x7
Dragon Princes x5
- SB, Banner of Ellyrion
Shadow Warriors x5
Repeater Bolt-Thrower
Repeater Bolt-Thrower

TOTAL: 2,248 pts, 8PD, 5DD

As you can see I have bowed to suggestions and dropped the Banner of Sorcery using the spare points to put another model into each Swordmaster unit and the Phoenix Guard. From forum traffic there might be 2-3 more High Elf players there running similar lists so should be fun - although I expect at least one to have the Prince w. Star Dragon combo thats been cleaning up in European tournaments lately. Pity I glued a mage to my Dragon or I could have done the same.


Darth Weasel said...

What convinced you that 3 random models that don't give you a rank bonus were worth more than the banner? (just trying to pick your brain for strategy philosophy)

John said...

Would have preferred to keep the Banner of Sorcery, but after talking to tournament organisers and other ppl was convinced that having 10+PD was too much for a friendly set up. The extra 50pts didnt leave me much else to take, if I had any Eagles I would have taken one of those. Did think about adding the War Banner to the PG but decided on extra bodies instead.

For the SM having 7 in a row opposed to 6 means all of them can hit a line of cavalry 5 across

Caleb said...

Hey john nice blog,
I assume that the noble is running with the FG to give 3 ranks of CR but it only takes 1 kill from range and you lose it. I would think the 20 pt warbanner is better because you wont lose the CR from it from range or being flanked.

Also if its the lvl4 that you plan to put in the unit you could give the champ a sword of might to give the unit a little bit more hitting power. This also gives the unit some anti wrath ability. If your spells are ineffective for one reason or another.

Darth Weasel said...

Got you. The banner change makes more sense, appreciate it. I am having sort of the same struggle trying to decide how to build the Warriors version. When it was Hordes, I knew the weaknesses of no skirmishers, no shooting, no numbers would offset the tough armor knights but with the new book...sending the power-amped Warriors against some of our guys would not be fun for them. Grr. Where is the balance? :-)

John said...

Cheers Caleb, after two games yesterday vs. VC and Chaos I am going to have to make some changes as there were some weaknesses there.

Noble goes with the Spears and the Mage with the PG.