March 19, 2009

So bored with painting High Elves

Well my enthusiasm for painting my High Elves disappeared completely last night while finishing off my Dragon Princes to the point where I did a half arsed job with the detailing. I think all of my energy and effort went into completing my Dragon and the Swordmasters and there wasn't anything left over for the rest of the units. Still I have the Archers to finish before May and the RUNEFANG II tournament.

In the interim I have moved onto my Vampire Counts and thrown out my original colour scheme of mixed greens and gone for the basic simple plain boring old red based scheme. Starting with the Skeletons and the winged Vampire Lord. Also going to re-paint the Grave Guard as the Green mix scheme I had been working on looks like crap. The graveyard themed bases I purchased for them are also going to go out the window and Ill revert to the plain old normal bases with flock etc on them.

First play-test of my RUNEFANG II list tonight against Doug's Skaven - ill have to remember to take some photos. I am really starting to miss playing Warmachine though....

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