March 30, 2009

Nautican Army Project

I have finally gotten around to collecting the models I need to build a trial Nautican Army based on Sigmars fantastic work [read about the Nauticans here]. Going to be starting with the following conversions involving existing WHFB units and lots of green stuff :)

LM Skinks --> Nautican Tide Watchers, Crest Riders & Shallow Swimmers
LM Saurus Warriors --> Oceanic Trident Guard

The eventual aim is to get enough models made up that I can put out a force of around 750-1,000pts on club nights. It will have to be club nights as the army isnt official - YET!!?!? - Hint Hint GW.... if anyone is reading this. First models from Trade Me arrived this morning around 50 Skinks and 10 Saurus Warriors. Also recieved a GW army case from the same source which only cost me $65 including postage.

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