March 23, 2009

Photos from HE vs. Skaven Battle

Some of the better pictures I took that night, damn focus was playing up again so most were fuzzy.

Turns 1-2

Turns 3-4

Turns 5-6
The Graveyard


Darth Weasel said...

did you make your own movement trays? some of our guys are thinking about making some. I don't like them very much but if we are going to do them, might as well do them right...

John said...

I use the pre-made GW ones they come in two sizes 4 ranks of 5 models and 2 ranks of 5 models. In NZ you get 3 or 4 of each in each pack for S25. I also get the GW set that allows you to make your own so I can build trays for my Cavalry units, and for bigger units of infantry say 25-30. Those packs cost about $30 and you can make A LOT Of trays out of them.

AFter that next stage is to get magnets so your guys dont move around.